All That You Have To Know About A Wheelchair Prescription

A wheelchair refers to a chair with wheels that can be moved and controlled manually or electronically. If you have mobility issues due to injury or sickness or age, your doctor will prescribe one to help you with moving.

Before a doctor prescribes a wheelchair for you, he/she will first access your ability to walk and move. When the doctor is sure that you will benefit from using a wheelchair, that is when he/she will send your prescription as well as your medical details to an approved wheelchair supplier.

There are different types and variations of wheelchairs. These can be pushed or operated manually using your arms. Power wheelchairs can be operated electronically.

Who benefits from using a wheelchair?

In case you have permanent or temporary disabilities, a wheelchair might prove to be so important for you. For example, someone who is paralyzed with no feeling in the lower section of his body may need a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Someone with a broken bone might need a wheelchair prescription until he is healed.

Wheelchair prescription depends on one requirement. In case you have one among the following conditions, having one will benefit you:

  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Suffering from paralysis
  • Neurological problems
  • A broken bone/feet or injured legs
  • Grit or balance issues
  • Inability to walk and cover long distances

Choosing a wheelchair

Wheelchairs and their use differ so much. Wheelchairs can be found into two major types which are electric motor powered and manual wheelchairs. The manual wheelchairs are cheaper as compared to electric motor powered wheelchairs, however, they can still be quite costly sometimes.

A wheelchair perfectly accommodate you and consist all the necessary features. Your doctors as well as other medical experts will determine which kind of wheelchair is perfect for you. Their conclusion will be based on the following factors:

Your chair will be configured so that it can accommodate your body and needs. These configurations include:

Using a wheelchair

After the doctor prescribes a perfect wheelchair for you,  you need to go through a user’s manual guide on how to properly use it. In case it is necessary, medical experts can help you in learning how to maneuver a wheelchair in different terrains. The training may include practicing on moving over different kinds of surfaces such as:

In case your wheelchair consists of electrical controls, you might need help in learning how to operate it. Besides, you may need to learn how to get in and out. Make sure that you ask your medical expert or doctor for further details as well as other skills needed in your situation.

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