Hospital beds are available to be used in our homes too. They can be found in different sizes and have special features. The contemporary beds are adjustable to the changing needs of patients. Many patients need a flat, level surface so as to sleep. And when they are awake they prefer head, knee or foot elevation for comfortability or therapy.

Hospital beds are made to full fill the needs of a recovering patient as compared to a standard home bed. The major advantages of a hospital bed are that they have the capability of not only being able to be adjusted to different height levels but they allow head and foot adjustments. In this article we will be trying to explore the ideal available options for modern hospital beds and what should you consider when renting or buying one.

What is the traditional size of a hospital bed?

Normally hospital beds have a dimension of 35 to 54 inches wide where 35 inches is the common width while the length ranges from 78 to 88 inches. Hospital beds are longer and also wider thus offering an increased degree of comfortability as well as accommodation for larger patients. Some hospital beds are adjustable whereby they are installed with extension kits that make them larger. For example, the Drive Medical manufactures a hospital bed extension kit for its full-electric bed (5005) as well as the Ultra-Light Semi-electrical bed (15030). The Graham-Field Hospital Bed Extension Kit elongates the length upon the full electric hospital bed. Different innovations that come with hospital beds include the expansion so as to accommodate individual patients without having extension kits or any other additions to the bed. One of the examples of this kind of bed is the primus expansion bed.

Types of hospital beds?

As we have seen above hospital beds are normally adjustable the only difference is that they just differ in different adjustments that can be made and the mechanism of accomplishing those adjustments. The bed height adjustments enable better patient egress as well as ingress making it easier for the caregivers to have easy access. When the hospital bed is lowered to a lower position it makes it easier for the patient to get in and out of the bed. While it is in a higher setting it is easier for caregivers to serve the patient. The elevation of the head lets the patient feel more comfortable and it allows the patient to eat, watch TV, and do other things more comfortably. Besides elevating the foot and leg of the bed is ideal when it comes to therapy and it relieves the pain. Generally, there are six types of beds on the market which are the full electric, semi-electric, bariatric, Trendelenburg, manual, and the low bed.

The full electric hospital beds

This kind of bed allows the electrical adjustment of the height of the bed’s frame, header, and footer. Most of the electric beds come with a remote control that is used for making these adjustments making the patient identify the ideal position that makes him/her feel more comfortable. Besides a lot of electric beds have the option of locking out the patient from using controls so as to protect him/her from any accidental repositioning that might harm him/her. Also, many electrical beds consist of embedded controls within the footer panel or along the side rails so as to let the caregiver adjust the position of the bed. The more common full electric beds are the Graham-Field Patriot Homecare Bed and the Invacare 5410VC.


There are fully electric and that means they need less physical energy for making any adjustments.

They have many features and adjustments as compared to any other type of hospital beds.

They make the work of the caregiver easier as the bed can be lowered or uplifted by a click of a button.

Besides the offer better experiences during the recovery process for the patients.


They are expensive as compared to other parts of the beds.

The semi-electric hospital beds

These are identical to the full electric beds the only difference is that the height of the semi electrical bed frame can be manually adjusted using a hand crank. Besides the header and footer can be adjusted electrically. The semi-electric beds used to be less expensive as compared to the full electric beds, but the advances in technology have led their prices to be almost so close. The Medline Bed is the cheapest semi-electric hospital bed on the market. While the Invacare 5310IVC Hospital Beds are the leading selling semi-electric beds. In case you have a patient who does not need to adjust the height of the bed regularly, go for a semi-electric bed as it is the ideal option for you.


They are easy when adjusting the head and foot position.

Most of them are cheaper as compared to the full-electric bed.

They have more features as compared to the manual beds.


They need a bit of muscular energy to operate.

The manual hospital beds

These do not use electrical power. They consist of hand cranks which are positioned at the foot of the bed and work to make different adjustments. They are the most economical solution and they can be purchased at very low prices as compared to other types of beds.


They are the cheapest types of beds.

They are more durable.

Need less maintenance and that means they have low maintenance costs compared to other types of beds.


They need physical power to operate them.

They have limited adjustments.

The low hospital beds

Low hospital beds consist of frames that can be adjusted to a minimal height inch above the floor. The lowest position is ideal for egress and ingress for weak patients or those patients who are at risk of falling down from the bed. These beds offer more safety for patients who are at risk of falling from the bed while they are sleeping or in the transition process. The Invacare low bed is the leading selling low bed and has a minimum 9.5-inch bed deck height over the floor.


They improve the patients’ safety as the low profile minimizes the falling risks

The full-electric makes adjustments easier.

They consist of less physical demands.


They are expensive

They have higher maintenance costs.

The bariatric hospital beds

These are heavy-duty beds that are designed to support more weight as compared to other hospital beds. Most of these bodies can handle up to 700 pounds or more. They are wider providing extra room for the patient. The bed deck consists of a solid deck design with no springs but it can still adjust the mattress’s head as well as a foot for the patient. The example of Bariatric hospital beds consists of the PrimePlus 1000 as well as the Graham-Field Bariatric Bed which consists of a Trendelenburg positioning system.


They are fully electric and this means that they are easily adjusted.

They are designed to handle heavy patients.

They have many features and can be adjusted to different positions.

They consist of extra space for the patient.


They are expensive as compared to other types of beds such as the manual beds.

They need a large space as they have a large surface area.

They have many moving parts and that means they need regular maintenance as compared to the manual beds. Besides they run on an electric motor that moves the parts and that makes the bed need proper care.

The Trendelenburg hospital beds

These beds offer many clinical positions that are essential for recovery therapies. They are ideal as they offer a lot of positioning positions thus eliminating the need of using a lot of pillows as well as bed wedges. The Trendelenburg positioning options offer a recliner chair like functionality that is needed by a lot of patients. These hospital beds have a lot of functions and adjustability as compared to the other types of hospital bed options. The hospital beds which have the Trendelenburg positioning system need extra room space so as to prevent contact with the walls as well as the furniture. The examples of Trendelenburg hospital beds include the Joerns UltraCare XT as well as the PrimusPrimeCare Ultimate.


It has many features and can be adjusted to different positions.

It needs less physical power to operate it.


It comes to a price.

It needs extra room space.

Who are the leading hospital bed manufacturers?

There are several bed manufacturers that design and sell their beds exclusively to hospitals as well as long-term care facilities. A lot of these manufacturers do supply beds for homecare use. The leading hospital manufacturers that offer homecare beds are the Graham-Field, Invacare, Jorems and the Drive and Medical. Invacare is famous of them all. These leading manufacturers also supply replacements spare parts for all their bed models and a special order can be made so as to maintain your hospital bed and keep it in good working condition for quite some time. Some of these manufacturers have designed their beds to share parts. This is good as it allows easy accessibility of spare parts.


There are different types and models on the market and it depends on your needs. You have to consider all the variables before you decide on renting or purchasing any hospital beds. In case you have questions and inquiries, you can just call us and our team will be glad to help you. We are among the leading suppliers of hospital beds and equipment.

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What Is The Ideal Hospital Bed For Home Care?

Different people have different needs that might require something that is more than a traditional bed. This is where they have to be offered a hospital bed. People normally buy hospital beds to be used in homes for the sick, elders, or the disabled member of the family. These are referred to as hospital beds as they consist of all the features that are found in medical facilities. The hospital beds offer the same comfortability while you are at home to people who have a need for something more than a traditional bed.

There is a rise in the use of hospital beds as there is an increase in the number of disabled or elder people that are living in homes and are being cared for by family members. This has occurred so as to avoid the costs that come with the professional caregiver as well as facilities. Besides injured people also sometimes need to have hospital beds that help them during their healing process. Normally people who have issues with hips or leg fractures. The hospital beds are expensive compared to the traditional beds, that is why many people opt for renting rather than buying. But when the time comes that you no longer need the bed, you can sell or donate it to someone who is in need. Renting a hospital bed is idle to someone who needs it for a short time. In case you have issues that will take a long time than purchasing one will be ideal for you.

In case you are planning to buy a hospital bed, in this post we are going to help you on how to choose the right bed that will full fill your needs.

What are the types of hospital beds?

The identical feature that is found in almost every hospital bed is the ability to be adjusted. This is what makes the hospital beds differ from one another. Each different adjustable features and options that determine the price. In this post, we will be discussing the most popular types of beds that are available on the market.

The fully – electrical hospital bed

This is entirely electrical powered and normally comes with remote control.  Using a remote control, the height of the entire bed or different sections of the bed can be altered so as to meet your needs. Most of these beds consist of side buttons that can be used in case the remote control has malfunction or is damaged. Using a remote control, a patient will be able to adjust the bed all by himself. If the caregiver does not need the patient to operate the remote control, the remote can be stopped and only the side buttons can be used to maneuver the bed. The buttons can only be accessed by someone who is out of the bed. To operate a fully electric bed is so easy and it does not need so much effort and this is means that anybody can operate it. But all this does not come at easy as these beds have a higher price tag as compared to other types of beds. They are the most expensive beds on the market.

The semi-electric hospital bed

Some people prefer having a manual option for operating their beds, besides having a remote control or buttons. When it comes to this, a semi-electric bed is an ideal choice. They operate just like the fully electric beds but they are installed with a hand crank that is used in adjusting the height of the bed. The existence of both options which are the electric and manual options is an advantage as the bed can still work even when the electronic option fails to work due to different reasons. But the manual option needs more effort and physical energy and that is what makes these beds a bit cheaper as compared to the fully electric beds. But they are still not the cheapest beds as they consist of electronic features.

The manual beds

The name says it all, as these beds do not consist of any electronic feature and can only be adjusted manually. Despite the fact that they are the cheapest type of beds on the market, they need a lot of effort and they cannot be operated by someone who has no physical strength.

The low hospital bed

This type of hospital bed is good for patients who are vulnerable to falling down from the bed. Besides they are idle for patients with mobility issues and need to be able to get in and out of the bed with no problem. These are entirely adjustable, but their overall height is lower as compared to other types of hospital beds. They are normally designed to near the floor. The height of the bed can just be adjusted within a very small range. There are no manual low hospital bodies on the market and normally these low beds are normally full electric beds.

The bariatric hospital bed

These are designed to support heavy weighted patients. These beds are normally fully electric and need no manual effort in adjusting the bed. These bed can handle a greater capacity of weight as compared to other types of beds, they also consist of a wider mattress surface. As they are larger, sturdier, and heavier, these electrical beds are more expensive as compared to other types of beds. These types of beds are the best alternative in case the other types of beds cannot support the weight of the patient.

The Trendelenburg hospital bed

These types of beds are becoming more popular in recent years due to the adjustment options that come with them. It does not matter if the patient is injured, paralyzed, has mobility issues, or whether is in therapy, the Trendelenburg bed provides different adjustment options. Not only does this type of beds allow you to adjust their height and the feet of the beds, but it lets you adjust individual sections of the bed to the maximum level. For example, the foot can be tilted to its extreme level so as to be identical to a chair, as well as allowing zero gravity characters with the head lower as compared to the feet. Patients do not need pillows when they use these beds. But the beds also need a wide space and that means they have to be put in a large room. As compared to other types of beds, these kinds of hospital beds, these have many functionalities, adjustability as well as electric features making them among the most expensive type of hospital beds.

Does Medicare cover hospital beds?

Yes, Medicare includes hospital beds. As they are so expensive, many people depend on health or medical insurances to cover the costs of buying the hospital bed. But the popular category of Medicare medical insurance covers the hospital bed?

Yes, it covers the purchasing of hospital beds as long as you can prove that you have a medical necessity that needs you to have one. Besides, you have to be in Medicare Part B and you should be assessed by your doctor. Your doctor has to provide documentation of all your medical records and he/she has to prescribe a hospital bed as a necessary health device for you. The supplier should receive the order before Medicare is billed.

The best hospital beds

In case you are planning to buy a hospital bed, you will be facing many options. To make your task easier, we have narrowed down the top five hospital beds that you can find on the market today.

The Invacare full-electric home care bed

This is among the bestselling hospital bed on the Amazon platform and is among the best fully electric beds that are on the market. The bed is 88 inches long and 36 inches wide, which has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, and consists of a full or half clamp upon the rails as well as a 2-year warranty. It is a full electric but it consists of a manual crank too. The bed is capable of accommodating a six-inch memory foam or an innerspring mattress. Besides, it consists of a waterproof mattress cover so as to make cleaning easy. It looks elegant and has a wooden finish.

The Lucid L300 adjustable bed base

This lucid adjustable bed is not regarded as a hospital bed, but it can be used to do what is done by a hospital bed. But it has no wheels and rails installed upon it. If this is not a problem then this bed can be used for your needs, as it has a measurement of 37.5 inches wide and 79.5 inches long while measuring 750 pounds. Besides, it comes with a 10-year warranty. It looks different from other hospital beds and it can be found in different sizes.

It is also among the cheapest adjustable bed, even though it has a USB charging station in all the sides, a remote control that acts as a flashlight and has a capability of setting it in default positions. But its rails, as well as the mattress, should be separated separately.

The drive medical full-electric ultra-light plus hospital bed

This is a fully electric bed that consists of half beds and has dimensions of 88 inches long and 36 inches wide with a capacity weight of 450 pounds and a one-year warranty. The height of the bed can be lowered up to four inches from the ground, while the remote and battery backup makes sure that the bed maintains its functional even when there is a power outage. The bed resembles the traditional bed with a scratch-resistant wood grain panel as well as a headboard. The head and footboards can be removed.

The Lumex patriot semi-electric homecare bed

This is a semi-electric hospital bed that has both manual and electronic configuration options. It has dimensions of 36 inches wide and 87 inches long while measuring 450 pounds and comes with a 2-year warranty. The problem with this bed is that it does not come with rails and you will have to purchase the rails separately. The bed can be configured to 15 and 24 inches and the head, as well as foot, can be adjusted separately. Besides the bed consist of a 9-volt battery backup emergency that is used during a power failure.

The drive medical 15300 BV-KPG full electric hospital bed

This is among the ideal electric bariatric beds that can be used for heavier patients. It consists of a heavy-duty steel frame together with a wider surface of about 42 inches, that can support patients of up to 600 pounds. The beds come with a mattress together with a set of rails that include a remote control as well as a hand crank. This bed is easy to install with no need for tools.

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Does Medicare Cover Hospital Beds?

In case you can prove the necessity for the bed in your recovering process, Medicare will cover for it. Besides, you have to be covered under Medicare Part B and you must have been assessed by a doctor. The doctor should have your need documented in your medical records as well as writing you a prescription for the equipment. Your doctor is the only person who can prescribe a hospital bed for you.

The hospital bed supplier has to receive an order before billing the Medicare and it should be recorded on file by the supplier.

What should I do to qualify for a hospital bed?

In order to have the qualifications for the hospital bed, you have to prove the following:

  1. Changing different positions is impossible on an ordinary bed.
  2. To lay or sleep in positions is impossible with the ordinary bed as it leads to pain.
  3. Your head needs to be higher than 30 degrees in order to sleep due to health issues such as congestive heart failure, respiratory problems, and many other problems.
  4. You have to use traction equipment that must be attached upon the hospital bed.
  5. You must have a medical necessity certificate that is filled, signed and dated by your doctor.

If you have all the above-mentioned criteria, then you are eligible for having Medicare cover for your hospital bed. There are different kinds of beds which include the adjustable hospital beds. Each type has its own additional criteria for being covered by Medicare. Your doctor, as well as the supplier, will determine what do they need to document according to your needs so as to qualify for having the bed as well as the equipment that will full fill your needs. There are different kinds of beds such as the adjustable beds, full electric beds, semi-electric beds as well as the electric hi-lo beds that are ideal for devices, and these are no covered by Medicare.

What is the cost of renting or buying a hospital bed?

As soon as you pay your pay tour annual deductible, you will then be required to pay 20% of the total price of a particular hospital bed that you need to buy or rent. Medicare will cover the remaining 80% but in case you have supplemental insurance you might pay even less. Besides the supplemental insurance might prevent you from paying anything out of your pocket for a manual crank, or a semi electrical bed.

The cost might be so high in case the supplier does not accept the assignment. The hospital beds are categorized in the Capped Rental group. This means that you can choose to rent or purchase the bed. As soon as Medicare has paid for 10 months’ rental fees, you will be offered an opportunity to purchase it. Your supplier will send a purchase option in the 9th month of your rental and you will have only 30 days of replying.

In case you reply accepting to buy the bed this is what will happen:

  • Medicare will have to make three more payment and automatically the bed will be yours.
  • You will have to cover the maintenance costs although Medicare might also cover some of them.

In case you do not reply to the letter or decide that you need to continue renting, this is what will happen:

  • Medicare will continue paying the rental fees until the total rental payments reach 15 times and the bed will be yours as long as you still need it.
  • The supplier will keep the bed ownership and will be responsible for making sure that it is maintained.
  • You might be charged the maintenance and service fee every six months.

Where can I purchase or rent a hospital bed?

It will be in your best interest if you purchase your items from an Approved-Medicare provider who accepts the assignment. This will save you a lot of money. Besides you can still purchase your hospital bed from different stores that deal with hospital equipment. But remember in case the supplier from which your order is not enrolled in Medicare, Medicare will not cover the cost of the equipment.

What are the things that you must consider before choosing your supplier?

  • Generally, Medicare suppliers can be categorized into two types which are the participating suppliers, as well as those who are enrolled in Medicare but have opted for not participating.
  • The participating Medicare suppliers will never charger more than what is allowed by Medicare.
  • A Medicare-approved supplier who opted not to participate is allowed to charge more than the Medicare-approved amount. But they are not allowed to exceed 15% than the approved Medicare amount. Besides they can ask you to cover for the entire bill when you pick up your hospital bed. In such a situation the Medicare will deliver the reimbursement directly to you. But keep in mind you might have to wait for a long time before you can receive your payment.
  • In case you receive your Medicare coverage via a Medicare Advantage Plan such as the HMO or PPO, normally this plan has its steps when it comes to purchasing. Besides the plan consists of restrictions about the suppliers that you can use.

Does Medicare cover for electric hospital beds?

Full electric beds are not covered by Medicare. This is due to the fact that these are considered convenience devices. But you can apply the cost of purchasing a manual lift upon the purchase price of a full electric type using an Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN). This will need you to cover the difference between the two equipment. Sometimes it might be cheaper in case you purchase the electric bed directly from the medical supply store.

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Proper way to operate and use a knee walker

Knee scooters also are known as knee walkers or platform walkers and are rapidly becoming substitutes for crutches, canes as well as regular walkers. Scooters will make you move easily, faster while offering stability and safety. To use a knee scooter, you will have to lock the brakes, hold the handlebars, place your injured leg on the seat cushion for rest, release the brakes and then start propelling the scooter with your good leg to move forward or backward.

What is a knee scooter and how does it look like?

It is normally referred to as a knee walker.

How does it look like?

This is a non-motorized device with 3-4 wheels, a resting platform for your injured knee as well as handlebars. It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to use his/her uninjured leg to propel the scooter forward or backward. It offers a non-weight rest advantage to the injured leg. This lets the user steer the scooter and go anywhere he/she wants while the injured leg is resting.

Scooters are found in different options offering different colors and designs for your preference. Besides you can personalize your scooter with different accessories such as baskets, knee rest cushion, cup holders and bells. It is also possible that you can purchase scooters that come in a standard simple design.

Uses of a knee scooter

Knee scooters are designed for people who are facing mobility problems such people may have had foot, ankle or leg injury or surgery. In this situation, a person will find it hard to walk and he/she will need a mobility aid to do that. The common devices that people use are crutches but these are hard to maneuver and many people would prefer using scooters.

The advantage of using a knee scooter

It enables the user to move without facing pain and discomfort as compared to crutches. When you are using crutches you will need most of your upper body muscles to move while preventing your injured leg from bearing weight.

Besides knee scooters allow the user to be hands-free as you can stand, cook, rest your injured leg and do different sorts of activities.

Step by step on how to open and use a knee scooter

You will be able to determine how to use the knee scooter while you in a standing position. The injured leg should rest comfortably upon the seat pad. The uninjured leg should remain straight on the floor while the injured leg keeps resting in the middle of the seat pad.

The handlebars should be kept in a straight right angle so that they can be easily reached and used. Besides you can adjust their height to correspond with yours. This can be done by locating the knob that is at the top of the handlebar tube, remove it and then set the right height that corresponds with you. After that, place the knob back in place then tighten it.

You will have to adjust the seat of the knee walker by locating the seat adjustment lever which is located under the seat itself. Hold onto the seat front to raise or lower the height of the seat. You can flip the lever below the seat also you can loosen it whenever needed. To do that, you will have to remove the safety pin which is located under the seat too. After making all these changes, make sure that you double-check to see if the knobs and seat are tightened to be sure that everything is rigid and secure.

When you are done with assembling your knee scooter and you are sure that it is secure to use, you should take your time and read the user’s manual to learn how to operate it. This will help in preventing you from mistakes that may lead to future injuries. Besides, it will prolong the life of your knee scooter if you use it as directed by the manufacturer.

Before you start turning around your knee scooter, make sure that your uninjured foot, your injured knee as well as your hips are leveled and straightened together with your lower back.

To propel your knee scooter, you will have to use your uninjured leg thus preventing extra injuries and pain to the other injured foot. If it is your first time to use a knee scooter, it might take some time for you to get used to it. Make sure that whenever there is an obstacle in front of you apply the brakes to prevent an accident.

Once you are used to it then you can go on and ride outdoors. The more you use your knee scooter, the more you get used to it thus feeling more comfortable riding and maneuvering it.

When can I use a knee scooter?

If you have mobility issues due to permanent or temporary foot or ankle injury, or in case you are recovering from surgery then it might be the best time to get a knee scooter.

The following is the list of situation that might lead you to use a knee scooter

If you are recovering from an ankle injury or fracture

Before you have an ankle surgery

If you are recovering from ankle surgery

If you are recovering from a torn tendon

While recovering from foot ulcers or wound

If you have a permanent dislocation of an ankle or leg

If you are a senior and you have mobility issues due to ankle pain, back pain, discomfort or stiffness

Who should not use a knee scooter?

If you had a knee or hip surgery as the device is designed specifically for a lower-body injury. If you think you need one after a knee or hip surgery, then you should consult your doctor.

If you are injured in both feet or ankles. The knee scooter needs one of the legs to be good to propel the scooter forward.

If you have poor balance, vision, and coordination. A scooter needs someone who can coordinate balance as well as steer the scooter safely.

If you are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Anything that alters your safety ability then you should not use a scooter as you may end up getting an accident.

Covering the costs of the knee scooter

Normally the Medicare plan will cover the cost of renting or buying a knee scooter, but this needs a physician’s prescription. When you need getting a knee scooter you will have to consult with your doctor, your insurance company as well as the device supply company to make sure that all the information and the required documents are available to prevent any problem that might arise.

List of things to consider when you are choosing a knee scooter

Overall Ease

Weight capacity

Body strength

Weather Resistance

Everyday Applications

Comfortable Convenience

Limitation to what you always do


Where will you use it?

A standard scooter will work better for people who only need a mobility aid that will help them to get around especially within their homes. These are designed with small sizes and frames with wheels that have small radii which make them suitable to maneuver around corners inside the house.

For people who would like to experience the adventure outdoors through gravel or dirt terrains then an all-terrain scooter model is the best option for them. This has large wheels with many treads that help it move freely on rough surfaces.

Pediatric scooters are mainly designed for people who are short with the height of 5”5, where normally this is the normal height for children as well as short adults.

We advise you to consult your doctor before you decide to buy or rent any scooter as he/she will help you with information that is crucial when making a decision.

Where can you buy a knee scooter?

First of all, you will have to know your options and you will have to find a knee scooter that fits your needs. You must first talk to your physician or doctor.

The following is a list of suppliers

CSA Medical Supply has scooters that range from $140 to $400.

Vive Health you can access this online store by visiting them, there are different varieties of scooters as well as other medical equipment. These include cup holders, knee pads and baskets for your knee scooter. Besides, you will be able to get more helpful information as well as compare different types and varieties of scooters before you make your decision.

Amazon is an online store that offers a variety of knee scooter options together with their accessories.

Important tips for safe usage of a knee scooter

Falling is the biggest safety concern when using a knee scooter. Falls might lead to severe injury as well as death. The following tips will help you to use your knee scooter safely:

Make sure that the seat platform is adjusted to match your height.

Make sure that the knobs, pins, nuts, clamps, and holders are carefully fitted and tightened before you use your scooter.

Never try to descend or climb stairs while using your scooter as it is very dangerous you can end up falling and breaking your bones.

Never try to reach down or to the side while propelling your scooter as this may result in a fall.

Do your best to keep all the wheels in contact with the ground while maintaining balance at the center.

Never stop the scooter with handbrakes. Always use your good leg to stop the scooter and apply the brakes to put the scooter into a stationary position.

Make sure that all your hands are upon the handlebars while the scooter is in motion. In case you want to carry anything, just keep it in the basket that is attached to your scooter.

Never carry a baby or a partner while you are using a scooter.

Make sure that you are wearing non-slip shoes when using a scooter.

Never try making sharp turns as they are very dangerous and can lead to falls.


Answered: How To Use A Knee scooter

A knee walker or wheelchair

You have seen or heard people saying that knee scooters are fast, stable and have tight turning circles. But you might be asking yourself how do you operate one? The answer is just simple as operating a scooter is no different than operating any scooter you had seen or used while you were still a kid. You rest your injured leg on a seat pad while using the injured leg to propel it forward. It has a drum or loop braking mechanism that enables fast braking and therefore you do not have to use your feet for braking. But you must know how to use it properly to prevent more injuries as well as prolong its lifespan.

How does a Knee walker look like?

This is no different from a knee scooter. There are different types and models on the market. But the standard and basic knee walker design consist of two wheels or three wheels or four wheels. This is can be called knee cruiser, knee caddy, knee walker or orthopedic scooter.

The design keeps changing over time as it started from small-wheeled designs purposely for indoor cruising and it evolved to tough orthopedic scooters with large wheels that can reach to12 inches for outdoor cruising. From my experience, the bigger the scooter’s wheels in diameter the easier to ride.

How do you operate a knee walker?

In this post, we will be discussing how to get the right posture, speed, balance as well as stability. Besides we will discuss the type of surfaces that are good for a knee scooter. A lot of people can scoot well for the first 15 minutes, as scooting is not so difficult.

Can I use a knee walker to climb upstairs?

This is among the questions that are commonly asked. The fact is that it is not advisable to do that as it is very dangerous as it can lead you to lose balance, slip, and fall leading to severe injuries that can lead to bone fracture or death.

It is very hard to maneuver a scooter when moving up or downstairs. You cannot control your scooter and balance it at the same time when walking upon the stairs.

You can learn how to use a knee scooter on stairs but this can be applied only on wide stairs if you want to use it on shallow stairs make sure that the stairs do not exceed 2-3 in number.

Body posture is essential when learning to use a knee scooter

The best knee scooter that will suit you is the one that you can adjust its height, with large wheels and a large seat that can support you comfortably when you are standing.

Adjusting the height of the handlebar

All manufacturers install adjustable bars on their scooters that are easy to slide up or down relatively corresponding with your height. The knee platform should also be adjustable and some brands offer this on their scooters. In case you are very tall or too short, this is essential as it will help you adjust your scooter for comfortability.

Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s manual to know how far can a stem be raised or lowered. It will be a wastage of money and time if you have a height of 6″4″ and buy a scooter that is meant for people who are 5″6″.

Sliding the handlebars

The handlebars must be in a proper height position to prevent you from experiencing sore back and neck as well as straining your shoulders as you scoot. You have to slide the handlebar up or down adjusting its position to a height that makes you feel comfortable.

Put your elbows in a flexed position

To find the idle position, you have to place your knee upon the pad and then loosen the adjustment knob to let the handles slide easily. Then you will have to hold the handlebars and stand up straight. This will let your elbows be at their most comfortable position when flexed with a bit of bending at the elbow.

Never lock your elbows

Locking them has a tendency of putting strains on both of your arms, upper back, and shoulders.

Adjust your knee wheelchair’s seat

Below the knee scooter’s seat, there is a lever or knob that can be used to adjust the height. This can be used to raise or lower the height of the seat by holding on the seat sides tight and then adjusting it up or down. When done you can tighten the lever or screw as this depends on the type and model of the scooter. Some of the levers are installed with safety pins to hold them in place. This means that you will have to remove the pins before you can adjust the seats.

Check to see if the lever is secure and tight once you are done.

The knee pad size and width

Your knee pad must be large. This will enable it to support your leg more comfortably without having to stress yourself to keep it in position. Make sure to check for these features before you purchase your knee scooter as the cheaper versions might not include this feature.

Types of Knee scooters pads

There are mainly two types of knee scooter pads. There are those with flat surfaces and those with a channel. It depends on your personal preference when making your choice. From my personal experience, the channel type works better as it keeps the injured knee still as it helps to keep your leg in place preventing it from sliding off which is essential in reducing pain.

Flat pads

These have flat surfaces and may often lead the leg to slip. The advantage of this is that it is easy to clean.

When you are learning to properly use your knee scooter, your knee is in a better position when the injured leg is resting comfortably in the middle of the seat pad. Your uninjured leg rests firmly on the ground surface or floor.

Before you purchase a knee scooter there are all sorts of knee scooters that you can test to find one that suits you.

All types of seats offer padding levels. The size of the seat that you need will depend on the level and type of injury or surgery as well as pain sensitivity. Everyone has his/her unique needs.

How to adjust your knee scooter for comfortability?

In case you traveling for quite a long distance your injured leg might feel pain and things might get worse when you move over rough surfaces. But there are three options that will help you in making your knee scooter more comfortable as discussed below;

Handle grips

Most of the handle grips are soft, but your scooter might have ridged, hard plastic, non-ergonomically shaped, etc handle grips. With these kind offhand grips, you will need to change them into softer grips. Neoprene foam tubes, gel grips or soft-touch rubber grips are available in many stores and these can slip over the existing grips.

Sheepskin seat covers

You can make your knee scooter more comfortable by adding a thick cushy sheepskin cover over the existing seat cushion. The thick soft pile helps in reducing chafing, cushions over painful jarring while reducing the leg slipping effect. These covers can be found in real and fake sheepskin.

Memory foam knee pad covers

You can also opt for a memory foam which is also a good option. Normally they are found in 2-inches thick. These provide extra comfort factor that reduces jarring as well as discomfort while you scoot around. You will have to buy the thickest memory foam for ultimate comfort. These slip over the existing seat just like the sheepskin.

How to use you’re a moving knee scooter?

There is a variety of knee scooters on the market. What is important is to find the one that suits your needs. This guide will help you to know how you can use your scooter properly as well as how you can maintain it.

The first thing is to make sure that your uninjured foot, the knee of your injured foot as well as your hips are aligned in the same position with your lower back. To move forward, you will have to propel yourself using your uninjured foot. This will prevent your injured foot from experiencing pain and further injury.

Balancing on a moving knee walker

To balance well on the knee scooter, you first have to lock the brakes to make sure that you are in a stable position to prevent falling. Then you will have to place your injured knee upon the seat platform and level your body.

Once you feel comfortable, you can now release the brakes and use your uninjured leg to propel the scooter by pushing it forward. During a turn or in case you want to slow down just engage the brakes by pushing the handlebar so that the scooter slows a bit down.

Knee scooters travel so fast and are very easy to move around corners, through doors as well as objects.

Benefits of using the best knee scooter

When you use the best knee scooter, you will not need using crutches.

Crutches are rare these days as they are uncomfortable and can cause further injury. Crutches can make you trip so easily and they can lead to soring of your armpits. This is because crutches depend on your upper body muscles to maneuver them. This makes it difficult and sometimes totally impossible for people who are suffering from health issues such as arthritis to use crutches. Sometimes crutches can lead you to lose balance especially when walking over slippery surfaces such as on icy pavements.

A knee scooter will enable you to reach for higher things such as things stored in cupboards, wall mounts and shelves. You can reach them and hold them with both hands. This is impossible when using crutches. Besides some scooters come with a basket option that will enable you to put your items such as iPad, groceries, and other things inside it for easy carrying. This will leave your hands free for maneuvering and steering your scooter.

Best surfaces that are suitable for learning how to use your knee scooter

Hard surfaces are the best surfaces that you can start with when practicing. Make sure that the surface is free from pebbles, sticks, bumps or any other kinds of stuff that might cause you any problem. Most of the knee walkers on the market will work well on all surfaces. Some of the knee scooters are far better from others. This can be determined by just looking at the size of the wheels’ diameter, the bigger the radius and diameter the better for outdoor rolling. Wide wheels also are good at absorbing shocks as well as bumps.

You must read the user’s manual or you can read the model description online about the features and capacity of the scooter. Some of the knee scooters can work both indoors and outdoors while others are just meant to be used indoors and will not work well when used out.

Knee scooters for sale

There are a lot of local stores and online stores such as Amazon where you can buy any kind of a knee scooter. Knee scooters do not cost a big ransom as their price ranges from $100 to $400 depending on the size as well as the features that come along. The price might go higher than that if you want extra components to be installed such as sheepskin cushions, gel handles, etc.

It will be to your advantage if you make your research and know the features, benefits, and limitations of each model before you decide to buy one. Not all knee scooters will full fill your needs, as some will be comfortable than others.


How to Make Your Knee Scooter More Comfortable: Four Key Adjustments

You might experience some issues when using a knee scooter especially if it is your first time. Some people face problems such as hitting their ankles on the wheel of their scooters something that can lead to extra injuries and make them feel uncomfortable. The solution to this is to adjust the position of the knee pad and that will eventually solve the problem.

In case you had a surgery or a recent injury to your lower body parts such as an ankle or foot that means you do not want to put pressure on your ankle or foot. This makes a knee scooter a convenient device that will help you keep walking while preventing you from adding pressure to your lower injured part. The knee scooter will allow you to rest your injured ankle or leg on a cushioned pad while propelling your knee scooter.

To use well your scooter, it must be adjusted relative to your height and other unique dimensions. If a knee scooter is improperly fitted it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your leg, knee, and ankle.

The following are the major four adjustments that can be made to make a scooter more comfortable:

Ensure that the knee platform is set to a correct height

This is where an injured leg rests and should not experience any stress during the healing process. Incorrect configuration of this platform will lead to extra or underweight pressure upon your healthy leg. This may cause you to feel back pain, knee pain and cause you to use extra effort in pushing the scooter forward. Just like how you adjust the height of your bicycle when you are standing still while your uninjured leg is placed upon the platform, it must be a bit bent. In case your uninjured leg is fully straight or in case your heel is not firmly stepping on the ground, that means the height of the platform is so high and has to be adjusted by lowering it. In case the knee of your uninjured leg is extremely bent that means the knee platform is extremely low and has to be adjusted by raising it otherwise your uninjured leg will experience too much pressure.

Ensure that the handlebar’s height is set correctly

Your handlebar should be relatively set to the level of your waist for your hands to be in a better position. This means that the hips will be even, as a result, the injured leg will be set at a 90-degree angle which will make you feel more comfortable. In case the handlebar is extremely low, it will force you to bend your back, as a result, your hips will be set to uneven alignment. This will make your back and hip to experience pain and discomfort. If the scooter handler is extremely high, it will cause you a problem as you will not be able to support yourself effectively as your hands will easily get tired.

Adjust offset

Many models of knee scooters allow changes that help you to adjust it to the right or left depending on which leg is injured. Setting the knee platform toward your uninjured leg helps in improving your stability while propelling the scooter. Besides, it will prevent your uninjured leg and ankles from getting into contact with the scooter’s wheels. Most of the scooter users like placing their injured legs in the middle of the platform. This is not advisable as it adds more pressure upon your uninjured leg. The best thing to do is placing your injured leg at the edge of the platform near your uninjured leg.

Adjust the knee pads

Once you have set the height of the knee platform, then it is time to adjust the width of the knee pad if your scooter comes with that option. Some of the knee walkers can adjust the pads closer or apart. This is a good option as it considers the position of the bandages or cast by placing the pad in the best position that makes you feel comfortable.

When your knee scooter is adjusted properly, your hips will be aligned and that will enable you to stand comfortably while your good leg is flat upon the ground. You will be in a normal upright position just as if you are standing on two good legs. Besides a properly adjusted knee scooter will allow you to take pressure away from the injured leg which is essential for recovery.

In case you buy your knee walker from BarbeerDME, all the adjustments to fit your body dimensions will be made on spot. Contact us if you need any help in adjusting your knee scooter or for any further questions and inquiries.

check our listing for all knee walker scooter rental near you.


Important information about getting or replacing your hospital bed

In case you are thinking of replacing your normal bed or loved one’s bed with a hospital bed, there are some of the pros and cons that come along with using a hospital bed at home. It is important to understand all the information regarding the things that you should put into consideration before you decide to get one.

Why would one need a hospital bed?

Some patients have different health issues that need a special bed. Some elderly people would experience back sores when they spend a lot of time in normal beds due to weight pressure. Some patients slip and fall from their normal beds and this can lead to injuries that may cause deaths. Some also will experience breathing problems due to wrong sleeping positions and need to be tilted to particular positions and angles.

All these have several solutions but the best solution is to get a hospital bed that is designed in such a way that it offers solutions to all the above problems. A hospital bed is a solution to a patient who faces trouble while getting in and out of the bed as its height can be adjusted by lowering and raising it. This will prevent slipping and sliding. Besides hospital beds have bed rails on both sides that prevent the patient sleeping on the bed from falling. These rails can be raised or lowered when the patient wants to get off the bed. The head or upper body can also be raised or lowered depending on what the patient is doing. Besides the bed is on wheels that means it can be pushed and moved around the room to different positions.

If you need the bed to stay in a particular position the wheels can be locked preventing the bed from moving. People who are facing difficulties in sitting can have a trapeze bar put in a hanging position so that they would hold on to lift and position themselves. Besides there also trapeze stands that a patient can use to transfer him/herself into a standing position.

A Semi-electric Bed

This bed bends at the waist and knees helping the patient in positioning his/her upper body as well as the knees. You can easily adjust the bed’s height using a manual crank that is located under the bed. It has a pendant button that is used to adjust the upper body as well as the knees position.

A Full-electric Bed

This kind of bed can make all the adjustments found in a semi-electric bed but also unlike the semi-electric bed which its height is manually adjusted, this uses a push of a button. This makes it easy for caregivers as compared to a manual bed.


There are different types and varieties of mattresses available for hospital beds. Normally these mattresses have high-density foam with durable vinyl covers. Besides the mattresses are made to be anti-static, antibacterial, waterproof and acid resistant making them easy to use and care.

The bariatric mattresses are designed to be used by people with up to 500 pounds. These can be found in different sizes while some are extra wide. There some hospital mattresses with special springs inside. There are also gel mattresses overlays that cover the mattress surface and increase the comfortability to the patient.

Disadvantages of a Hospital Bed

Some people may not feel comfortable having a hospital look in their rooms. But there are varieties of colors as well as designs available on the market. Most of the modern beds do not need a large area as they are designed to cover just a small portion of the room. Most of the available hospital beds have a size of a twin bed, but they should be space left for the caregiver and the patient to be able to move around the bed. The bariatric beds are wider and longer than other types of beds with a dimension of 43 or 48 inches in width.

Semi and full-electric beds need to have access to grounded electrical outlets. You must find a good area and let the bed stay there without moving it around and make sure that the wheels are locked. In case you are using a manual bed, the caregiver should use the crank to adjust the bed into positions that will make the patient feel comfortable. This could be somehow difficult for caregivers who have back and knee issues.

Where Can You Rent or Purchase Hospital Beds?

You can rent or purchase hospital beds online or in local stores. Besides you can have one through your Medicare plan. But you must have your doctor’s prescription from your physician stating that it is a necessary device that should be used at home for your recovery. Medicare will cover the cost if only you buy or rent your bed from their suppliers and if your doctor or supplier is not on their list, then Medicare will not pay for the claim submitted to them. Make sure that you ask your supplier if he/she is enrolled in Medicare.

Does Your Loved One Need A Hospital Bed At Home?

In case you have an elderly person or someone who he/she is returning home after going through surgery then a hospital bed can be an essential health item to have at home. He/she might find it difficult to use a standard bed safely when positioning, sleeping, or transferring to the bed. This can be solved by letting him/her use a hospital bed which can offer a safer and comfortable sleep. Also, it will help to make the work of the caregiver easy, as the bed can easily be positioned, moved, raised and lowered, unlike the standard bed. It is better to consider the situation of your patient and look upon his/her needs and how helpful a hospital bed can be in solving the problems that he/she is facing. Besides, it will ease the patient’s pain and prevent him/her from other health issues that may arise due to spending too much time in bed such as poor blood circulation, sores, back and neck pains, etc.,


How to choose your wheelchair: Folding Vs Rigid Frames

Manual wheelchairs are of different varieties and designs which include rigid and folding frames. Yet these frames differ in the way that they are designed, constructed and the way they function. This makes each design unique and you will have to be careful when deciding to rent or purchase one.

To make the right decision and choose what is right for you, there are several factors that you must consider. These include:

  • The type of material used in fabricating the frame of the wheelchair.
  • The design and type of wheelchair frame that you are choosing.
  • What are the components included in the wheelchair and if they can or cannot be separated from the frame? This is essential when it comes to weight and size for storage and transportation.
  • Types of adjustments that you can make to fit your needs such as posture, comfortability as well as efficiency when it comes to better propulsion. 

 Frame material

This will determine the wheelchair strength, durability, and weight. Durability depends on the ratio of the frame material strength to the ratio of the weight. A wheelchair will be durable if the material used to design and construct the frame has a higher strength ratio over the weight ratio. Below is a summary of the variations, pros, and cons of different materials to consider when making your decision.


This material has a higher strength to weight ratio as compared to aluminium and that means it requires less material when constructing the frame. With titanium, it is easy to create a lighter frame. Besides, it has high fatigue life and this makes it hard to bend or get damaged. Also, it is resistant to corrosion, unlike aluminium that requires an additional coating to protect it. Apart from that, it has been discovered that titanium has a dampening effect which helps to reduce vibration when propelling. Studies are still being made to confirm this.


It is a metal that is economical and easy to fabricate. The 7000 series aluminum has proven to be much stronger as compared to the earlier versions as less material is needed to fabricate and hence weight is reduced. The negative side of it is that there are higher chances of structural damage to the frame in case it is exposed to strains. This depends on the shape and design of the frame as some are constructed with support tubes while others are designed in a cantilever style.

Carbon Fibre

Recently carbon fiber has been introduced in the manufacturing of manual wheelchairs. This material is very light, stiff and corrosion-resistant. The downside of it is that it is expensive and hard to shape. Besides, it has poor impact-resistant where it can be damaged easily. This makes it be used only on some components to reduce the overall weight of the wheelchair.

The style and components used to make the wheelchair frame will determine the weight of the wheelchair as the base can only cover less than a pound. Even if the frame is not made from titanium the wheelchair must still be lighter.

Weight consideration in your decision making

You have two decisions when considering weight:

  1. The overall weight of the wheelchair,
  2. The lifting weight that involves the total frame and other components’ weight as well as the seat cushion and the back support.

When the overall weight is reduced it makes it easy for the user to propel the wheelchair. Besides, it helps to improve the durability and efficiency of the frame. Remember that during the manufacturing process a wheelchair can start with a lightweight frame and end up installing heavy wheelchair system components such as wheels, seat cushions, braking systems, etc.

It is also possible to have a heavy wheelchair that is well configured allowing the wheel propulsion to require less energy making it efficient and easy to propel. You have to be careful when making a comparison of the wheelchairs’ weights especially when the wheelchairs are from different manufacturers as the base weights are weighed differently depending on which components are installed or not.

Folding Frames Vs Rigid Frames

  1. Folding manual wheelchair: Normally this has always been regarded as a cross-brace design as the frame folds by half making the sides of the wheelchair slide coming together. Recently there has been a scissor-brace frame design on wheelchairs such as the Kuschall Champion brand design that gives the user the ability to fold and unfold the wheelchair from either side.

The cross-brace frame is designed in such a way that it involves many moving parts that allow the chair to fold. This adds weight to the frame although this has been improved. You can find them in both materials such as aluminium, titanium and carbon fiber. Initial designs comprised of only footplates which were able to flip up out to allow stand transfers. The design was improved and swing-away leg rests as well as removable arms got included. This made the wheelchairs lighter as some of the components were left out. Some of the wheelchairs come with quick-release axles that help to reduce the transfer weight as well as the size making the chair fit in small vehicles. There is a new version of the scissor-brace that folds by pulling in the release system from the front of the wheelchair. This makes it possible for the user to reach and fold it easily.

  • Rigid Manual Wheelchairs

The design concept for developing this wheelchair came from sports wheelchairs. Initially, the frame was made out of aluminium but later titanium started to be used as well as carbon fiber. Aluminium is mostly used in sports wheels as it makes the user use less energy while in propulsion. This design has few moving parts and this makes the wheelchair base lighter. The advantage of this chair being light is that each push makes the chair move further with less energy.

Frame Styles

There are two main types of rigid manual wheelchair frames. The first is designed into a monotube which is a single continuous tube that leaves the lower side of the chair open. This makes it easy to bring closer and across the body when you want to transport your wheelchair by a vehicle. Besides less tubing, it leads to a drop in the weight of the frame. Using titanium to design a frame creates a flex which is good for a soft ride but it requires the user to use extra energy for a push. Some people prefer a soft ride because it makes them feel more comfortable so they do not mind using extra effort for the push.

The second design of a rigid frame is designed in a form of a box where it is designed in such a way that it has added support tube that helps in adding rigidity below the frame, as a result, there is less loss of energy. This makes the chair have more space meaning that it is wider or deeper below thus taking up extra space over the body when being transferred into the vehicle. The advantage of this kind of frame is that it offers more stability as well as efficiency in propulsion.

Fixed front ends

Normally rigid frames have fixed front ends and this means that they never move out of the way for standing transfers. If you would like to have one of these then look for the one that has a single side flip-up footplate which opens the front area of the wheelchair when making a transfer. You should try the frame and see how it works before you decide to buy it. And when it comes to folding frames quick-release axles will enable you to easily remove the wheels.

Fixed and adjustable frames

Rigid frames are found into two categories which are fixed and adjustable frames. If you are using a chair and you already know your exact measurements of the frame as well as the angles, you can order a custom made wheelchair that cannot be adjusted as it will come with the measurements that suit you. If you are not sure of your exact body measurements, then an adjustable frame will be better for you.

Configuration of your wheelchair

If you are fit enough to propel your chair whether it is a manual or rigid frame, remember that one of the important things is the proper wheel alignment. This must be assessed by a professional or by the OT/PT. Proper wheel alignment is essential in protecting your shoulders and wrist as well as providing energy efficiency push-stroke. The wheels must be aligned with the shoulders and fingers to easily reach the axle.

This is normally based on the ability to balance the wheelchair depending on trippiness and it also depends on your skills and ability to manage the wheelchair with its wheels in a more forward alignment. For newly injured people should start practicing with the wheels further back until they have gained their strength, skills as well as trunk balance.


Answered: how to open and close a wheelchair?

opening or closing your wheelchair when you are in the hospital or rehab seems tough especially if you have never used a wheelchair before. But you can ask your physical therapist to help you in opening or closing your wheelchair. He/she can help you if you need to transfer your wheelchair too.

A wheelchair is a device that helps people who have mobility issues to move from one place to another. These people may have had surgery, injuries or might be suffering from illness. In case you have a spinal injury, stroke you might experience paralysis which will lead to a weakness that will make you need a wheelchair for your mobility aid.

Types of Wheelchairs

A wheelchair has four wheels and a seat that is attached to the frame. The back wheels are usually bigger having rims that you can use to push the chair forward or backward as well as make turns. There are several varieties of wheelchairs that include electrical and non-electrical (manual) wheelchairs.

Electrical wheelchairs are those that can be propelled with a motor. You can maneuver a manual wheelchair using a joystick or remote control. Normally electric wheelchairs are usually heavy as they are installed with different components such as a motor, power battery, etc.

Manual wheelchairs are the common wheelchairs that can be moved at a push of your hand by turning the rims that are attached to the back wheels. Or an assistant can help to push the wheelchair by holding the handles that are on the back of the wheelchair. Normally manual wheelchairs are easily folded to allow easy storage and transportation.

The wheelchair has several moving parts that make folding and unfolding a challenging task. But you can still fold and unfold a wheelchair by following these instructions as most of the wheelchairs are alike and we do hope that these steps will work on most of them.

Opening Your Wheelchair

  1. Make sure that your wheelchair is on a flat solid surface.
  2. Check to see if the brakes are locked as you wouldn’t want your wheelchair to move away from you once you open it. Each wheelchair has a lever that enables the user to lock the wheels.
  3. Hold the seat of your wheelchair with one hand in the front while the other hand holds the back.
  4. Push the seat down to the center of the seat and this will cause the sides and wheels of your wheelchair to slide apart from each other.
  5. Keep pushing the seat all the way down until it is fully opened.
  6. When done, you can now use your wheelchair but you will have to recheck the brake lock in order to be sure that the brakes are locked before you sit on it.

Closing Your Wheelchair

  1. Check to be sure that the brakes are locked
  2. Hold the seat of the wheelchair with one hand at the front while the other at the back.
  3. Slowly pull the seat up and the seat will fold in half causing the wheels to move closer to each other.
  4. Fully raise the seat in the center and thus the wheelchair will be fully folded up and ready for storage or transportation.

In case you still have any questions or problems when it comes to opening or closing your wheelchair, then you can contact your physical therapist.


A manual wheelchair has many unfamiliar parts that can make the folding and unfolding process seem difficult. It is normal when you have no experience and you have never done the process before. But by following the above steps you will be able to safely fold and unfold your wheelchair for safe storage and transportation.


frequently asked questions about knee scooters and walkers

Many patients ask a lot of questions about our knee scooters. This means that people are interested in compact mobility scooters than just having to depend on crutches. Below are the most commonly asked questions with answers regarding our knee walkers.

Q: Is there a difference between a knee scooter and a knee walker?

A: They both mean the same thing, and we normally use both phrases when talking to patients about them.

The phrase knee walker is an older term that most doctors like to use. While the term knee scooter is a recent phrase that was created to refer its technicality and what it serves.

You can use whatever term you like and still it will mean the same thing.

Q: How do I know that this knee scooter is right for me?

A: If you need to rent a scooter, we have done our research and tested several scooters that we could lay our hands-on and we are happy to name the best knee scooter on the market which is available for rent. This model is known as the Pathfinder which is made by RammTCL a company located just outside of Seattle.  This scooter as far as we are concerned is the most stable, durable, and the most user-friendly.

Most people hesitate when they look at the pathfinder as it weighs about 2.5 pounds more than other models which we offer for rental as well as purchase. In case you are always on the move from one city to another and you will always need to transport your scooter by loading it into a car or plane, then it will be in your best interest to purchase a lighter model that will make your recovery process easier.

The Roscoe is one of the best lighter knee scooters on the market and it is installed with adjustable brakes which gives you extra security when it comes to speed and stopping.

The DV8 is also among the lighter scooters and it features a dual braking mechanism that enables you to slow down or stop with either hand. DV8 is a bit lower weight capacity as compared to the Roscoe.  It supports 300 pounds while the Roscoe and the Pathfinder support 350 pounds.

Q: Do knee scooters turn, fold or work on carpet?

A: All the knee scooters turn by steering the handlebar in the same way just like a bicycle. And almost all the knee scooters fold up as they possess release levers that are responsible for folding.

You can use a scooter on the carpet even though the transition between different surfaces needs an extra amount of caution especially if you have a carpeted surface over a wooden floor or linoleum surface. Take precautions and move slowly over carpeted surfaces.

Q: What is the size of our knee scooters?

A: Our Pathfinder model weighs 25 pounds and you can adjust its handlers to reach a height ranging between 31 to 41 inches. The seat/pad that supports the injured leg, ankle or foot measures 2 inches and can be adjusted to different heights depending on your preference.

The DV8 model is lighter measuring 22.7 pounds. Its seat/pad range of height adjustments is within 3 inches. This means that its handlebar can only extend to not more than 38 inches high. This model supports only 300 pounds, unlike other models that support 350 pounds.

The Roscoe scooter has just the same dimensions as the Pathfinder the only difference is that its pad has an additional half-inch room of adjustment whereas the scooter itself weighs 2.5 pounds less than the Pathfinder.

Q: How to slow down a knee scooter?

A: All our knee scooters are installed with hand braking systems the same way as bicycles. You will have to be extra careful when braking making sure that you do not pull the brakes too hard as you can end up losing balance. To get used to brakes, we do advise our clients to have their scooters before surgery so that they can practice and get used to them. This ensures safety and comfort when you start using the scooter after surgery.

Q: Do I knee a prescription from my physician before renting a knee scooter?

A: We do not ask for a prescription when you want to rent our knee scooters. But it is in your best interest to have one so that you can submit it to your insurance provider for refund or cost coverage.