How to properly use a keen scooter: an ultimate guide

It is very important to learn the proper use of a knee scooter prior to scooting around your home, work or neighborhood. Here are a few safety tips and techniques that you should always keep in mind when you start learning how to use your knee scooter.

Before you jump in using your knee scooter, you have to ensure that it fits your body standards.

  • You have to stand next to your knee scooter while your hands are holding the handlebars and then press your hand brakes. Then slowly lower your injured foot or leg over the middle part of your scooter seat. You have to rest your recovering foot or leg in the middle of a cushioned seat of the scooter while keeping your hands upon the brakes and handlebars.

You have to ensure that the seat of your knee scooter is configured to proper height, resting comfortably upon the cushion and forming a 90-degree angle.

  • Ensure that your hips are on an equal level with the level of your healthy leg, which you are standing upon. Ensure that your healthy leg is straight and comfortable.
  • Inspect your handlebar to see if it is set at the right height. You are able to identify if your knee scooter handlebar is configured at the right height if it is set upon your natural waist height letting you maintain your back at a straight posture while holding the handles.

There are many varieties of knee scooters on the market but they differ in portability, quality, features as well as price. But the Steerable Knee Scooter is among the best knee scooters on the market. It consists of 4 non-marking with 10” pneumatic wheels that offer perfect stability when used in both indoor as well as on outdoor surfaces. It consists of a deep 3.5” contoured knee seat that can be adjusted easily. It has a weight carrying capacity of up to 300 lb with amazing green color. Besides, it consists of an adjustable locking handbrake system for your safety.

As we mentioned before, it is lighter weighing 22lbs only and can be folded making it significantly portable and allowing you to carry it anywhere you go. On the other hand, it is designed in a such way that you do not need any tool to assemble it or set it up. You can order one from Amazon.

Using a knee scooter

As soon as you have adjusted your knee scooter and you are comfortable that it fits your body dimensions, then follow these quick tips so as to learn how you can use your knee scooter.

  • Press the knee scooter hand brakes several times. These can be found upon your handlebars. Learn and experience the feel of engaging your knee scooter brakes.
  • Using your healthy leg, begin with small pushes as soon as you disengage your hand brakes. Starting with small pushes in order to propel yourself forward is the way to begin learning how you can use your knee scooter.
  • As you start making small pushes, engage your brakes in every push to have a better sense of your knee scooter brake tension.
  • When you are confident, then you can begin taking bigger pushes using your healthy leg. After a time, your scooting and braking will turn out to be natural and smooth. If you carefully follow these steps the entire process will be easy.

Using your knee scooter to make turns

It is very important to know how you can use your knee scooter to make turns. When you start learning about how to scoot you will scoot only on a straight line. But sooner or later you will start making turns.

Make sure that you slow down whenever you are heading for a turn. You have to slow down prior to making a turn or curve. Besides, you must always make sure that your hands are always placed on the knee scooter handlebars ensuring that you can engage brakes anytime.

In case you make a turn, at the time when you are learning how to use a knee scooter, while speeding, there is a greater risk of tipping over your scooter which can cause you extra injuries.

So make sure that you slow down before making any turns, and gently apply your brakes as needed.

Why should you opt for a knee scooter instead of crutches?

Most people are running how to use knee scooters as they are becoming more popular.

Knee scooters are more comfortable as compared to crutches, in a different number of ways. Knee scooters let you rest your injured foot or leg while letting you use the healthy one to propel your scooter. This makes you more comfortable than having your injured leg hanging down in between the two-clunk crutches.

Besides, not everyone is strong or healthy enough to move around using crutches tucked under their armpits.

Also, crutches make it hard for someone to carry anything while most of the knee scooters have inbuilt baskets that help the user to carry different things.

Knee scooters offer more comfortability as well as independence as compared to crutches.

How to safely use a knee scooter

Make sure that you engage your knee scooter brakes every time when you are getting on and off your knee scooter. The brakes will enable you to lock and hold your scooter in position so that you can safely hop in and out.

In addition to that, ensure that you use the brakes to control the speed of your knee scooter when approaching a turn. Besides, always remember to apply your brakes when scooting downhill so as to control the velocity of your scooter.

If you followed all the steps and procedures that we have discussed above, we are sure that you now know how to safely use your scooter in the best way without risking your safety.

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