A manual wheelchair needs a user to propel the chair themselves, or they can be pushed by someone who is a caregiver or companion. In order to self propel a wheelchair, the user should place their hands against the wheelchair hand rims.

This component is found on both sides of the wheelchair and the user has to use both arms to be able to push or pull the wheelchair. You can propel your wheelchair forward or backward depending on which direction you intend to go.

Practicing on how to propel your wheelchair

In order to master the art of propelling your wheelchair, you must practice this skill just like everything else so as to be good at it. As they say, practice makes perfect, and you should learn to propel your wheelchair without depending on somebody else.

There are certain hand rims that will let you propel your wheelchair without harming your hands or fingers. One of these is the Ergonomic hand rims which will let you propel your chair while preventing you from blisters or pressure sores.

Propelling your wheelchair

  • Propelling a manual wheelchair

In order for you to be able to self-propel, you must first learn how to control your wheelchair so that you may do so in the right way while you are outdoor where it requires you to have proper controlling skills.

Initially many people who are new to wheelchairs undergo hardships trying to adjust to the propulsion of their wheelchairs. However, as time goes on they find themselves developing the upper arm strength as well as better balance which helps them in propelling their wheelchairs much easier.

Some users also experience issues with using hand rims upon the rear wheels of their wheelchairs. This normally depends on the nature of the condition which they are suffering from. If the patient cannot propel his/her wheelchair, they will need someone to push them whenever they need to go.

  • Propelling you wheelchair indoor/outdoor

Propelling a wheelchair outdoors is entirely different than propelling it while you are indoors. This is because when you are propelling a wheelchair outdoors, there is a high possibility of encountering rough and uneven surfaces such as slopes, gravel, rough concrete, bumps, etc.

In order to be sure that you will not fall off your chair in case you go over obstacles or any bumps, you have to ensure that you have all the necessary components that will enable you to reach higher grounds while preventing you from obstacles.

You can opt for registering for a warranty in case you have already purchased a product from different suppliers. This will help you in maintaining a track record regarding your purchase of the item and it will also help you when that time comes when you decide to use your warranty.

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