Important information about getting or replacing your hospital bed

In case you are thinking of replacing your normal bed or loved one’s bed with a hospital bed, there are some of the pros and cons that come along with using a hospital bed at home. It is important to understand all the information regarding the things that you should put into consideration before you decide to get one.

Why would one need a hospital bed?

Some patients have different health issues that need a special bed. Some elderly people would experience back sores when they spend a lot of time in normal beds due to weight pressure. Some patients slip and fall from their normal beds and this can lead to injuries that may cause deaths. Some also will experience breathing problems due to wrong sleeping positions and need to be tilted to particular positions and angles.

All these have several solutions but the best solution is to get a hospital bed that is designed in such a way that it offers solutions to all the above problems. A hospital bed is a solution to a patient who faces trouble while getting in and out of the bed as its height can be adjusted by lowering and raising it. This will prevent slipping and sliding. Besides hospital beds have bed rails on both sides that prevent the patient sleeping on the bed from falling. These rails can be raised or lowered when the patient wants to get off the bed. The head or upper body can also be raised or lowered depending on what the patient is doing. Besides the bed is on wheels that means it can be pushed and moved around the room to different positions.

If you need the bed to stay in a particular position the wheels can be locked preventing the bed from moving. People who are facing difficulties in sitting can have a trapeze bar put in a hanging position so that they would hold on to lift and position themselves. Besides there also trapeze stands that a patient can use to transfer him/herself into a standing position.

A Semi-electric Bed

This bed bends at the waist and knees helping the patient in positioning his/her upper body as well as the knees. You can easily adjust the bed’s height using a manual crank that is located under the bed. It has a pendant button that is used to adjust the upper body as well as the knees position.

A Full-electric Bed

This kind of bed can make all the adjustments found in a semi-electric bed but also unlike the semi-electric bed which its height is manually adjusted, this uses a push of a button. This makes it easy for caregivers as compared to a manual bed.


There are different types and varieties of mattresses available for hospital beds. Normally these mattresses have high-density foam with durable vinyl covers. Besides the mattresses are made to be anti-static, antibacterial, waterproof and acid resistant making them easy to use and care.

The bariatric mattresses are designed to be used by people with up to 500 pounds. These can be found in different sizes while some are extra wide. There some hospital mattresses with special springs inside. There are also gel mattresses overlays that cover the mattress surface and increase the comfortability to the patient.

Disadvantages of a Hospital Bed

Some people may not feel comfortable having a hospital look in their rooms. But there are varieties of colors as well as designs available on the market. Most of the modern beds do not need a large area as they are designed to cover just a small portion of the room. Most of the available hospital beds have a size of a twin bed, but they should be space left for the caregiver and the patient to be able to move around the bed. The bariatric beds are wider and longer than other types of beds with a dimension of 43 or 48 inches in width.

Semi and full-electric beds need to have access to grounded electrical outlets. You must find a good area and let the bed stay there without moving it around and make sure that the wheels are locked. In case you are using a manual bed, the caregiver should use the crank to adjust the bed into positions that will make the patient feel comfortable. This could be somehow difficult for caregivers who have back and knee issues.

Where Can You Rent or Purchase Hospital Beds?

You can rent or purchase hospital beds online or in local stores. Besides you can have one through your Medicare plan. But you must have your doctor’s prescription from your physician stating that it is a necessary device that should be used at home for your recovery. Medicare will cover the cost if only you buy or rent your bed from their suppliers and if your doctor or supplier is not on their list, then Medicare will not pay for the claim submitted to them. Make sure that you ask your supplier if he/she is enrolled in Medicare.

Does Your Loved One Need A Hospital Bed At Home?

In case you have an elderly person or someone who he/she is returning home after going through surgery then a hospital bed can be an essential health item to have at home. He/she might find it difficult to use a standard bed safely when positioning, sleeping, or transferring to the bed. This can be solved by letting him/her use a hospital bed which can offer a safer and comfortable sleep. Also, it will help to make the work of the caregiver easy, as the bed can easily be positioned, moved, raised and lowered, unlike the standard bed. It is better to consider the situation of your patient and look upon his/her needs and how helpful a hospital bed can be in solving the problems that he/she is facing. Besides, it will ease the patient’s pain and prevent him/her from other health issues that may arise due to spending too much time in bed such as poor blood circulation, sores, back and neck pains, etc.,

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