If you want to use a lift chair as a bed, this article is for you. In this article, we will be discussing how to choose the best lift chair sleeper to sleep in. We will talk about the comfort offered by lift chair recliners when they serve as a bed.

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Selecting a sleeper lift chair recliner for use as a bed

There are four types of lift chairs – two-position lift chairs, three-position lift chairs, zero gravity lift chairs, and infinite position lift chairs. Let us define each of them: 

  • Two-position: Two-position lift chairs can move into the upright position and also recline by 15 degrees. It is not possible to move the footrest independently from the back. It has only one motor. 
  • Three-position: It can move into the upright position, 15 degrees recline, and 45 degrees recline. It has only one motor, and it is not possible to move the footrest independently from the back. 
  • Infinite position: This lift chair is capable of moving to any position including the aforementioned ones. It can also move into a recline and Trendenlenburg position where the feet are above the heart. There are two motors and the footrest can move independently from the back. One motor is for the ottoman while the other is for the back. 
  • Zero gravity: It is another type of infinite position lift chair that has the ability to move into the “zero gravity position”. This position was founded by NASA and it lowers the stress on the body. 

The aforementioned reasons would make one want to purchase an infinite position lift chair or a zero gravity lift chair to sleep in. It is not comfortable to sleep in 15 degree or 45 degree recline. 

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Infinite position and zero gravity lift chairs can be configured in various ways and can be adjusted until the desired level of comfort is attained for sleeping. 

After choosing the appropriate lift chair, you must also ensure it fits your size. The width of the seat must fit you comfortably. When sitting, your knee should be in a 90 degree position even as your feet touch the floor. Your back should be on the back. If it isn’t, it means the front-to-back distance of the lift chair is too much for you. If your knee is not inclined at a 90-degree angle, you should look for a shorter or longer lift chair. 

Lift chairs are available in various models – large, medium, and petite. It is up to you to choose what fits you perfectly. Your weight must also be within the maximum weight limit for the chair otherwise you’d have to purchase one that has a weight limit that is high enough for you. 

Quality of sleep in an electric lift chair sleeper

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Every quality lift chair is built to be used extensively. They are designed and produced with the belief that users will spend long hours watching TV, reading, eating, and writing. This explains why quality lift chairs are made from sturdy materials, comfortable seats, wood frame, and thick cushions. Anything beyond this is the preference of the user. If you want to have quality and sound sleep in your lift chair, avoid cheap and low-quality sleep chairs.

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