Do you know how to fold a wheelchair?

A wheelchair refers to a piece of equipment that is used by people with disabilities or injuries that can affect their moving capabilities.

In case you are suffering from a spinal cord injury or heart attack, you might experience a certain condition that could develop into a weakness or paralysis. This would force you to need a wheelchair which could help you to move around your house or outdoors. Smaller injuries like a foot or leg fracture can force you to use a wheelchair too.

A foldable wheelchair

A foldable wheelchair is made up of a seat frame connected to four wheels. Foldable wheelchairs are entirely different from rigid chairs as the user is able to fold and store the frame of his/her chair without using extreme effort.

Sometimes the chair is installed with bigger back wheels and smaller front wheels. Normally, these are manual self-propelled wheelchairs. Wheelchairs which consist of small front wheels and a rear are known as transport manual wheelchairs which need a caregiver to push the chair while the user is sitting in the seat.

Unfolding a wheelchair?

In order to unfold your wheelchair, you must initially find some flat surface where you can entirely unfold your wheelchair. You have to grab the wheelchair seat with a single hand at the front and the other hand behind.

Then you have to push the seat down by applying pressure at the center of the seat.

When you are opening the wheelchair, the wheels as well as the sides of the frame will begin to part from each other. You have to push the seat throughout until when the wheelchair is entirely open.

Now the wheelchair is ready for use if you have followed the steps mentioned above. Note that in order to be safe, always ensure that the brakes are always locked prior to sitting on the chair.

Steps for folding a wheelchair

The first step is to apply the brakes on before any attempt of folding your wheelchair. In order to apply the brakes, you will have to press the levers which are found on top of each wheel on either side.

Now you have to stand in front of your wheelchair and then hold the seat and pull it upward. This will force the seat to fold into half and the wheels will move towards each other.

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