10 things you must know about hospital bed rental

It does not matter if you are old or recovering from an injury, it is normal that there are times when a regular bed can be a challenge.

Sometimes getting out of your bed in the morning might be a challenge and your bed might make you feel uncomfortable when you sleep.

When facing a situation like this, you might think of having a hospital bed which can prove to be of good help. If you are looking forward to having a hospital bed for your home, then you will be facing two options which are renting or buying your bed.

Renting a hospital bed might seem a good idea, but you should consider several factors. Continue reading to get to know about issues that come with renting a hospital bed as well as what you should know before you make your decision.

Should You Buy A Hospital Bed

Before you decide and rush things, lets us see what makes them special when compared to normal beds,

Hospital beds have height as well as head and feet adjustments. This means that they have raise that can raise and lower different sections of the body. These beds are specifically designed for seniors as well as injured people.

If you or your loved one is in a state that he or she facing mobility issues, then it is time that you should think of getting him or her a hospital be.

You might have issues of getting in or out of your normal bed, when you are in this situation then a hospital bed will be of good help.

Sometimes you might even have issues sitting up to get out of your bed, if not you your partner might have this trouble and you can no longer continue lifting him or her to her feet. Balance issues can also pose a major risk of falling when getting out of bed, where you will be likely to face injury that can lead to deaths. It is estimated that more than 645,000 people die because of injuries caused by falling each year.

Bedridden people find hospital beds as a good help. Laying in bed for a long time throughout day and night causes a lot of problems including blood circulation, pressure wounds as well as back and neck pains. Also, the patient’s mental state may suffer due to mobility.

Also, some of the hospital beds can be so helpful in treating some of the injuries and body conditions. We will be discussing this in the following chapter. There are also hospital beds that are specifically designed for severely burnt victims. There are also hospital beds which are mainly for patients suffering from spinal injuries. These beds make them feel comfortable and make the task of the caregiver easier.

Ten things that you should keep into consideration before you rent a hospital bed

  1. Control systems

Almost a lot of today’s hospital beds are electrical beds. These can be controlled using a remote control which has different buttons that have specific adjustments such as raising and lowering the foot and head of the bed together with the entire level of the bed surface itself. This is so much helpful for caregivers as well as patients because without these adjustments a caregiver might need help in putting the patient in different positions or getting him or her out of the bed.

Gatch-beds are an old fashioned version of the electric beds, with every adjustment of the bed being controlled by hand cranks and this means they are mechanical. The hand crank is located at the foot of the bed and it can be pushed under the bed frame when it is not in use. These beds need a caregiver who can bend down to reach the cranks and that means the patient cannot control the bed himself.

  • Special beds

These are low beds which are ideal for patients who might be facing a risk of falling out of the bed even if the beds have side rails. These include people suffering from seizure problems or sleepwalkers. The beds have a height of not more than two feet from the floor and normally have no option of raising or lowering the entire surface.

People who are using this bed should have the ability to stand up from the low position because the bed is just a few feet from the floor. If they cannot do it by themselves then a caregiver should offer them help.

  • Low air loss beds

These are no different from an air mattress, as they are made of special sacs within the whole mattress. These help to relieve some amount of pressure caused by the person’s body weight which impressing into a bed. This is very important in preventing bedsores as well as ulcers. Besides these kinds of beds are good for burn victims or people who have undergone skin graft as their skin needs a gentle touch.

  • Circo electric beds

These kinds of beds are good for patients who have severe burns or spinal injuries hence it is difficult to move them in normal ways. These beds give you the ability to reposition as well as letting you turn the person in a position that will keep their lungs as well as the circulatory system in a good working condition. These are the best substitutes of hospital beds for people with such difficulties.

  • Clinton beds

These are the advanced tech hybrid of low air loss beds. Unlike the normal low air loss beds which are filled with air, these are filled with sand-like material where warm air is pumped in. This helps to maintain a constant temperature throughout the bed, as a result, it helps in relieving the pressure wounds.

Renting a hospital bed VS buying one

If you have reached to a conclusion that you need to have a hospital bed, then you will be facing several options regarding how you can get one. Of course, you can just buy one and your insurance may cover the cost. Otherwise, you can rent one in case you cannot afford to buy one or if you do not want to buy one outright.

But before you decide on whether to buy or rent a hospital bed, you must first answer this question. For how long will you need it?

In case you just need it for several weeks or a few months while you recover from your injuries, then renting one will be cheaper. This option is also best for people who want to spend their final days in their own homes.

In case you will need a hospital bed for several months or even years, then the renting cost will exceed the cost of buying your hospital bed. Besides, several issues come with renting a hospital bed:

        I.            Quality

Most of the used adjustable beds are found to be in normal conditions because they are used for few month. Sometimes some normal might lead to breakdowns as well as faults, especially in fully electric beds. So you will have to take your time to find one which is still in good condition. Besides buying a new hospital bed gives you a guarantee that it is in its best condition and you will have a warranty.

      II.            Availability

Getting a used hospital bed is not easy because the beds are being used for quite a long time and this makes it hard to find beds that are just floating around. This makes it hard to have many options since the number of used beds is limited.

Instead of thinking that the right bed is there for you, you need to be sure that the exact model and type that you want is there. Having to rent a gatch bed instead of a semi-electric bed or Clinton bed instead of a low bed might not seem of importance at first. But remember this is something that involves your health hence your life.

    III.            High costs for repair and maintenance

It is common to find used beds in a bad condition and that means you will spend more on repairing and maintenance.

   IV.            Hygiene

It is advisable to use clean hospital beds due to hygiene issues. This is because you have no idea who was using it in the first place. Besides, you do not have any idea what infectious disease they were carrying and this makes it worse.

     V.            Limited options in customization

It is not easy to customize a hospital used bed because most used beds have some parts missing or it may be outdated. New modernized beds allow you to have modern conveniences such as waterproof mattresses, USB hubs as well as folding technologies.


The biggest concern for many people about whether to rent or buy a hospital bed is the price tag. But in either case, your insurance can cover the costs as we will see in the coming chapter. Firstly, let us see how much each of the options might cost.

On average the cost of renting a hospital bed per month is likely to be $200 to $500 per month. If we assume you are paying $350 per month for renting your hospital bed, that means in a period of 6 months you will spend $2,100. This does not include extra charges such as repair and maintenance or any other additional costs associated with renting.

Buying your hospital bed will cost you between $500 to $10,000 depending on how advanced in terms of technology your bed is. Common models of electrical beds costs around $2,000. Therefore, for just a period of 6 months rental, you can spend as much as the money needed to own your hospital bed.

In case you will be having a bed for some years in your home, outright buying of a hospital bed can save you a thousand bucks. Even if you are planning in using the bed for six months it is still in your best interest to buy your bed.

If you’re planning on having the bed in your home for many years to come, buying the bed upfront can save you thousands. And even if you only use it for the six months it would take for the rental costs to equal the buying price, at the end of that time, you’ll own the bed.

When you are done using it then you can sell it and get back so of the money you spent on buying it.


Under normal circumstances, patients will not have to pay for the costs of their hospital beds no matter whether they are buying or renting.

You must understand that every policy differs from the other and your insurance coverage may vary from the other. You should contact your insurance company to get information regarding your policy and hospital beds.

Normally Medicare plans will just cover 80% of the total price tag of a hospital bed. For a normal standard hospital bed, that means you have to pay $400 from your pocket. Besides Medicare can also offer financial help when it comes to hospital bed rentals, and under the new policy after thirteen months of renting you will eventually own it.

Getting a Referral

In case you are having issues in getting Insurance to cover your hospital bed costs then you can talk to your doctor as he/she can direct you to one of the insurance companies.

Your doctor can write a prescription that you need to have a hospital bed at your home as among the items needed for your recovery and that means insurance will cover it. Besides doctors are good at recommending reputable companies because they have experience with several different companies.


Having a hospital bed at home during your recovery can make the whole experience less painful. Besides if you need one in the final days of your life then it will help you depart more comfortably. Also, it will make the task of your caregiver less difficult. Buying your hospital bed is better than having to rent one.

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