Will Medicare Cover For Your Knee Walker?

You have an injured foot or ankle and your doctor has recommended knee walker so as to keep your body weight off your injury. You do have Medicare as to basic insurance and you are not sure if it covers for a knee walker. In this article, we will be discussing in detail whether Medicare will cover your knee walker costs and how to purchase a knee walker from a DME supplier.

Does Medicare cover knee walkers?

Knee walkers are among the popular piece of medical equipment that you can find on the market today. These are one of the most requested equipment that patients suffering from foot injuries or recovering from ankle surgeries use during their recovery process. However, Medicare which is the largest U.S. insurance provider does not cover for the purchase or rental of a knee walker. It does not matter whether your doctor prescribed it, Medicare will not pay for it.

Why Medicare does not cover for a knee scooter?

According to a Medicare point of view, a knee walker or knee scooter is a luxury item and is not listed as a medical necessary health equipment. It does no matter whether they are right or wrong, but that is what they believe as they argue that a cane or crutch can offer the same level of mobility for users suffering from mobility issues.

How can you have a knee walker if Medicare does not cover it?

Just because Medicare will not pay for your knee walker does not mean that you cannot get it. In case your doctor gave you a prescription that you should have a knee walker, and you do not want to use a cane or crutches, there are three options that can help you have a knee walker.

  1. Paying for a knee walker direct from your pocket. This is the most expensive one of all three options. Knee walkers cost between $180 to $400 depending on the design and features that come with it.
  2. You can rent a knee walker, as this option will save you a significant amount as compared to purchasing a one. Most of the medical supply stores have rental services based on weekly and monthly rental plans.
  3. The third option is to borrow one from a friend. There is a high possibility that you have a friend who previously had an injury and had purchased a knee walker to help him/her in her recovery.

Knee walkers are the best when compared to canes or crutches. They are easy to use, keeps your body weight off from the injured foot or ankle, and are 100% more comfortable than using crutches. We do hope that one day Medicare will come to understand that knee walkers have to be categorized under necessity Medicare equipment and not a luxury piece of equipment. When this happens, it will save many people from having to worry about how they will have a knee walker when they are injured or need one for recovering from a surgical injury.

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