Will My Insurance Cover For My Knee Scooter Costs?

I am pretty sure that you would love to have a knee scooter, whether you are recovering from an ankle surgery or suffering from a foot injury. A knee scooter will help you in moving around your home or office without any problem. Besides, you will not need to use crutches as they are painful and need upper body strength.

However, before you rush to your local supplier and have a new knee scooter, you must be asking yourself a big question.

“Will my insurance cover the cost of my new knee scooter?”

The fact is that insurance policies vary and that means some insurance companies will cover a knee scooter, while some will not. Even those which cover for a knee scooter want you to follow a certain process. This process will determine if you really need a knee scooter for your recovery.

Below we have done our best to outline what the entire process would look like:

  • Firstly, you have to check with your insurance company and see if they cover it. In case they do then you are lucky. If they need to get more information about you then go on and read the next step.
  • Consult your doctor for a prescription or medical letter indicating the need for a knee scooter in your recovery process. Normally, your doctor will be willing to write you a letter or prescription indicating why you need a knee scooter. You have to inform your doctor that you need one so as to enhance your mobility.
  • Submit the prescription or letter along with a paid invoice from your supplier to your insurance company.

In case your insurance company will not cover the costs, you can use your Flex savings or other health benefit accounts to cover for your knee scooter. Ensure that your card contains a card logo printed upon it and that will make everything go smoothly.

We are a local medical supplier company, with knee scooter and knee walker rental services.

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