How to Make Your Knee Scooter More Comfortable: Four Key Adjustments

You might experience some issues when using a knee scooter especially if it is your first time. Some people face problems such as hitting their ankles on the wheel of their scooters something that can lead to extra injuries and make them feel uncomfortable. The solution to this is to adjust the position of the knee pad and that will eventually solve the problem.

In case you had a surgery or a recent injury to your lower body parts such as an ankle or foot that means you do not want to put pressure on your ankle or foot. This makes a knee scooter a convenient device that will help you keep walking while preventing you from adding pressure to your lower injured part. The knee scooter will allow you to rest your injured ankle or leg on a cushioned pad while propelling your knee scooter.

To use well your scooter, it must be adjusted relative to your height and other unique dimensions. If a knee scooter is improperly fitted it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your leg, knee, and ankle.

The following are the major four adjustments that can be made to make a scooter more comfortable:

Ensure that the knee platform is set to a correct height

This is where an injured leg rests and should not experience any stress during the healing process. Incorrect configuration of this platform will lead to extra or underweight pressure upon your healthy leg. This may cause you to feel back pain, knee pain and cause you to use extra effort in pushing the scooter forward. Just like how you adjust the height of your bicycle when you are standing still while your uninjured leg is placed upon the platform, it must be a bit bent. In case your uninjured leg is fully straight or in case your heel is not firmly stepping on the ground, that means the height of the platform is so high and has to be adjusted by lowering it. In case the knee of your uninjured leg is extremely bent that means the knee platform is extremely low and has to be adjusted by raising it otherwise your uninjured leg will experience too much pressure.

Ensure that the handlebar’s height is set correctly

Your handlebar should be relatively set to the level of your waist for your hands to be in a better position. This means that the hips will be even, as a result, the injured leg will be set at a 90-degree angle which will make you feel more comfortable. In case the handlebar is extremely low, it will force you to bend your back, as a result, your hips will be set to uneven alignment. This will make your back and hip to experience pain and discomfort. If the scooter handler is extremely high, it will cause you a problem as you will not be able to support yourself effectively as your hands will easily get tired.

Adjust offset

Many models of knee scooters allow changes that help you to adjust it to the right or left depending on which leg is injured. Setting the knee platform toward your uninjured leg helps in improving your stability while propelling the scooter. Besides, it will prevent your uninjured leg and ankles from getting into contact with the scooter’s wheels. Most of the scooter users like placing their injured legs in the middle of the platform. This is not advisable as it adds more pressure upon your uninjured leg. The best thing to do is placing your injured leg at the edge of the platform near your uninjured leg.

Adjust the knee pads

Once you have set the height of the knee platform, then it is time to adjust the width of the knee pad if your scooter comes with that option. Some of the knee walkers can adjust the pads closer or apart. This is a good option as it considers the position of the bandages or cast by placing the pad in the best position that makes you feel comfortable.

When your knee scooter is adjusted properly, your hips will be aligned and that will enable you to stand comfortably while your good leg is flat upon the ground. You will be in a normal upright position just as if you are standing on two good legs. Besides a properly adjusted knee scooter will allow you to take pressure away from the injured leg which is essential for recovery.

In case you buy your knee walker from BarbeerDME, all the adjustments to fit your body dimensions will be made on spot. Contact us if you need any help in adjusting your knee scooter or for any further questions and inquiries.

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