It has been established and agreed that the population of the United Kingdom is aging. This is actually good news and a sign of improvement in healthcare quality and delivery. 

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Although a lot of people are advancing in age, it makes sense to live an enjoyable life as we grow older. No elderly person wants to be heavily dependent on his or her loved ones for mobility and movement. We all want to be independent and live in our houses. Everybody wants to be comfortable. 

To achieve this, a lot of effort must be applied. Some of these efforts include making deliberate attempts to sleep and sit well and in a comfortable position which is something that can be achieved by using a chair bed. 

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What is a chair bed?

A lot of recliner chairs may be transformed into beds for elderly people and those that struggle with mobility. This makes sense for aged persons that find it difficult to get in and out of their bed. A chair bed makes it easier for a user to switch from an upright armchair to a convenient single bed. It doesn’t make sense that mobility issues will hinder quality sleep. Thankfully, chair beds for the aged and elderly have a lot of impressive features for comfortable sleep and extra convenience. D&D Futon Furniture Chair Folding Foam Bed, Foam Density 1.8  lbs, Folded Sofa Mattress, 6 x 24 x 70, Gray : Home & Kitchen

A good chair bed should be very versatile so that it can match sleeping and sitting needs and requirements. Operation of a manual chair bed is done through a lever while electric chair beds are controlled or operated through the press of a button. 

Why should I opt for a chair bed?

There are so many reasons for choosing a chair bed. However, the reasons listed below are the top three according to researchers:

i. Health: A chair bed makes it possible to sleep well if it is proving difficult to get into an actual bed for a period. 

ii. Sleep: Insomnia is really a thing. However, having a chair bed can lessen this burden. 

iii. Indulgence: Everybody wants a daytime nap on a comfortable and convenient chair bed produced from soft materials guaranteeing comfort in both reclined and sitting positions. 

Chair bed types

Chair beds are produced from a wide range of materials and they are available in different sizes. Nonetheless, even compact chair beds provide enough room for quality sleep when they are extended. 

i. Futons: They are produced with a wooden or metallic frame which is foldable so that it looks like a chair and unfolded so that it serves as a bed or sleeping space. The bifold futon is probably the most common of all. Futons require manual adjustment but they are a reliable and easy-to-use solution. 

ii. Drawer sofa bed: This is another manually adjusted sofa bed. With this, you do not have to deal with the stress of removing cushions when you alternate between bed and sofa. All you need to do is pull the draw out from under the couch. This will pull up the bed so that the legs rest on the drawer. The cushions remain as they are while this is happening. 

iii. Electric chair beds: The operations of an electric chair bed are controlled by the push of a button. It automatically transitions between chair and bed. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for lifting or bending which makes it ideal for aged and elderly persons. A button exists for sliding out the front cushion of the chair and there is another button for sliding up the extra cushions so that the bed is both comfortable and sizable. The clever design of an electric chair bed means that the user has little or nothing to do when using it.

iv. Pull-out chair beds: As the name suggests, the spring-loaded metal frame underneath the top cushions of this type of chair bed can be pulled out. This makes it possible for the bed to flip forward with 3 folding sections. The bed frame sections have to be clicked into place. Relatively, pull-out chairs are labor intensive when compared with electric chair beds and futon chair beds. 

v. Sleeper sofas: This one is quite similar to a futon. However, it is without the hinge mechanism but with a removable back support and pillows. The difference between this and the traditional futon is that the mattress is built into the frame. The mattress in futons can be removed and replaced. 

What to consider when selecting a chair bed

It is irrelevant whether a sleeping chair is automatic or manual. What is more important are the features offered to improve mobility and health issues. If you want a customized chair bed, one that has all the features you desire and one that fits your needs perfectly, we suggest you work with a specialist furniture company. 

If you want a chair bed that you can control without much manual effort, we suggest you go for an electrical chair bed because of its ability to automatically transition between sleeping and standing positions on push of a button. 

Top recliner chairs that turn into bed

As far as specification of a sofa chair that can be transformed into a bed is concerned, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is not unconnected with the fact that the needs and requirements of various users are different. 

Knee problems and hip problems increase the difficulty people encounter in getting out of traditional beds and static chairs. An automatic approach for transitioning between chair and bed is a sensible solution to this. The Berkshire Collection consists of a rise and recline chair that is elegant, luxurious, and eye-catching. Its arms are curved and rounded guaranteeing the comfort of a user when in the chair. 

Sleeping in a bed becomes more difficult with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. So, a chair bed can be used as a temporary solution. The Cheshire Collection is made up of chair beds with wooden knuckles that provide adequate support in both the standing and sitting position. 

Because some people are conditioned to spend a lot of time in bed, it is important that every condition for a quality chair bed is met. This includes handy USB ports for charging cell phones and tablets. Another popular choice is the rise and recline chairs within the Hampshire collection. They are additionally padded on the arm for additional comfort. It is available in various upholstery options such as leather, velvet, chenille, waterproof, anti-bacterial, and antifungal. 

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