Lift chairs are not only available in various styles and colors; they are also available in several sizes. A perfectly sized lift chair is important for daily comfort and convenience just like a comfortable pair of shoes will fit well and provide adequate support for your leg. In this article, we will be analyzing some simple measuring guidelines. 

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It is possible that you already have a recliner or lift chair that fits perfectly in your house. If that is the case, let us look at how measurement can be done. With a tape measure or yardstick, take the measurement of the width of the seat between the arms and note it somewhere as your seat width. After this, proceed to measure from the front edge of the seat cushion backwards to where it converges with the back cushion and note it down as your seat depth. The back height is obtained by measuring from the back of the seat cushion to the top of the backrest. The next step is to take measurements of the front of the chair from the floor to the top of the cushion. Don’t forget to also note this down as your seat to floor height. The values of these measurements should give you an idea of the lift chair that will come closest to the measurement of a chair you are probably very comfortable with. 

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It is also very possible you don’t have a favorite chair for reference. In that case, the four basic measurements taken above will be decided by measuring you. Let us start with the seat width by making use of the yardstick or tape measure. Sit down on a chair with a back. We suggest dining room chairs for this purpose. Take measurement across your lap in a straight line. The aim is not to wrap the tape measure around your hips; we are simply measuring across. Note this down. You may want to add an extra inch or two for additional comfort. The yardstick should be placed along the side of your hip and make sure the end of the yardstick is against the backrest behind your bottom. This step is to measure the depth of the seat. After this, measure forward until it gets to the point behind your knee where it bends. The back height is determined by measuring from the same point at the back of the seat behind your bottom to the top of your head. 

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There is another important consideration when choosing a lift chair and that is your weight. Your weight must not exceed the weight capacity of the chair you are choosing since the motors are pushing you to a standing position. For comfort and long-term reliability, the weight should be ready within the recommended weight limit. 

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