How To Determine Whether You Need A Knee Scooter

When you are healthy, there is no need of choosing between a knee scooter or crutches. In a state where you are suffering from a lower limb injury such as a broken foot or ankle or you have undergone surgery, there is a high possibility that you will need a knee scooter or crutches for your daily movements. The knee scooter and crutches have the same purposes and that is to elevate and keep the weight away from the injured body section.

Advantages of using a knee scooter

Normally knee scooters are the most preferred options when someone is suffering from an ankle or foot injury. The knee scooter let him/her rest the lower body section of the leg upon the knee pad, in a way that it keeps the knee and ankle elevated while shedding off weight from affecting them. Most of the knee scooters come with a contoured knee or leg cushion, a basket, dual locking hand brakes, as well as handlebars that allow easy turning. Knee walkers are normally preferred over crutches as they allow the user to have greater mobility, making them move around easily and travel greater distances. Besides, the knee walkers are also lower near the ground and this offers better stability. Also, they offer a basket that can be used for storing things. In addition to that knee scooters do not need upper body strength nor do they strain your wrists, hands or armpits.

Advantages of using crutches

Crutches are more popular than knee scooters due to their availability, knowledge of using them as compared to scooters as well as the fact that they offer a wide range of injury users. If you are among the people with decent upper body strength, crutches are ideal as they will enable you to shed off weight from your lower injured area. When it comes to moving around different spots such as going into bathrooms or moving up and downstairs. It will take some time to get used to using crutches but after some time, you will eventually feel comfortable. But the basic standard crutches pose a concern as they are known for being unstable, difficult to use while your hands are tied up when using them.

Renting a knee scooter or crutches

Most of the time the knee scooters and crutches are just needed for temporary use. Some of the medical supply stores offer knee scooters as well as crutches for both rent and purchase. Knee scooter and crutches rentals allow people to utilize these devices during their recovery period and then return them soon after they have recovered. The cost for renting them is just a fraction of the cost of purchasing them. For example, renting a knee scooter for a month can cost you about $120, which includes a high-quality knee scooter, installed with a basket, dual locking handbrakes, a contoured knee/leg rest as well as a foldable frame for easy transportation.

Purchasing the same knee scooter can cost an average of $325. When you rent a knee scooter, you do not have to worry about storing it when you are done using it, or paying more than you should. In case you have to use it for more than three months, then purchasing one will be more economical as compared to renting.

The best knee scooter on the market

I would recommend the Nova Knee Scooter which is ideal for offering non-weight bearing mobility to someone who is suffering from an injured ankle, foot, or Achilles injuries. It can be used by people with height measuring from 4’11” to 6’2″ while weighing up to 300lb. It has a dual locking hand brake,  8″ rugged wheel, a basket, and a foldable frame. It is light wearing only 25 lb.

The crutches

The standard aluminum crutches

Standard aluminum crutches are fabricated using lightweight aluminum, having an unbreakable collar as well as a reinforced center that offers more support and strength to the frame. These come in 4 different size options, namely:

  • The pediatric size option which ranges from 4’0” to 4’8”
  • The small size option which ranges from 4’6” to 4’2”
  • The medium size option which ranges from 5’2” to 5’10”
  • The tall size option which ranges from 5’10” to 6’6”

The mobilegs ultra crutches

These consist of a well ventilated articulated arm saddle in order to offer a continuous flow of air and prevent any skin irritation due to walking. It offers height configurations and has a rocker feet for more comfortability and ergonomic grip handles. This is more advanced as compared to the traditional crutches.

There forearm crutches

These are adjustable when it comes to height and are fabricated using lightweight aluminum. They are ideal for users with the height ranging from 4’3” to 6’3” and come in pairs. The pair weighs about 3.8 lb.

The iWalk Free Version 2.0:

This is among the arms and pain-free crutches and is the best alternative to traditional crutches and knee scooters. This is the best alternative when it comes to non-weight bearing lower leg injuries and offers the user freedom beyond what is offered by the traditional crutches. It prevents the user from experiencing more pain, nerve damage, or depending on their arms in supporting their body weight as they enable the user to walk normally without having to depend on the upper body for support.  In case you want to be a non-weight bearing for any time interval and you still aim at going on with your daily schedule, iWalk Free is the right device that you have to depend on.

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