Lift chairs are also referred to as power lift recliners. They are helpful products that provide support for people with mobility issues or the aged and elderly. Elderly people love lift chairs because of the support it provides. If an elderly person needs assistance getting up from a chair, this is a perfect gift for such person. 

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However, they do not exactly come cheap. The independence of an aged person is of high importance. Safety is another important consideration. Thankfully, a lift chair is able to offer both. If you can afford a recliner lift chair and you have the space for it, and your elderly relatives have difficulty getting out from a seated position, then it makes perfect sense to purchase a recliner lift chair. 

The purpose of this article is to discuss lift chairs, its benefits, and how to select a good one.

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Benefits of lift chair for the elderly

Most people with elderly parents or relatives must have seen firsthand what it means to grow older and lose the ability to move freely. As children or caregivers, we should be concerned about how to make them independent and safe. Safety is very important because it has been established that the most common causes of accidents among aged people are falls. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested that:

  • 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries annually.
  • A minimum of 300,000 people are hospitalized for hip fracture annually.
  • A large percentage of hip fractures are caused by sideways falling.
  • Most Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are caused by falls. ‘

Does Medicare foot the bill of lift chair recliners?

The coverage of lift chairs isn’t that straightforward. Therefore, some explanation is needed. 

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To start with, Medicare will partially foot the bill of a lift chair if certain criteria are met and if the purchase is made from DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier or any other seller that is enrolled in the Medicare program. If you need clarifications on this, reach out to Medicare on their customer care line. The eligibility criteria for a lift chair a listed below:

i. The beneficiary has severe arthritis on the knee or hip.

ii. The beneficiary is suffering from muscular dystrophy or similar neuromuscular disease.

iii. The physician has confirmed that a lift chair will improve your health and physical condition.

iv. Your condition has made it impossible to stand up and confined you to a bed or chair. 

According to Medicare, a lift chair is made up of two components – the seat’s lift mechanism and the chair itself. Usually, they cover the bills of the lift mechanism but it must be a powered mechanism not a spring-release mechanism. 

Can a recliner be converted to a lift chair?

A standard recliner can be converted to a lift chair upon installation of a universal lift frame. 

Lift chair types

There are three types of recliner lift chairs

  • Two-position: Has a reclining range of 45 degrees.
  • Three-position: Has the ability to recline almost flat but can be halted anywhere between sitting up straight and almost flat. Three position lift chairs are sometimes referred to as sleeper recliners.
  • Infinite: They are also called zero gravity recliners. They are capable of reclining completely flat or anything in between. This may sometimes not be recommended for seniors because of the high possibility of falling off. 

Selecting a recliner lift chair

There are various designs of recliners. Although the design features of lift recliners are somewhat limited, there are still so many to select from. The Bonzy Lift Recliner Classic is an elegant and standard lift recliner. When choosing a recliner, comfort, safety, and ease of use should be your focus and concern. You should be on the lookout for features such as: 

i. Types of controls: The controls should not be difficult to manage for the user. The buttons should not be too small and they should not require much force to be moved. 

ii. Backrest: This is very important. The seat and back must be very comfortable for the user. 

iii. Footrest: The user should be able to extend his or her legs when using the lift chair. This is particularly important for elderly persons. 

iv. Material: You should go for a material that can be cleaned and maintained easily since the chair will be used by an elderly person. 

v. Heat or Massage: Some lift chair models have heat or massage features which may come in handy for the user. The massage feature can be used on the shoulder, buttocks, or lower back. 

vi. Size: You must know the space the recliner will be positioned in. If space is limited, you may opt for wall hugger models.

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