Things that make it easy to push a wheelchair

Easy to push wheelchairs are made purposely for caregivers who push the sick and disabled ones in the wheelchair. This is not an easy task and it can lead to back pain. In order to make the task easy for the caregiver, there are different features that should be put into consideration so as to make the wheelchair easy to push. These include:

The wheelchair handlebars

Normally, easy to push wheelchair handlebars are ergonomically correct and are made up of materials such as foam in order to minimize skin blisters as well as pressure sores.

Most of the handlebars fabricated to be used on easy to push wheelchairs consist of the following features:

  • Reduce pain and fatigue that is accompanied by wheelchair pushing
  • Designed to perfectly fit over the manual wheelchair handles
  • Allows you to be able to push a wheelchair-using one hand

The rear wheels

This should be fabricated from a lightweight material allowing the lowest energy in pushing the chair. Also, the transport wheelchairs are so convenient and easy to push as they are installed with small wheels. One of the main reasons for buying this kind of a wheelchair is to ensure that the caregiver can effectively push the user without using extreme energy.

The push bars

The easy to push wheelchairs should be convenient to push and allow you to push with one hand in case you need to do that. When both hands are used to pushing the wheelchair, the push transfers the entire energy upon the wheelchair making you use less effort.

The ergonomic grip is designed in such a way that the caregiver who is pushing the wheelchair is able to place their hands in different comfortable positions depending on the nature of the situation. The push bar of an easy to push wheelchair helps in maneuvering the chair over ramps, sharp inclines, rough surfaces, or over carpets.

Easy to store

The easy to push wheelchair can be easily folded hence making it easy to carry. This is important as it lets you go on with your daily activities without worrying about the need for storage as you only need to fold your chair and fit it in a small space.

Unlike other bulky traditional wheelchairs, an easy to push wheelchair is easy to carry when traveling as it is designed to ensure maximum comfortability and convenience. This feature ensures that the wheelchair can easily fit in the car’s trunk or behind the backseat.

Besides, it is able to fit perfectly within an overhead storage space, whether in a bus, plane, or train. An easy travel wheelchair is designed to fit in tiny spaces.

Also, easy to push wheelchairs are fabricated from lightweight materials that allow the caregiver to easily lift the chair in and out of the car’s trunk or storage.

The push handle chairs

Wheelchairs which can be pushed easily are normally fabricated from lightweight materials making them light and sometimes are specifically designed for transport wheelchairs. Pushing, pulling as well as maneuvering the wheelchairs might pose difficulties and complications to the caregiver. In case you need a wheelchair that is easy to push and maneuver, then you can contact Karman Healthcare as they offer a variety of lightweight wheelchairs as well as transport wheelchairs which specifically ease the caregiver task when pushing and propelling. Before buying a wheelchair you have to consider your needs and lifestyle and make sure you choose the right wheelchair that will suit your needs. There are many options on the market and choosing the right one can be a complicated task. Ask your doctor to help you with that.

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