Relaxing in a recliner is a very comfortable way to unwind. However, it becomes a struggle if you have to adjust its position every time by getting up. That is definitely not good enough. Thankfully, there is a solution, and this solution does not require any purchase. It only requires creativity. It is a DIY exercise. 

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A power recliner guarantees comfort, and it is not a hard thing to convert your average recliner to a power recliner. 

How is a recliner different from a power recliner?

A recliner and power recliner both offer comfort. However, the dichotomy is in their function. A recliner has a lever and features that make it possible for your chair to be converted into a comfortable position. Simple recliners are easy to find. In fact, they are all over the place. Although they provide comfort, their operation is manual and there are so many concerns about their durability. Apart from that, they are not ideal recommendations for senior citizens because of the difficult work needed. 

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A power recliner has a motor integrated into the chair. This motor makes it easier for the chair to convert itself into a convenient position for the user. Power recliners offer improved comfort and durability. A power recliner is a better choice for senior citizens because there is no need to exert force or energy to manually reset the recliner. Therefore, it is safe to say that in terms of usage, power recliners are more comfortable. 

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Advantages of a power recliner

The advantages and benefits of a power recliner are numerous, and this makes it an essential household item. Some of these benefits include:

  • They last longer than normal recliners because of their electrical mode of operation. The chances and possibility of damage is reduced and durability enhanced as a result of lesser manual engagement.
  • Power recliners are perfect for old people, people with back issues, and people suffering from related health problems. 
  • The settings and controls of a power recliner are in your hands especially if you produced it by yourself. Therefore, your recliner can be effectively converted to a power recliner by addition of more angled positions.
  • Depending on the angle your recliner is set, your spinal cord will be at a position of rest and this improves the spinal cord alignment and enhances the overall posture of the user.


Lift chairs are also referred to as power lift recliners. They are helpful products that provide support for people with mobility issues or the aged and elderly. Elderly people love lift chairs because of the support it provides. If an elderly person needs assistance getting up from a chair, this is a perfect gift for such person. 

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However, they do not exactly come cheap. The independence of an aged person is of high importance. Safety is another important consideration. Thankfully, a lift chair is able to offer both. If you can afford a recliner lift chair and you have the space for it, and your elderly relatives have difficulty getting out from a seated position, then it makes perfect sense to purchase a recliner lift chair. 

The purpose of this article is to discuss lift chairs, its benefits, and how to select a good one.

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Benefits of lift chair for the elderly

Most people with elderly parents or relatives must have seen firsthand what it means to grow older and lose the ability to move freely. As children or caregivers, we should be concerned about how to make them independent and safe. Safety is very important because it has been established that the most common causes of accidents among aged people are falls. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have suggested that:

  • 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries annually.
  • A minimum of 300,000 people are hospitalized for hip fracture annually.
  • A large percentage of hip fractures are caused by sideways falling.
  • Most Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are caused by falls. ‘

Does Medicare foot the bill of lift chair recliners?

The coverage of lift chairs isn’t that straightforward. Therefore, some explanation is needed. 

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To start with, Medicare will partially foot the bill of a lift chair if certain criteria are met and if the purchase is made from DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier or any other seller that is enrolled in the Medicare program. If you need clarifications on this, reach out to Medicare on their customer care line. The eligibility criteria for a lift chair a listed below:

i. The beneficiary has severe arthritis on the knee or hip.

ii. The beneficiary is suffering from muscular dystrophy or similar neuromuscular disease.

iii. The physician has confirmed that a lift chair will improve your health and physical condition.

iv. Your condition has made it impossible to stand up and confined you to a bed or chair. 

According to Medicare, a lift chair is made up of two components – the seat’s lift mechanism and the chair itself. Usually, they cover the bills of the lift mechanism but it must be a powered mechanism not a spring-release mechanism. 

Can a recliner be converted to a lift chair?

A standard recliner can be converted to a lift chair upon installation of a universal lift frame. 

Lift chair types

There are three types of recliner lift chairs

  • Two-position: Has a reclining range of 45 degrees.
  • Three-position: Has the ability to recline almost flat but can be halted anywhere between sitting up straight and almost flat. Three position lift chairs are sometimes referred to as sleeper recliners.
  • Infinite: They are also called zero gravity recliners. They are capable of reclining completely flat or anything in between. This may sometimes not be recommended for seniors because of the high possibility of falling off. 

Selecting a recliner lift chair

There are various designs of recliners. Although the design features of lift recliners are somewhat limited, there are still so many to select from. The Bonzy Lift Recliner Classic is an elegant and standard lift recliner. When choosing a recliner, comfort, safety, and ease of use should be your focus and concern. You should be on the lookout for features such as: 

i. Types of controls: The controls should not be difficult to manage for the user. The buttons should not be too small and they should not require much force to be moved. 

ii. Backrest: This is very important. The seat and back must be very comfortable for the user. 

iii. Footrest: The user should be able to extend his or her legs when using the lift chair. This is particularly important for elderly persons. 

iv. Material: You should go for a material that can be cleaned and maintained easily since the chair will be used by an elderly person. 

v. Heat or Massage: Some lift chair models have heat or massage features which may come in handy for the user. The massage feature can be used on the shoulder, buttocks, or lower back. 

vi. Size: You must know the space the recliner will be positioned in. If space is limited, you may opt for wall hugger models.



It has been established and agreed that the population of the United Kingdom is aging. This is actually good news and a sign of improvement in healthcare quality and delivery. 

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Although a lot of people are advancing in age, it makes sense to live an enjoyable life as we grow older. No elderly person wants to be heavily dependent on his or her loved ones for mobility and movement. We all want to be independent and live in our houses. Everybody wants to be comfortable. 

To achieve this, a lot of effort must be applied. Some of these efforts include making deliberate attempts to sleep and sit well and in a comfortable position which is something that can be achieved by using a chair bed. 

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What is a chair bed?

A lot of recliner chairs may be transformed into beds for elderly people and those that struggle with mobility. This makes sense for aged persons that find it difficult to get in and out of their bed. A chair bed makes it easier for a user to switch from an upright armchair to a convenient single bed. It doesn’t make sense that mobility issues will hinder quality sleep. Thankfully, chair beds for the aged and elderly have a lot of impressive features for comfortable sleep and extra convenience. D&D Futon Furniture Chair Folding Foam Bed, Foam Density 1.8  lbs, Folded Sofa Mattress, 6 x 24 x 70, Gray : Home & Kitchen

A good chair bed should be very versatile so that it can match sleeping and sitting needs and requirements. Operation of a manual chair bed is done through a lever while electric chair beds are controlled or operated through the press of a button. 

Why should I opt for a chair bed?

There are so many reasons for choosing a chair bed. However, the reasons listed below are the top three according to researchers:

i. Health: A chair bed makes it possible to sleep well if it is proving difficult to get into an actual bed for a period. 

ii. Sleep: Insomnia is really a thing. However, having a chair bed can lessen this burden. 

iii. Indulgence: Everybody wants a daytime nap on a comfortable and convenient chair bed produced from soft materials guaranteeing comfort in both reclined and sitting positions. 

Chair bed types

Chair beds are produced from a wide range of materials and they are available in different sizes. Nonetheless, even compact chair beds provide enough room for quality sleep when they are extended. 

i. Futons: They are produced with a wooden or metallic frame which is foldable so that it looks like a chair and unfolded so that it serves as a bed or sleeping space. The bifold futon is probably the most common of all. Futons require manual adjustment but they are a reliable and easy-to-use solution. 

ii. Drawer sofa bed: This is another manually adjusted sofa bed. With this, you do not have to deal with the stress of removing cushions when you alternate between bed and sofa. All you need to do is pull the draw out from under the couch. This will pull up the bed so that the legs rest on the drawer. The cushions remain as they are while this is happening. 

iii. Electric chair beds: The operations of an electric chair bed are controlled by the push of a button. It automatically transitions between chair and bed. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for lifting or bending which makes it ideal for aged and elderly persons. A button exists for sliding out the front cushion of the chair and there is another button for sliding up the extra cushions so that the bed is both comfortable and sizable. The clever design of an electric chair bed means that the user has little or nothing to do when using it.

iv. Pull-out chair beds: As the name suggests, the spring-loaded metal frame underneath the top cushions of this type of chair bed can be pulled out. This makes it possible for the bed to flip forward with 3 folding sections. The bed frame sections have to be clicked into place. Relatively, pull-out chairs are labor intensive when compared with electric chair beds and futon chair beds. 

v. Sleeper sofas: This one is quite similar to a futon. However, it is without the hinge mechanism but with a removable back support and pillows. The difference between this and the traditional futon is that the mattress is built into the frame. The mattress in futons can be removed and replaced. 

What to consider when selecting a chair bed

It is irrelevant whether a sleeping chair is automatic or manual. What is more important are the features offered to improve mobility and health issues. If you want a customized chair bed, one that has all the features you desire and one that fits your needs perfectly, we suggest you work with a specialist furniture company. 

If you want a chair bed that you can control without much manual effort, we suggest you go for an electrical chair bed because of its ability to automatically transition between sleeping and standing positions on push of a button. 

Top recliner chairs that turn into bed

As far as specification of a sofa chair that can be transformed into a bed is concerned, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is not unconnected with the fact that the needs and requirements of various users are different. 

Knee problems and hip problems increase the difficulty people encounter in getting out of traditional beds and static chairs. An automatic approach for transitioning between chair and bed is a sensible solution to this. The Berkshire Collection consists of a rise and recline chair that is elegant, luxurious, and eye-catching. Its arms are curved and rounded guaranteeing the comfort of a user when in the chair. 

Sleeping in a bed becomes more difficult with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. So, a chair bed can be used as a temporary solution. The Cheshire Collection is made up of chair beds with wooden knuckles that provide adequate support in both the standing and sitting position. 

Because some people are conditioned to spend a lot of time in bed, it is important that every condition for a quality chair bed is met. This includes handy USB ports for charging cell phones and tablets. Another popular choice is the rise and recline chairs within the Hampshire collection. They are additionally padded on the arm for additional comfort. It is available in various upholstery options such as leather, velvet, chenille, waterproof, anti-bacterial, and antifungal. 



Sciatica is a painful sensation that takes place along the large sciatic nerves which is the largest nerve in the body. It can be found in the lumbar region and it extends through the length of each leg. It occurs predominantly amongst people that sit for an extended length of time or those that live a sedentary lifestyle. Sciatica has other risk factors such as obesity, aging, and diabetes. 

Sciatica is commonly caused by herniated disk which is an unfortunate occurrence that takes place when a spinal disk slips out of place and exerts pressure on the sciatic nerve. Other common causes of sciatica are inflammation of the nerves and irritation. Factors like bone overgrowth, infection, tumor, injury, and muscle irritation are common causes of nerve sensitivity. It could also take place during pregnancy. 

Normally, sciatica goes on its own. Proper self-care can help remedy the condition. 

Sciatica symptoms

Symptoms of sciatica may be experienced in the lower back, hips, legs, or buttocks. Pain may take place in all these listed areas or a few. The magnitude of sciatica pain also varies. The pain could range from mild aches to debilitating jolts. It is not uncommon for just one side of the body to be affected by sciatica. 

Sciatica symptoms include:

  • Pain in the leg
  • Burning or tingling in the leg
  • Discomfort along the nerve’s path

Sciatica side effects include:

  • Weakness in the leg
  • Loss of feeling
  • Incontinence/loss of bowel control

Self-care solutions for sciatica

If sciatica is mild, it should go on its own. There are stats to back up the claim that up to 90% of people with sciatica recover without surgery. Useful self-care solutions for sciatica include:

Cold therapy: Cold packs are capable of alleviating some of the symptoms of sciatica in the first two days. Application of a towel-wrapped cold pack to the source of pain for one-third of an hour several times a day should help.

Hot therapy: Hot therapy may be introduced after a few days of trying the cold therapy for alleviation of the symptoms of sciatica. You may also want to alternate hot therapy with cold therapy. You can use a heat pad, heat lamp, or a hot pack.

Short-term rest: You can relieve the symptoms of sciatica when they first show up by giving yourself a good day of rest. However, you should try not to rest for more than twenty-four hours so that the problem isn’t worsened. Rest should only serve as a temporary self-care measure. 

Yoga and stretching: Sciatica pain can be alleviated by long stretches through nerve decompression. Beginner yoga poses and gentle easing into stretches for at least 30 seconds will help. Practicing in the morning when the body is in its tight state will go a long way to prevent pain throughout the day. 

Posture and core strengthening: This is a vital preventative measure against sciatica. It improves the strength in muscles and also enhances posture and flexibility. You can start a core strengthening routine as soon as sciatica symptoms are alleviated. 

Helpful products from Relaxing the back against sciatica

Relax the back products are known for their reliability and ergonomic value. Top products include:

Recliners: An excellent recliner serves as a reliable support system for the back which can alleviate the symptoms of sciatica. Recliners are better than regular chairs for this purpose and they provide support and comfort for preventing sciatica. 

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Wedges and back supports: Back support and wedges for your home chairs and your car will go a long way in preventing sciatica because it helps to position the back properly. The pressure on the sciatic nerve will be lowered through provision of adequate support for the lower back. 

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Footrests: A good footrest is needed for proper body positioning. It will go a long way to prevent common back problems and sciatica. 

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Lumbar support: Sciatica builds up in the lumbar region. This region becomes weaker or tighter as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. Lumbar support can help with posture correction and correct positioning of the back. 



Lift chairs are available in various sizes and collections. In a lot of cases, the same lift chair model will have a lot of sizes. If you are not sure of the size of the lift chair that fits your need or matches your requirement, talk to a product specialist who would gladly guide you through the selection process. 

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A hack for determining the size of the lift chair that you require is to look through the furniture in your home. If you are a current owner of a standard recliner which provides adequate comfort for you, all you need to do is measure the distance from the floor to the seat, the seat width and depth, as well as the gap between the back of the seat down to the backrest. With these measurements, it becomes easier to match you to a chair with similar dimensions. 

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If you do not have a comfortable recliner, it is still possible to obtain the necessary measurements to be sure that your lift chair fits perfectly. Having someone offering or rendering assistance with these measurements may be necessary depending on your mobility. 

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  • Take measurement from the bottom of your foot to the back of your knee. This will provide insight on the required height of the chair from floor to seat. 
  • As you remain seated, run a tape measure beneath your bottom from side to side. This should give an insight on the required width of the seat of your lift chair.
  • Still in a sitting position, take a measurement from your bottom back to the midpoint between the back of your knees. This should give a clear indication of what the required depth of the seat of your lift chair is.
  • Again, as you remain seated, take measurements from the bottom of your back to the top of your head. This should give you an idea of the required height for the backrest of your lift chair.
  • The last step is to take a measurement of your weight before placing your order. There is a specific weight capacity for all chairs. It is advisable to add 10% to 15% of your total weight to the measured value to create a buffer or tolerance for probable weight gain in the future. 

The outcome of these measurements should give you an idea of the size of lift chair you need.



A lift chair shares some similarities with a recliner. It is possible to use both types of chairs to recline your position or extend your feet with a footrest. However, there are some differences between a regular recliner and lift chair. For instance, operation if most recliners is manual but a lift chair is controlled by the push of a button. There is a mechanism in a lift chair that lifts up from the seated position to a vertical position so that it is easier to get out of your chair. 

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Pros and Cons

To start with, a lift chair is very helpful for people who have difficulties getting out from a chair. The mechanism of the lift chair takes a lot of stress away from you because it does the work so that you do not have to break a sweat when you want to transition from sitting to standing. There is however a debate over how good this is for everybody. Doctors and physical therapists have alluded to the fact the use of a lift chair varies on a patient-by-patient basis. 

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Ensuring a lift chair is right for you

If you think you need a lift chair, talk to your doctor or physician about it. If your doctor gives the nod for you to get a lift chair, check with your insurance to confirm that it is covered or not. Typically, Medicare covers the lift mechanism but you still have to confirm because things can change and it is not safe to assume. 

3 Types of Lift Chairs and Recliners Compared: A Buyer's Guide 2021

Think about the benefits a lift chair will give you before you spend on one. Will it make you comfortable and provide relief from pain? Will it make it less difficult to rise from a seated position? How important is it to put your feet up or recline?

You should also chat with a physical therapist about the possibility of coming up with an exercise routine since the lift chair will be reducing the stress your leg muscle will be subjected to. The exercise routine may include strength training and a range of motion exercises.



Lift chairs are not only available in various styles and colors; they are also available in several sizes. A perfectly sized lift chair is important for daily comfort and convenience just like a comfortable pair of shoes will fit well and provide adequate support for your leg. In this article, we will be analyzing some simple measuring guidelines. 

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It is possible that you already have a recliner or lift chair that fits perfectly in your house. If that is the case, let us look at how measurement can be done. With a tape measure or yardstick, take the measurement of the width of the seat between the arms and note it somewhere as your seat width. After this, proceed to measure from the front edge of the seat cushion backwards to where it converges with the back cushion and note it down as your seat depth. The back height is obtained by measuring from the back of the seat cushion to the top of the backrest. The next step is to take measurements of the front of the chair from the floor to the top of the cushion. Don’t forget to also note this down as your seat to floor height. The values of these measurements should give you an idea of the lift chair that will come closest to the measurement of a chair you are probably very comfortable with. 

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It is also very possible you don’t have a favorite chair for reference. In that case, the four basic measurements taken above will be decided by measuring you. Let us start with the seat width by making use of the yardstick or tape measure. Sit down on a chair with a back. We suggest dining room chairs for this purpose. Take measurement across your lap in a straight line. The aim is not to wrap the tape measure around your hips; we are simply measuring across. Note this down. You may want to add an extra inch or two for additional comfort. The yardstick should be placed along the side of your hip and make sure the end of the yardstick is against the backrest behind your bottom. This step is to measure the depth of the seat. After this, measure forward until it gets to the point behind your knee where it bends. The back height is determined by measuring from the same point at the back of the seat behind your bottom to the top of your head. 

Does Medicare Cover Lift Chairs?

There is another important consideration when choosing a lift chair and that is your weight. Your weight must not exceed the weight capacity of the chair you are choosing since the motors are pushing you to a standing position. For comfort and long-term reliability, the weight should be ready within the recommended weight limit. 



If you want to use a lift chair as a bed, this article is for you. In this article, we will be discussing how to choose the best lift chair sleeper to sleep in. We will talk about the comfort offered by lift chair recliners when they serve as a bed.

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Selecting a sleeper lift chair recliner for use as a bed

There are four types of lift chairs – two-position lift chairs, three-position lift chairs, zero gravity lift chairs, and infinite position lift chairs. Let us define each of them: 

  • Two-position: Two-position lift chairs can move into the upright position and also recline by 15 degrees. It is not possible to move the footrest independently from the back. It has only one motor. 
  • Three-position: It can move into the upright position, 15 degrees recline, and 45 degrees recline. It has only one motor, and it is not possible to move the footrest independently from the back. 
  • Infinite position: This lift chair is capable of moving to any position including the aforementioned ones. It can also move into a recline and Trendenlenburg position where the feet are above the heart. There are two motors and the footrest can move independently from the back. One motor is for the ottoman while the other is for the back. 
  • Zero gravity: It is another type of infinite position lift chair that has the ability to move into the “zero gravity position”. This position was founded by NASA and it lowers the stress on the body. 

The aforementioned reasons would make one want to purchase an infinite position lift chair or a zero gravity lift chair to sleep in. It is not comfortable to sleep in 15 degree or 45 degree recline. 

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Infinite position and zero gravity lift chairs can be configured in various ways and can be adjusted until the desired level of comfort is attained for sleeping. 

After choosing the appropriate lift chair, you must also ensure it fits your size. The width of the seat must fit you comfortably. When sitting, your knee should be in a 90 degree position even as your feet touch the floor. Your back should be on the back. If it isn’t, it means the front-to-back distance of the lift chair is too much for you. If your knee is not inclined at a 90-degree angle, you should look for a shorter or longer lift chair. 

Lift chairs are available in various models – large, medium, and petite. It is up to you to choose what fits you perfectly. Your weight must also be within the maximum weight limit for the chair otherwise you’d have to purchase one that has a weight limit that is high enough for you. 

Quality of sleep in an electric lift chair sleeper

5 Best Lift Chairs for Elderly People– Electric Wheelchairs USA

Every quality lift chair is built to be used extensively. They are designed and produced with the belief that users will spend long hours watching TV, reading, eating, and writing. This explains why quality lift chairs are made from sturdy materials, comfortable seats, wood frame, and thick cushions. Anything beyond this is the preference of the user. If you want to have quality and sound sleep in your lift chair, avoid cheap and low-quality sleep chairs.



Medicare usually covers the cost of the motorized portion of the lift chair. A person qualified for this should expect Medicare to cover up to 80% of the approved amount for the motor. The user will have to pay for any deductible amounts or co-pay or the upholstery or furniture portion of the chair. Follow the steps outlined below to confirm your eligibility or qualification for this discount. 

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Step 1: Get a prescription for the lift chair from your doctor or physician. This often requires an in-person or face-to-face visit. 

Step 2: Your physician has to fill the special form provided by your provider. If your provider hasn’t sent this form to your physician, you’d have to take it with you. This form contains questions about your health or medical condition which will help determine the medical coverage you qualify for.

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You must keep some things in mind if you must qualify for the seat lift mechanism. They include:

i. The person must be suffering from severe arthritis of the knee or hip. The beneficiary may also be suffering from a severe neuromuscular disease. This will usually be determined by your doctor.

ii. The seat lift mechanism must be included in the treatment plan by the doctor as a means of improving the beneficiary’s health condition or lowering the progression of the ailment.

iii. The beneficiary must be incapable of standing up from a regular armchair or any chair in the home.

iv. When the user stands, he or she must be able to walk even if it requires using a walker or cane.

Hulk Lokpal Stair Lift Chair,Maximum Load: 127 Kg, | ID: 8238740848

It is important to state that Medicare will not cover the cost of the lift chair if the beneficiary resides in a hospice or skilled nursing facility. Also, if Medicare foots the bill of a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, or scooter, it will make the user ineligible for Medicare coverage for a lift chair. 

Step 3: As soon as your physician sends the appropriate medical information to your provider, the next step is to select a lift chair. As soon as you take possession of the lift chair, the claim will be submitted to Medicare by your provider on your behalf. 



A Hoyer lift is a medical device used to provide assistance to caregivers for lifting patients from one point to another such as bed to toilet, wheelchair, chair, or stretcher.  

ProHeal Hydraulic Patient Lift, Manual Full Body Lifter for Handicapped,  Senior and Immobile Patients, 6 Point Spreader, Chains Included, 450 lbs  Capacity -

There are different shapes and sizes of Hoyer lifts and categorization is done based on their level of automation–hydraulic, manual, battery-powered, electric.  

What features should I look out for when selecting a Hoyer Lift? 

1. Weight Capacity: Bariatric or Standard? 

This is probably the most important feature to look out for. Because not every Hoyer lift is made for bariatric patients, it is important that you check the weight capacity before paying for a lift for a bariatric patient. To ensure the safest possible experience with a Hoyer lift, its weight capacity should be checked. Some manufacturers recommend getting an electric-powered lift for patients whose weight exceeds a particular threshold. This is to help prevent injuries to caregivers during the lifting process. 

 2. Design of the lift: Overbed or vertical lifting? 

Although the weight capacity of a Hoyer lift is important, its general shape and design is also of utmost importance. While some lifts are designed for raising patients upward from a seated position, others are longer and best suited to bariatric patients. A Hoyer lift’s shape has an influence on how it will be utilized by the customer. 

Hoyer Lift Power Base | Heal Well Medical Supply

3. Operation: Manual/Hydraulic, electric, or battery-powered? 

The execution of patient transfer depends on the Hoyer lift’s operating power. The caregiver doesn’t need to apply any physical effort to operate a battery-powered or electric lift. The lift raises and lowers at the touch of a button. Electrical lifts are more expensive than their manual counterparts.  

The operation of a manual hydraulic lift depends on how much physical effort the caregiver puts into it. The lift is raised or lowered through administration of hand-cranking.  

4. Lift construction: plastic or metal? 

Hoyer lifts are made from various materials. It may be made from a dense metal blend or plastic blend. On some occasions, the two are combined.  

Popular Hoyer Lift brands 

Patient Lifts

Some top-rated Hoyer lifts include 

  • Joern’s Hoyer Advance Patience Lift 
  • Hydraulic Manual Hoyer lift 
  • Joern’s Hoyer Angular Designed Lifter with Six-Point Cradle