When Does One Have To Use A Knee Scooter? Why Should You Opt A Knee Scooter Over A Walker or A Cane?

Knee scooters are becoming so popular, as they are turning into a number one option to adults, and people with mobility issues due to injuries, illness, or surgery. Knee scooters can be found in different brands, styles, and colors but they share a common basic structure. They both have wheels, a resting platform for the injured leg as well as handlebars.

In this article, we will be analyzing a few things regarding the use of knee scooters and all necessary details regarding knee scooters.

What condition can lead someone to use a knee scooter?

First, think about the position where one would rest their leg while scooting. You would place your affected leg over the seat while standing on the healthy one. You do this by placing your knee on the scooter’s seat making your knee bent forming a 90 degree.

A knee scooter is useful for someone who is suffering from a lower leg injury such as a foot, fibula, ankle, and tibia or one who is recovering from surgery. Some of the doctors will recommend someone suffering from a lower leg injury to use a knee scooter prior to undergoing their scheduled surgery so as to reduce pain when walking.

Why should you opt for a knee scooter over other mobility aids?

Just take your time and think about mobility aids in a sequence of their levels of assistance starting with a wheelchair that completely assists one in walking, and then a walker which offers some assistance, then a knee scooter which also offers some assistance and lastly a cane which offers very little assistance. You can choose a knee scooter over a walker for safety and practical reasons.

In case someone experiences difficulty in bearing weight via both arms, then using crutches or cane for support while walking on a single foot could pose a problem. Knee scooter lets a user apply full weight via the femur and knee upon the affected foot. This prevents  them to plant their entire weight via their arms upon the handlebar.

How can you use your knee scooter safely?

Using your knee scooter safely refers to making sure that you take into consideration your body mechanics, the knee scooter itself as well as the surrounding environment. In case you have never used a knee scooter before, you will have to consult a doctor or physical therapist who will be able to help you with how you can safely use your scooter and what precautions should you take in the entire process.

Make sure that you do not drive your scooter over uneven surfaces, plush materials, rough surfaces, scrubs, etc. Ensure that your scooter is configured to meet your body weight and height requirements.

Some of the knee scooters have a limited weight capacity which is normally less than 250 lbs. Ensure that your scooter is matching your body weight and height.

How much weight can I place upon a knee scooter?

When you are using a knee scooter, you can place your entire body weight via the femur and knee of the affected leg which is rested upon the seat.

Why someone cannot be appropriate for using a knee scooter?

The fact is that a knee scooter is not for everyone. Please never use one in can you have injuries or surgical injuries involve, the femur, hips or knee. Never use a scooter if you have balance issues, especially with your healthy leg.

Knee scooters are extremely unsafe for people suffering from depression cognition such as people suffering from dementia or brain trauma. As the bench needs full weight via the knee, shin as well as the top of the foot never use a knee scooter when you have decubitus ulcers, suffering from un-healing wounds, or in case you have a high risk for skin breakdown around those areas.

Make sure that you consult your doctor to ensure that using a knee scooter will not compromise your body’s blood circulation. Besides, in case the user experiences any extreme pain or discomfort when they are using a knee scooter, then you will have to consider an alternative scooter option.

Is it easy to travel with a knee scooter?

The answer is just simply yes, knee scooters can be easily transported. Some of the knee scooter designs can be folded and easily stored in a car trunk. Most public transportation options within the U.S. are able to fit you and your knee scooter onboard.

Will your insurance plan pay for your knee scooter?

In the U.S. most of the insurances including the Medicare will not pay for a knee scooter as the equipment is considered as being a luxury equipment rather than a medical item.

Even if your medical doctor prescribes you to have a knee scooter, you must be aware that it is more likely that you are the one who will cover the cost.

As we have already mentioned, knee scooters can be found in different varieties and are easily available on the market for rent or purchase. You can consult a medical expert before you decide to make your purchase. They will be able to guide you on the right scooter that will suit your needs.

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