Relaxing in a recliner is a very comfortable way to unwind. However, it becomes a struggle if you have to adjust its position every time by getting up. That is definitely not good enough. Thankfully, there is a solution, and this solution does not require any purchase. It only requires creativity. It is a DIY exercise. 

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A power recliner guarantees comfort, and it is not a hard thing to convert your average recliner to a power recliner. 

How is a recliner different from a power recliner?

A recliner and power recliner both offer comfort. However, the dichotomy is in their function. A recliner has a lever and features that make it possible for your chair to be converted into a comfortable position. Simple recliners are easy to find. In fact, they are all over the place. Although they provide comfort, their operation is manual and there are so many concerns about their durability. Apart from that, they are not ideal recommendations for senior citizens because of the difficult work needed. 

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A power recliner has a motor integrated into the chair. This motor makes it easier for the chair to convert itself into a convenient position for the user. Power recliners offer improved comfort and durability. A power recliner is a better choice for senior citizens because there is no need to exert force or energy to manually reset the recliner. Therefore, it is safe to say that in terms of usage, power recliners are more comfortable. 

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Advantages of a power recliner

The advantages and benefits of a power recliner are numerous, and this makes it an essential household item. Some of these benefits include:

  • They last longer than normal recliners because of their electrical mode of operation. The chances and possibility of damage is reduced and durability enhanced as a result of lesser manual engagement.
  • Power recliners are perfect for old people, people with back issues, and people suffering from related health problems. 
  • The settings and controls of a power recliner are in your hands especially if you produced it by yourself. Therefore, your recliner can be effectively converted to a power recliner by addition of more angled positions.
  • Depending on the angle your recliner is set, your spinal cord will be at a position of rest and this improves the spinal cord alignment and enhances the overall posture of the user.

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