Making Your Knee Scooter More Comfortable

Many people rent knee scooters when they are experiencing different issues that affect their mobility such as leg injuries, recovering from surgeries, etc. Knee scooters help in the recovery process and many people praise them as being life saving devices as compared to crutches.

Design and comfortability

Knee scooters are designed in such a way that they offer comfortability. But there are times when our clients complain about feeling uncomfortable when using their knee scooters. Normally they experience pain in the knee due to using their knee scooter. But making a simple adjustment to your knee scooter could save you from the pain.

Making   your knee scooter more comfortable

The basic principle is choosing the right model that suits your needs. Almost every knee scooter can perform better indoors but not every knee scooter is meant for outdoor use. Wheels play a big role in knee scooters when it comes to comfortability. When you use a conventional knee scooter indoor, you are scooting over a smooth and leveled surface. Indoor scooters are normally installed with solid tires as they are not expected to run over rough surfaces such as gravel and solid concrete.

In case you scoot an indoor knee scooter over a rough surface all vibrations that are caused by cracks, raised bumps, any debris and rocks will travel via the solid tires to the rest parts of the knee scooter.

However, there is an all-terrain model such as the Orthomate knee scooter which consists of bigger rubber tires filled with air. These are designed in a way that they absorb all shocks that result from moving over rough and bumpy surfaces.

The main problem of using an all-terrain scooter indoors is caused by the increase in friction due to making turns. This is due to the fact that the rubber wheels cannot glide well on surfaces such as those made of laminate flooring or tiles. Besides, they tend to create scuff marks upon the hardwood or floor tiles.

We do not intend to mean that you have to get an all-terrain scooter if you need to take your dog outside for a walk. But in case you spend more time outdoors then you have to get an all-terrain knee scooter. If you need one for indoor, then Swivelmate is one of the best knee scooter models that will serve your purpose as it offers a better and easy maneuvering mechanism.

The perfect riding posture

Your knee walker has to adjust to fit your needs and not the other way around. The perfect posture will ensure that you ride your knee scooter more comfortably. Besides, it will prevent you from experiencing back pain and knee pain from your unhealthy leg. When you set properly your knee scooter, you will be able to stand straight as usual in a relaxed way and prevent hunching over.

Make sure that your injured knee is resting comfortably upon the resting seat and bend forming a 90-degree angle.

In addition to that, you should ensure that you wear comfortable shoes that offer the best grip while scooting. Be careful when you are wearing sandals and flip flops as they pose a risk of getting stuck upon the wheels.

Make sure that your scooter’s knee rest seat is properly configured

There are times when people do experience pain within their healthy legs. As they make a stride, their ankle might hit the side of the scooter’s frame. This is caused by the knee rest being set too far from your healthy leg.

The solution to this problem lies in readjusting the knee rest so as to accommodate your right or left foot injury making it to rest better. These two scooter models, the Orthomate and Swivelmate come with adjustable knee pads that will let you configure the pad according to your needs.

In case your scooter is different from these, you can refer to the user manual if it features one as it should direct you on how you can set your scooter.

Make adjustments to the knee rest to proper height configurations

Knee pain, as well as discomfort when scooting, is normally caused by improper adjustment of the knee rest height. Proper knee rest height has to be the same as the distance that is between your bent knee and the floor.

You can also read more about how to determine the proper knee rest height online as there are many guidelines that can help you.

In case your knee rest is extremely high, there are several things that can happen. Firstly, you will be putting a lot of strain over your injured knee. Secondly, you will fail to rest your healthy leg over the solid ground and that will prevent you from making confident strides. All this adds up to not having the right balance needed for riding your knee scooter which can lead to tipping over and discomfort.

In case your knee rest is set to be too low, you will incur some difficulty in making strides using your healthy leg. This means that you will either be applying extreme pressure on your injured leg’s knee or upon your healthy leg. This will cause imbalance when you are riding your scooter.

You must be able to rest your knee comfortably upon the knee rest pad, and your healthy foot must stand firmly over the ground surface.

Make adjustments to your handlebar

Improper handlebar height setting can lead you to hunch over your scooter. This can cause you back and hip pain. Besides, you will fail to support yourself as you should, hence you will easily get tired.

The handlebars must be within the same levels as your body height. Your hands must be able to move and reach the handlebars in a way that is relaxed and comfortable.

Some of the knee scooter models allow adjustment to the handlebar steering rod to proper angles. This feature lets users who are tall or those who have long arms to fit properly by setting the distance of the handlebars to be reached easily.

Using a knee pad cover

A continuous knee walker use can lead to some discomfort on your unhealthy resting leg. Other factors such as heat and humidity can make the problem far worse. Many of the knee scooters come with a substandard knee rest pad which offers minimal cushion standards. In case you are looking into finding something far better, find something like a towel for your knee scooter’s rest pad.

Or you can add a cover on your knee pad as it will offer more comfort, allow air circulation around your leg and prevent your leg from getting stuck to the knee pad.

Knee pad covers are offered in different types and materials including comfy cushion, memory foam, and fleece.

Make sure that you do not overexert yourself

Sometimes feeling uncomfortable is due to one overexerting their body by performing a lot of activity while they are riding a knee scooter. Despite the fact that they are excellent devices that will keep you moving and doing your work just like the way you use to, but standing for hours while on a knee scooter is not recommended. Do not abuse its capabilities and overdo things.

You have to remember that you have an injury and you must not disturb your injured leg and compromise its ability to heal. Your injured leg does not need any physical strain.

Final verdict

Knee scooters are the best options that will allow you to continue with your daily schedule as usual while you are in a healing process. They are designed in such a way that they will let you move easily and comfortably. They must always deliver this and if they do not, then there are some setting issues that you have to take care of. In case you feel pain and discomfort in your unhealthy leg, make sure that you consult your doctor to prevent any potential complications which may affect your healing.

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