There are different ways to provide maximum comfort and support for loved ones and a hospital bed for home use is one of them. Therefore, a decision has to be made whether to buy or rent a hospital bed for home use.

Whether you are staying for long-term or short-term, recovering from an injury, or struggling with mobility issues, you would always have to decide if you want to rent or buy a hospital bed.

When should I rent a hospital bed for home use?

You considering renting a hospital bed for home use in the following instances:

Short term recovery

If you would only stay in bed for a short term, you may not need to buy a bed. By renting one for the period of time you would be in bed, you save some money. The bed can be returned immediately after recovery so that you can return to using your regular bed.

You want to test the hospital bed before splashing the cash

Paying for a hospital bed is a huge investment. You may decide to rent a hospital bed before making financial commitment to buy it. During the trial period, you would be able to gauge and decide if the bed will suit your needs in the long run. This may require trying out different beds.


It is possible that your needs and requirements evolve as time changes. So, as your health improves, the hospital bed may not be as useful as it was.

When should I buy hospital beds for home use?

It makes sense to buy a hospital bed in the following instances:

Long term recovery

This is the most common reason people buy hospital beds. If the bed will be used for several years or months, it makes no sense to rent one. So, if you would be in bed for more than a few weeks, it makes financial sense to make an outright purchase.


There may be a need to have a customized bed for specific needs, requirements, and health concerns. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the bed and have it made to suit your specific needs. However, you should consider different criterion when buying a hospital bed.

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