What should you Consider before you Rent a Wheelchair

It might come a time when you might need renting a wheelchair for a while. There are different models including scooters and power chairs available within the market. You need to plan before you decide to rent a wheelchair. This can be easy for you if you know your options.

Types of wheelchairs

There are quite several wheelchairs within the market that you can rent. Their only difference lies in whether the wheelchair is motorized or not.

Deciding whether to rent a motorized or a non-motorized wheelchair is something that should be discussed between you and your doctor. Your medical team might choose a wheelchair that will require you to use much of your muscle strength to prevent muscle atrophy which is a condition involving thinning of the muscles due to lack of use. Normally it is required in case you had an injury or surgery and you are expected to recover and your condition to improve.

You find some of the wheelchairs fitted with strong back support that will help you with issues like scoliosis. This kind of wheelchair is good for someone with back muscle weakness.

If you are suffering from conditions that show episodic weakness signs such as multiple sclerosis or extreme inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIP), your medical team will customize your wheelchair to fit your medical needs each time the issue arises. Their decision on the type of wheel or customization will be based upon the state of your motor weakness.

Where can I rent a Wheelchair

If you decide to rent a wheelchair for your use or your loved one due to medical issues, then you will have to contact your insurance provider on which vendors to use. Normally insurance providers have contracts with suppliers and that means they will only pay wheelchair rentals that are from those only.

If you are discharged from the health facility or hospital, then the case manager can direct you to a vendor that is approved by your health insurance plan. Besides he may arrange for you to have a wheelchair as soon as you leave the hospital.

In case you do not have an insurance plan or a wheelchair is not covered by your insurance plan, then you can rent one from a local medical store near you.

Long Vs Short term rentals

You might need to rent a wheelchair for a day, or a week or even as long as a year. The costs of renting differ from one vendor to another and that includes the terms of rent. There are differences between renting a wheelchair for the short and long term. These are as follows:

  • Cost: Normally renting a wheelchair for the long term is cheaper than for a short term. No matter whether the insurance is covering the costs, you might face limitations in your coverage or you might be required to pay a percentage of the renting cost.
  • Contracts: When it comes to long term rentals you will be required to sign a contract while a day-long rental normally does not require one to sign a contract, though it might require you to make a security deposit.
  • Selection: There are different varieties of wheelchairs to choose from especially when renting one for a long term rental. Besides vendors that offer long term rentals are likely to have other equipment such as power lifts and ramps and case, you need them.

What to consider before renting a wheelchair?

  • Damage: You must make sure that you inspect the wheelchair to identify if it has any damage or mechanical issues. In case you identify any issues, immediately inform the vendor or else you might end up losing your security deposit.
  • Comfortability and features: You can take the wheelchair out and take a test drive to make sure that it makes you feel as comfortable as you can. Besides test all the features which are listed on the manual to make sure that they are in full operation.
  • Convenience: Often you will need to transport your wheelchair in case you are moving from one location to another that requires you to use car transport or train. In this case, you will need a wheelchair that can be easily transported. Some of the wheelchairs can be folded and easily transported. If you think you will be traveling often make sure that you put this into consideration.
  • Exchangeability: You might consider asking your vendor if their policy allows exchanging the wheelchair to another mode whenever needed without any extra charges.

Renting vs. buying a wheelchair

Each of the two has its pros and cons and below we will go through them both:

  • Cost: Before you decide on renting a wheelchair or scooter you must be aware of the total cost involved as well as the security deposit. Normally buying your wheelchair is cheaper than renting one. Sometimes renting a wheelchair for a week can cost the same amount as buying one.
  • Adaptability: In case you have medical problems that keep changing and you need to keep changing the models of wheelchairs, then renting will be the best option for you.
  • Familiarity: Adapting to a new wheelchair might take some time and once you are familiar with it you might want to keep it.

Ho to find wheelchair rental when you travel

When you are away from home and you need a wheelchair, you can try using resources such are travel agents, hotels and airports. These will help to direct you to vendors that can rent or sell one to you. In case you are not traveling to your destination or if you are just traveling for leisure with friends and families then you have to make your research through local resources and thus making your arrangements

  • Air travel: You can reserve or rent a wheelchair in advance when traveling via the airport. You will have to call airport customer care services, or you can reserve one through your airline. Besides you can even get an escort to help you move around. All these will cost you but the prices are minimal or there are no costs for those with disabilities.
  • Hotel: You may be able to make some arrangements and have a wheelchair ready at your arrival in case you are checking in a hotel or vacation rental home.
  • Travel agent: You can contact your travel agent to have your wheelchair ready at your destination once you get there.
  • Tourist destination: Normally tourist destinations such as amusement parks and museums have guest wheelchairs waiting for any guest in need. You can make a call and make sure that you have one waiting.

Making your arrangements: You can decide to make your research and find vendors who are renting wheelchairs and other mobility aids. This will give you a chance to go through several options and find one that fits your needs.

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Knee Walkers Over Crutches For Ankle Or Knee Surgery/Injuries

Ankle and knee injuries will limit your movements. I have experience in both situations. I had a serious knee injury that left me in serious pain that I could not walk. I had to sit down every three minutes as the pain was unbearable and I could not take it anymore.

There was a time in my life that I broke my ankle and this led me struggling to move around. I had to get crutches so that they could help me move from place to place. They worked but now I do realize that a  knee walker would have been the best option.

Each mobility device has its pros and cons and the fact is when it comes to ankle or knee surgery/injuries you would prefer a knee walker over crutches or it might be in an opposite way depending on your situation. The choice is up to you so you will have to spend your time and do your research before you decide to go for any of the devices.

Knee Walkers

In reality, knee walkers are the best, they are the best option when it comes to lower-body injuries. When you are using a knee walker, you will have the ability to move around town. But they are difficult to maneuver when moving up or on tough terrain.

For a standard knee scooter, you will face challenges when moving over gravel, rocks, and sand, but there are other options known as all-terrain scooters that can deal with every kind of terrain.

When moving over pavement or any hard surface you will be able to easily use your knee scooter with great efficiency. When using a knee scooter you will be required to do the following:

  • You will have to place your injured knee upon the knee pad
  • You then have to bend your knee at a 90-degree angle and use  the other uninjured leg to propel your scooter forward
  • Below are things you must consider when using a knee scooter. The following are the pros and cons of a knee scooter:

Pros of using a knee scooter after an ankle Surgery

  • You do not require upper body strength when using a knee scooter
  • They are more comfortable as compared to other devices
  • They speed up your mobility

These are benefits you will get in case you had ankle surgery. When using a knee scooter all the weight is placed upon a tibia and then supported through the knee and this means that your ankle will not experience any pressure.

You will be able to use your injured leg’s hip, your butt as well as your stabilization muscles. This will enable you to continue with your daily routines. Besides the risk of falling or slipping is minimal as compared to using crutches.

Cons of using a knee scooter after an ankle Surgery

  • Weight is placed upon the knee
  • You are forced to bend the knee at 90 degrees
  • The knee walker comes with a high price tag

As knee walkers place all the weight upon the knee, you might experience pain, swelling as well as other issues following the knee surgery.


These are referred to as true mobility aid and they have been around for a thousand years and still have their place in today’s world. When you have an injury than can bear weight on your injured leg or knee, then crutches are a good option to aid your mobility.

People who had ankle surgery do better with knee walkers but when they want to walk upstairs or on rough surfaces, then crutches come into play.

There are pros as well as cons for using crutches, but the pros work for both knee as well as ankle surgery.

Pros of using crutches after an ankle Surgery

  • They work on all kind of terrains
  • No weight pressure is experienced over the whole leg
  • They are affordable
  • They are portable and easy to transport

Crutches are easy to use on and rocks but the risk of falling is very high as compared to knee scooters. This is because your entire weight will be upon the crutches and in case you slip you might end up falling.

The good thing is that crutches remove all the weight from your knee or leg so the healing process will not involve excess discomfort or pain.

Besides crutches are sold everywhere, in local stores as well as online stores such as Amazon.

Cons of using a knee scooter after an ankle Surgery

  • They require you to use excessive upper body strength
  • They force you to place all the bodyweight under your arms
  • They do not let you pressure any weight upon the injured leg even if you only have an ankle injury
  • They are hard to use when going upstairs or on icy surfaces

They are known to cause pain when used for a long time. Your underarms will experience ache as well as being hurt. Besides crutches decrease mobility speed as compared to knee walkers. Also, you cannot use the leg muscles in such a way that you do when using a knee walker.

When moving over icy surfaces you are facing a big risk of falling, besides you will face difficulties when it comes to walking up and down the stairs. This is also impossible when using a knee walker as it will be impossible to walk up or downstairs. Also as mentioned before a lot of bodyweights is placed upon the arms, so if you had an accident that caused an injury to your ankle or knee as well as the upper body, then there is no way you can use the crutches.

You can use both crutches and knee walkers thus switch between them depending on the situation.

For many knee surgeries, crutches are the standard walking aid until the doctor prescribes you to have a knee walker.

When it comes to ankle surgery, most people prefer knee walkers as they do not require extreme upper body muscles to propel forward. Besides, they are more stable and the make mobility fast and easier. If you are in a dilemma on what to go for, you can ask your surgeon to give you medical advice.

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Pros And Cons For Using A knee scooter versus standard crutches

Just sit for a moment and think about the pros and cons that come with using the knee scooter vs standard crutches when you are recovering from surgical injuries.

Even though crutches may seem to be the simple option, knee scooters, as well as walkers, offer more benefits. In case you have some issues that cause pain when you put weight on a lower or you just feel uncomfortable, it is time that you had a second thought on getting scooter or walker.

When you are planning in buying a mobility aid, you must think critically about the pros and cons of the scooter vs standard crutches.

Before you jump into buying a pair of crutches, just think for a while how a knee scooter will make your recovery easier by making you roll easily from place to place. That means faster and more comfortable.

The following things you must put into consideration before you buy a knee scooter or crutches:

Overall Ease

when you think about overall easy for your daily movements, then a knee scooter will surely win. The device will assist you in moving, while crutches rely on your upper body strength in carrying the weight of your injured leg. Knee scooters are easy to operate and move around and therefore these devices are the best option for you when it comes to mobility.

Weight Restrictions

Crutches usually come with weight limitations and thus make them unsafe for heavier patients. This is not a problem when it comes to knee scooters or walkers, as there are designed in different sizes and models to accommodate different types of people depending on their height and weight.

Body strength

As I have previously mentioned scooters do not need your muscle strength like crutches. This makes them to be the best option for elderly people as well as people with disabilities. Since they do need strength to operate them this encourages users to move around and hence removes their mobility limitations making them live their normal lives and keep doing their day to day routines.

Weather Resistance

Crutches are difficult to use in inclement weather conditions; as the rubber feet can be slippy in certain terrain or ice. This makes it difficult for a patient to balance and move. When it comes to scooters, they are designed in such a way that they can perform well in all types of climates as well as weather conditions. This helps to reduce the risks of falling and getting extra injuries.

Everyday Applications

Using a scooter makes your day to day routine easy such as eating, drinking and moving around. You can easily maneuver a scooter as compared to crutches which they are hard to maneuver hence making the whole day to day experience hard. If you want to keep doing what you do during your recovery period, then go for a scooter.

Comfortable Convenience

comfortability and mobility are very important when it comes to recovery. Scooters will offer you both while crutches will offer you none of the two. A knee scooter offers you a place to rest your injured knee while crutches do not offer such a thing.

Limitation to what you always do

If you cannot go or move around like you used to do, that will cause more pain than the injury that is keeping you from enjoying your moments. If your colleagues want to go to the party, or beach or hiking and you would like to join them, the crutches will slow you down.

This is unnecessary because many beautiful parks, as well as wilderness, have paved paths. This means

That you can use a knee walker just like anyone else on the trail. You can enjoy your surroundings while moving around. This is because when you have a knee walker you can decide when to speed up or slow down with no problem.

You can even decide to carry water bottles and snacks in your basket, which will be good for all of your company.

While having fun at the pack you be able to rest while waiting for your friends. This will make them at ease as they can move around knowing that you are feeling better. But if you do not mind you can still join them and move around with them when you have your knee walker, something that you cannot do with crutches.


Crutches will limit your movements hence you will not be able to maintain your daily routines. This will be worse when it comes to children who normally are very active rolling here and there.

Slow movements will hinder the kids’ funny moments and that will make not only a child even a grown-up feel more pain.

The knee walker makes you maintain your daily routines, which makes you feel like you are living your normal life.  And this will be the best option for kids who do not want to be left out by their friends. So using a knee walker will help them continue with their daily routine.

If you have an injury or difficulties that need mobility aid, then you should consider your options carefully. Before you rush for the crutches, think about the difficulties that will come along and consider the benefits that will come along when you decide to opt for a knee scooter.

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10 things you must know about hospital bed rental

It does not matter if you are old or recovering from an injury, it is normal that there are times when a regular bed can be a challenge.

Sometimes getting out of your bed in the morning might be a challenge and your bed might make you feel uncomfortable when you sleep.

When facing a situation like this, you might think of having a hospital bed which can prove to be of good help. If you are looking forward to having a hospital bed for your home, then you will be facing two options which are renting or buying your bed.

Renting a hospital bed might seem a good idea, but you should consider several factors. Continue reading to get to know about issues that come with renting a hospital bed as well as what you should know before you make your decision.

Should You Buy A Hospital Bed

Before you decide and rush things, lets us see what makes them special when compared to normal beds,

Hospital beds have height as well as head and feet adjustments. This means that they have raise that can raise and lower different sections of the body. These beds are specifically designed for seniors as well as injured people.

If you or your loved one is in a state that he or she facing mobility issues, then it is time that you should think of getting him or her a hospital be.

You might have issues of getting in or out of your normal bed, when you are in this situation then a hospital bed will be of good help.

Sometimes you might even have issues sitting up to get out of your bed, if not you your partner might have this trouble and you can no longer continue lifting him or her to her feet. Balance issues can also pose a major risk of falling when getting out of bed, where you will be likely to face injury that can lead to deaths. It is estimated that more than 645,000 people die because of injuries caused by falling each year.

Bedridden people find hospital beds as a good help. Laying in bed for a long time throughout day and night causes a lot of problems including blood circulation, pressure wounds as well as back and neck pains. Also, the patient’s mental state may suffer due to mobility.

Also, some of the hospital beds can be so helpful in treating some of the injuries and body conditions. We will be discussing this in the following chapter. There are also hospital beds that are specifically designed for severely burnt victims. There are also hospital beds which are mainly for patients suffering from spinal injuries. These beds make them feel comfortable and make the task of the caregiver easier.

Ten things that you should keep into consideration before you rent a hospital bed

  1. Control systems

Almost a lot of today’s hospital beds are electrical beds. These can be controlled using a remote control which has different buttons that have specific adjustments such as raising and lowering the foot and head of the bed together with the entire level of the bed surface itself. This is so much helpful for caregivers as well as patients because without these adjustments a caregiver might need help in putting the patient in different positions or getting him or her out of the bed.

Gatch-beds are an old fashioned version of the electric beds, with every adjustment of the bed being controlled by hand cranks and this means they are mechanical. The hand crank is located at the foot of the bed and it can be pushed under the bed frame when it is not in use. These beds need a caregiver who can bend down to reach the cranks and that means the patient cannot control the bed himself.

  • Special beds

These are low beds which are ideal for patients who might be facing a risk of falling out of the bed even if the beds have side rails. These include people suffering from seizure problems or sleepwalkers. The beds have a height of not more than two feet from the floor and normally have no option of raising or lowering the entire surface.

People who are using this bed should have the ability to stand up from the low position because the bed is just a few feet from the floor. If they cannot do it by themselves then a caregiver should offer them help.

  • Low air loss beds

These are no different from an air mattress, as they are made of special sacs within the whole mattress. These help to relieve some amount of pressure caused by the person’s body weight which impressing into a bed. This is very important in preventing bedsores as well as ulcers. Besides these kinds of beds are good for burn victims or people who have undergone skin graft as their skin needs a gentle touch.

  • Circo electric beds

These kinds of beds are good for patients who have severe burns or spinal injuries hence it is difficult to move them in normal ways. These beds give you the ability to reposition as well as letting you turn the person in a position that will keep their lungs as well as the circulatory system in a good working condition. These are the best substitutes of hospital beds for people with such difficulties.

  • Clinton beds

These are the advanced tech hybrid of low air loss beds. Unlike the normal low air loss beds which are filled with air, these are filled with sand-like material where warm air is pumped in. This helps to maintain a constant temperature throughout the bed, as a result, it helps in relieving the pressure wounds.

Renting a hospital bed VS buying one

If you have reached to a conclusion that you need to have a hospital bed, then you will be facing several options regarding how you can get one. Of course, you can just buy one and your insurance may cover the cost. Otherwise, you can rent one in case you cannot afford to buy one or if you do not want to buy one outright.

But before you decide on whether to buy or rent a hospital bed, you must first answer this question. For how long will you need it?

In case you just need it for several weeks or a few months while you recover from your injuries, then renting one will be cheaper. This option is also best for people who want to spend their final days in their own homes.

In case you will need a hospital bed for several months or even years, then the renting cost will exceed the cost of buying your hospital bed. Besides, several issues come with renting a hospital bed:

        I.            Quality

Most of the used adjustable beds are found to be in normal conditions because they are used for few month. Sometimes some normal might lead to breakdowns as well as faults, especially in fully electric beds. So you will have to take your time to find one which is still in good condition. Besides buying a new hospital bed gives you a guarantee that it is in its best condition and you will have a warranty.

      II.            Availability

Getting a used hospital bed is not easy because the beds are being used for quite a long time and this makes it hard to find beds that are just floating around. This makes it hard to have many options since the number of used beds is limited.

Instead of thinking that the right bed is there for you, you need to be sure that the exact model and type that you want is there. Having to rent a gatch bed instead of a semi-electric bed or Clinton bed instead of a low bed might not seem of importance at first. But remember this is something that involves your health hence your life.

    III.            High costs for repair and maintenance

It is common to find used beds in a bad condition and that means you will spend more on repairing and maintenance.

   IV.            Hygiene

It is advisable to use clean hospital beds due to hygiene issues. This is because you have no idea who was using it in the first place. Besides, you do not have any idea what infectious disease they were carrying and this makes it worse.

     V.            Limited options in customization

It is not easy to customize a hospital used bed because most used beds have some parts missing or it may be outdated. New modernized beds allow you to have modern conveniences such as waterproof mattresses, USB hubs as well as folding technologies.


The biggest concern for many people about whether to rent or buy a hospital bed is the price tag. But in either case, your insurance can cover the costs as we will see in the coming chapter. Firstly, let us see how much each of the options might cost.

On average the cost of renting a hospital bed per month is likely to be $200 to $500 per month. If we assume you are paying $350 per month for renting your hospital bed, that means in a period of 6 months you will spend $2,100. This does not include extra charges such as repair and maintenance or any other additional costs associated with renting.

Buying your hospital bed will cost you between $500 to $10,000 depending on how advanced in terms of technology your bed is. Common models of electrical beds costs around $2,000. Therefore, for just a period of 6 months rental, you can spend as much as the money needed to own your hospital bed.

In case you will be having a bed for some years in your home, outright buying of a hospital bed can save you a thousand bucks. Even if you are planning in using the bed for six months it is still in your best interest to buy your bed.

If you’re planning on having the bed in your home for many years to come, buying the bed upfront can save you thousands. And even if you only use it for the six months it would take for the rental costs to equal the buying price, at the end of that time, you’ll own the bed.

When you are done using it then you can sell it and get back so of the money you spent on buying it.


Under normal circumstances, patients will not have to pay for the costs of their hospital beds no matter whether they are buying or renting.

You must understand that every policy differs from the other and your insurance coverage may vary from the other. You should contact your insurance company to get information regarding your policy and hospital beds.

Normally Medicare plans will just cover 80% of the total price tag of a hospital bed. For a normal standard hospital bed, that means you have to pay $400 from your pocket. Besides Medicare can also offer financial help when it comes to hospital bed rentals, and under the new policy after thirteen months of renting you will eventually own it.

Getting a Referral

In case you are having issues in getting Insurance to cover your hospital bed costs then you can talk to your doctor as he/she can direct you to one of the insurance companies.

Your doctor can write a prescription that you need to have a hospital bed at your home as among the items needed for your recovery and that means insurance will cover it. Besides doctors are good at recommending reputable companies because they have experience with several different companies.


Having a hospital bed at home during your recovery can make the whole experience less painful. Besides if you need one in the final days of your life then it will help you depart more comfortably. Also, it will make the task of your caregiver less difficult. Buying your hospital bed is better than having to rent one.


Does Medicare Cover The Cost Of Durable Medical Equipment?

Many people are always worried about this but the answer is simply “Yes” in many cases. In case you enrolled in Medicare Part B, then your Medicare plan will cover your costs on Durable Medicare Equipment which are also known as DME. For Medicare to pay for your DME, the doctor must prescribe it as a necessity and should state that it should be used at home.

In case you are in a nursing home, Medicare will not take it as a “home” even if it falls under Medicare-covered facility. But in case you are in a long-term care facility, this will qualify as a “home” and therefore you are eligible to be refunded your expenditures. Besides, if you are admitted to a skilled nurse facility, you will likely be provided with DME and that means that the facility will be responsible for all your DME.

Durable Medicare Equipment –DME

These refer to all the medical equipment that is used inside the home to help patients go on with their daily routines. You must keep in mind that all DME must be prescribed by a doctor and must meet the criteria and qualifications. This means that the equipment should meet the following:

·         Used for medical reasons

·         Durability

·         Used at home

·         Not commonly useful for a person who

·         Expected to have a lifespan of 3 years

using these devices is essential for tasks such as breathing, bathing, or walking. The Medicare durable equipment coverage plan includes the following items:

·         Walkers

·         Hospital beds

·         Wheelchairs

·         Knee walker

·         Bath safety products

·         CPAP machines

·         Knee scooters

·         The first pair of glass after you have your cataract surgery

·         Ostomy bags

MDE does not include disposable items such as gloves and needles because these items are just used once and that means they do not fall under the criteria of 3 years’ lifespan. Even though these items might be essential in your daily life, but they cannot be prescribed by the doctor. This may fall in your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan where these items are covered.

Where can I find Approved MDE?

Just after your doctor offers you a prescription, they will normally direct you where you can pick up your DME. If they do not direct, you then you can use Medicare’s online tool. You will have to enter your zip code to find durable medical equipment whereas it will generate a list of stores in your area with the exact device that you are looking for.

Only registered MDE supplies are the only ones that can provide you with DME.

In case you still have some issues in finding the right DME that suits your needs, you can reach out to your doctor or you can call your service provider for more help and information. you can also rent out those medical equiment instead.

Will I pay anything if my item falls under DME coverage?

if you just have the Original Medicare, then you will have to incur some costs for your DME. You will have to pay 20% of the total cost to meet your Medicare Part B plan. In case the provider does not accept Medicare assignment, you might have to pay an additional 15%. The amount of money you will pay depends on whether you are renting or buying.

If you are fortunate enough to have a Medicare Supplement plan, then you might not pay anything. Medicare Supplement plan F and G are the most popular plans as they cover your Medicare Plan B coinsurance. Coinsurance can sometimes become pricy and this depends on the amount of DME that you need. Be wise to consider your options when it comes to enrolling in an insurance plan.

Author’s Disclaimer

You should never use anything from this website as a substitute for a piece of professional medical advice. Make sure that you consult your doctor or medical provider about your diagnosis as well as treatment to have a healthy life. All decisions you make should be based on the correct medication as directed by a health professional.


What you should know before you buy a hospital bed for the old person

My grandfather went through back surgery and we had to make sure that he does not experience much pain. It was a tough job deciding on the right bed for him and we spent a lot of time making research to get the right bed that will make him feel comfortable as a senior. In this post I will give 12 tips to consider when buying a hospital bed for the seniors:

Hospital beds are also known as zero gravity, electric beds, or the adjustable because they come with multi hinges that enable them to be reclined at different angles according to the patient preference. Previously they were only found in hospitals but things have changed and now they can be found in many homes.

You can control the surface of the bed using a manual or an electric crank depending on the type of the bed, and this enables you to lower the body, or just the upper body or both hence creating a zero-gravity-effect. Three types of hospital beds are available on the market which is manual bed, semi-electric and full electric beds.

Why do seniors need a hospital bed?

  • Hospital beds are no longer those awkward looking beds that were sterile and uncomfortable. If you still own a bed that does not give you comfortability and you are having trouble getting in and out, then it is time that you get an electrical bed.
  • Electrical beds are adjusted mechanically or by electric means which makes them a convenient choice for seniors. This allows the person to recline, lower, elevate as well as raise his or her bed from different angles according to his or her preference for better health and comfort.
  • In case you are facing difficulty moving in and out of your bed, the hospital bed can be raised or lowered making it easier for you to get in or out without any issues. It will make it easier to get into your wheelchairs as well as walkers without having to experience too much pain. In case you are facing difficulties when sleeping on a flat mattress then you need an electric bed.
  • Hospital beds make your work easier as a caregiver because they allow you to control and adjust the position of the bed. This prevents you from working in an unhealthy back position that can make you feel back pains.
  • Electric beds do not need a large space as they are small and mobile making the task of taking care of your loved ones easy as compared to large hospital beds. Besides they have wheels that enable the bed to be moved around if necessary.
  • Since the beds are adjustable, you can add more accessories such as table surfaces, rails and many more making the task of caring for the loved ones easier.

Benefits of the hospital bed

·         Pain relief

Adjustable beds are good for patients suffering from cramps, neck pain issues, as well as shoulder problems. This is because these beds can be adjusted to any position that will make the patient more comfortable. You can adjust the bed to find the best position to alleviate spinal pain osteoarthritis or any other degenerative pain disorders. Also, elevation helps to prevent pain caused by pressure and swelling in the legs.

·         They are more comfortable as compared to normal beds

Since these beds can be adjusted to different angles and positions, enabling you to recline, raise the upper or lower part of the bed or do both to increase comfortability depending on your preference. This can be achieved with no need of getting in and out of the bed as almost all electric beds come with a remote control or button which when pressed crank the motor.

·         Convenience

While on an electric bed, you will be able to adjust your bed to different angles as well as positions that make you feel comfortable. This will enable you to have your meals in bed, use your laptop, breastfeed your child, read your novels, watch TV, as well as get in and out of the bed very easily unlike when using a normal bed.

·         It promotes intimacy

This is because it makes conversations easy with your partners as the bed can be reclined. Besides you can adjust the bed to different positions without having to depend on pillows and such. Your bedroom life will still be interesting and this can lead to strengthening your relationship with your partner.

·         Independence

Many electric beds can be controlled independently on each half of the bed. The bed can be technically split making it possible to lower or raise one half without disturbing the other person that you are sharing the bed with. This means that you may sleep at 15 degrees while your partner may sleep at 20 degrees. In addition to that, you may decide which recline angle you like without having to worry about the person beside you.

·         Low Maintenance

These beds do not need to be greased, change air or water pump. Besides you can easily disassemble and assemble your bed. With the remote control, you will be able to choose any configuration that suits your preference making you more comfortable, unlike normal beds.

·         Accessories

Modern electric beds can handle different accessories such as USB ports for smartphones and tablets. These offer you a chance of working from your bed as well as giving you a chance of watching a movie from your gadget while in bed. Also, they are good for those who need their phones to remain beside them so that they would not miss any important messages or notifications.

·         Eliminate Snoring

Under normal circumstances, people snore due to the closure of the windpipe due to the weight pressure from the neck when you are asleep. When it comes to an electric bed, there is much transfer of the weight pressure off the windpipe and this enables you to breathe easily hence you will not disturb your partner.

Does your Insurance cover the cost of a hospital bed?

Nowadays most of the insurance companies will pay for the electric bed cost as long as it falls within certain criteria. And this criterion is that you have to make sure that the medical equipment is that it has to be durable and it has to be a piece of essential equipment that is necessary for treating or alleviating a health condition.

Patients with problems such as cramps, neck and shoulder pains, arthritis or just any other pain problem that falls within this criterion are eligible for insurance coverage. But keep in mind that different insurance companies have different policies and therefore you will have to inquire with your insurance company to be sure if they will cover the cost of an electric bed.


Your semi-electric bed costs will be covered by Medicare as long as you get a prescription from your doctor though it will not pay for any commercially available bed. Besides, the bed must meet the device criteria and it must have two motors that are responsible for adjusting the foot and head positions together with a crank that will be responsible for raising the frame height. Medicare will cover up to 80% of the cost of the electric bed. But Medicare policies differ from one state to another, therefore you will have to check in their office to be sure of what is covered by your Medicare state’s program.

Does the Insurance cover for used hospital beds?

Most insurance companies will not pay for the cost of buying used electrical beds. But still, you can check with your insurance companies as different companies have different policies and your insurance company might be one of those that accept used hospital beds.

Is it a good idea of buying a used hospital bed?

Due to the benefits that come with electric beds, it is worth getting a used electrical bed if you cannot manage to have a new one. But you will have to consider many factors before you pay for one and these include:

        I.            Quality

Most of the used adjustable beds are found to be in bad conditions because prolonged use for many years causes damages. This might lead to breakdowns as well as faults, especially in fully electric beds. So you will have to take your time to find one which is still in good condition. Besides buying a new hospital bed gives you a guarantee that it is in its best condition and you will have a warranty.

      II.            Limited options

Getting a used hospital bed is not easy because the beds are being used for quite a long time and this makes it hard to find beds that are just floating around. This makes it hard to have many options since the number of used beds is limited.

    III.            High costs for repair and maintenance

It is common to find used beds in a bad condition and that means you will spend more on repairing and maintenance.

   IV.            Hygiene

It is not advisable to use hospital beds due to hygiene issues. This is because you have no idea who was using it in the first place. Besides, you do not have any idea what infectious disease they were carrying and this makes it worse.

     V.            Limited options in customization

It is not easy to customize a hospital used bed since most used beds have some parts missing or it may be outdated. New modernized beds allow you to have modern conveniences such as waterproof mattresses, USB hubs as well as folding technologies.

Where can you buy a hospital bed at the best price?

There are many online markets where you can easily get all sorts of used medical gadgets as well as the new ones. Most of the used electrical beds sold online are refurbished and you can easily upgrade them to meet the modern standards with features like USB hubs, waterproof mattresses, and all other new features. Some of the leading sellers include:

Amazon – You can find new and used hospital beds on this online market place

American International Medical – This online market has a huge selection of used medical appliances and equipment.

Hospital Direct Medical Equipment – This is an online market that deals with selling of second-hand medical equipment.

DotMed – This is an online marketplace for buying and selling all sorts of medical appliances.

LabX – Is an online marketplace that deals with products related to medical, science as well as laboratory activities.

Buying Vs Renting a Hospital Bed that has a Used Mattress

It might be cheaper, but it is not recommended buying a hospital bed that has a used mattress. Unlike frames, mattresses are easily exposed to bacteria as well as pathogens when used. Besides they are easily degraded after being used sometimes. Second-hand mattresses will not be good for you since they will lack comfortability and you might expose yourself to other communicable diseases. It will be in your best interest if you get a new mattress that you are sure that is clean and hygiene as it will offer you comfortability and flexibility.

A guide for buying a hospital bed: 12 things that you should put into consideration:

1.      Lifting Capacity

You must put into consideration the amount of weight you will be lifting with your bed. The Kings and queens bed tends to have higher lifting capabilities as compared to the Full and small size Twin beds.

2.      Remote Control

As the bed is meant to be used by an elderly person it must be easy to control and adjust. It is better that you choose a bed that has a remote control so that it can be easily adjusted to meet the person’s needs.

3.      The Wallhugger Engineering

This is a very important piece of technology as when you press a button to raise the upper body of the frame it will also move to the opposite direction moving the frame to the bedside table rather than far from it.

4.      Adjustable Mattress

In case you have a hospital bed that did not come with a mattress and you need to order one, you must make sure that you order the mattress that can be adjusted and it must be the exact size that fits your bed. Avoid mattresses with springs that are not flexible and cannot be adjusted.

5.      Warranty

When you are looking for a place to buy your hospital bed make sure that you find a seller that provides manufacturer warranties. These beds might be mechanical and that means they might last for a long time. The warranty will help you save a lot when it comes to repair and maintenance.

6.      Dual Adjustable, Controlled, adjustable bed

If you intend the bed to be used by two elders, then you should make sure that the bed can be configured for both without making one of them uncomfortable. This means that the body should have the ability to be independently adjusted accordingly on each half.

7.      Adjustable beds for seniors/elders

You must make sure that you buy a bed that is easy to use and that means a remote-controlled bed will be the best option. This is because the patient will be able to adjust the bed him or herself according to her preference.

8.      Sizes and Dimensions

In most cases, hospital beds are larger as compared to normal beds due to the accessories that they come with. You will have to figure out the size and dimensions of your hospital bed to get the appropriate bedding and sheets.

9.      Adjustable massage beds

Modern hospital beds have a variety of features such as massages and heat which are necessary in case the elder using the bed has blood circulation problems or severe back pain.

10.  Multiple angles and reclining feature

Make sure that the bed has multi-angle or reclining capabilities or both of them. These features help the elder to watch TV, use a laptop, have breakfast and meals and do many other kinds of stuff in bed. This is because it will let him or her adjust the position of his or her leg as well as his or her upper body.

11.  Adjustable Bed Frames

In case the elderly has mobility difficulties, then a manually adjustable bed is good for him/her. These are cheaper as compared to electric beds and do not require a lot of maintenance.

12.  Extra feature

Make sure that you do your research and find a bed that has a lot of features that are convenient for the elderly. Depending on the nature of the person, there are a lot of features that are offered on modern hospital beds such as massage, heating, inbuilt speakers, cooling, and Bluetooth.

Full electric Vs semi-electric bed

Full electric hospital beds

This is one of the modern hospital beds with advanced technologies. It is controlled by a remote and must be connected to an electric outlet. The motor works to adjust the angle of the lower and upper body sections of the bed as well as the height. This makes the work of the caregiver easier. But with all these technologies do not expect it to come at a lower cost. But it has value for your money and it is the best option if you can afford it.

Semi-Electric Hospital beds

This kind of bed comes with a motor whereby a push of a button you can adjust the feet and head as well as change positions. But still, you will have to adjust the height controls manually. This bed is good in case the elderly do not need to change the heights often. They are more expensive than manual beds because they include a motor but still they are good because they make the task easier for the caregiver.

Can you rent a hospital bed?

It is not advisable to rent a hospital bed to be used at home due to the following reasons:

1.      Poor quality

Normally rental beds are beds that have been used for quite some time and tend to be old in their bad conditions. This means that they can break down anytime and they will need repairs more than new beds.

2.      Limited availability

The number of people searching for hospital beds rental is higher hence the options are limited. This might lead you to end up with one that has features that do not suit you.

3.      The high cost of renting a hospital bed

The cost of renting a hospital bed can be so high where normally it ranges from $300 to $400 per month. You are likely to use the bed for months or even a year and that means the costs can exceed the price of buying a new one. On Amazon, the cost for advanced bed starts from $2500 and that means you will save a lot of money by buying your bed.

4.      Rules and Regulations

When you rent a bed you are forced to adhere to the rules and regulations of the owner. This will prevent you from customizing the bed to meet your needs.

5.      Hygiene concerns

Hospital beds have been used by many people and that makes it not good when it comes to hygiene. This can expose you and your elderly to bacteria or transmitted diseases.

Cost of renting an electric bed

Many companies dealing with medical equipment have a price tag that ranges from $300 to $400 per month which means that it is between $3600 to $4800 per year.

Is a hospital bed tax-free?

What you have to understand is that a hospital bed in under a durable medical equipment schedule and that means it is tax-deductible when bought by you or your partner. Keep in mind that you can request for a tax refund if you purchase or rent the equipment in the given taxation period. In case the bed was paid by your insurance company, spouse, relative or any other dependent then you will have no right to claim for a tax refund. Keep in mind you are only in a position to deduct the cost if the cost of the bed exceeds 7.5% of your annually Adjusted Gross Income.

List of the latest models of hospital beds that you can buy

1.      Leggett and Plant New Split S-Cape + 2.0 Foundation Style

This type of electric bed has been in the development process for quite some time and now it offers dual massages, two wireless remotes, under-bed lighting, quiet motor, and wall –hugger engineering whereas each half of the bed can operate on its own. These features make it one of the best electric beds in the market. You can get one at a good price on Amazon.

2.      Nectar Adjustable bed

This bed comes with a nectar adjustable mattress together with its adjustable frame giving the user the best experience. Besides, it has an RV recline, zero gravity, wireless remote, three-zone massage technology, and USB plugs. You will be able to raise and lower your bed at any degree angle so that you set your body to any desired position. You can get one at a good price on Amazon.

3.      dynasty Mattress S-Cape

This is among the leading technologically advanced electric bed that you can find in the market.  It has a backlit wireless remote that will help you raise and lower the independent split queen and king beds. It has a capacity of lifting to 700 pounds which is among the highest capacity when it comes to hospital beds. You can get one at a good price on Amazon.

4.      Reverie 5D Adjustable Foundation

This is one of its kind when it comes to electric beds. It comes with two wireless remotes, with customized massages options as well as Bluetooth motors and other accessories that will let you change your recline as well as angles to meet your preference. You can get one at a good price on Amazon

5.      Serta Motion essentials 3

This is a luxurious lightweight hospital electric bed that is more comfortable. It has a smooth advanced lifting system that will let you control the bed using a wired remote control. With this remote, you can set the bed in different angles and positions according to your preference. You can get one at a good price on Amazon.

6.      Tempur-Perdic TEMPUR-Ergo Premier

This has a high-quality design that makes it smooth to lift and lower your body easily. Besides you can set it in different positions and angles making it more comfortable. It comes with a wireless LCD monitor remote control that helps you control message options as well as memory positions. All these can be controlled from an app that runs on your android smartphone or tablet. You can get this at a good price on Amazon.

7.      Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Base

This is an innovative bed with an innovative design with very advanced technology that will provide comfort. It will give you a stress free sleep with no pain. It offers zero gravity in order to protect your back and neck and this can be achieved by adjusting it to multiple angles and recline positions. You can get one at a good price on Amazon.


When you think about a comfortable bed, think of a bed that promotes health as well as wellbeing for you and the seniors. Electric beds started as only hospital equipment but now are common in our homes since they help many people.

Many hospitals sell and rent hospital beds therefore you can make your research and take your time to find a good hospital bed for your senior. It is very important when you are making the selection to be sure that what you choose will be the best for your senior.


The 7 Best Terrain Knee Scooters of year

In case you suffer a leg injury, that means you will have a challenge in adapting to the situation. The injury will slow you down as it will decrease your mobility and because healing needs time, that might make you feel frustrated and trapped. And this is more common in patients who find crutches to more painfully to handle.

Nowadays many people who are facing leg injuries feel more comfortable using all-terrain knee scooters. These have minimal stress when compared to the stress and pain that come along with using crutches. Besides they are more mobile and easy to maneuver unlike crutches and other medical devices. They enable a patient with the ability to roll around fast with ease making the healing process less stressful.

Below I have composed a list of 7 best terrain scooters for the year 2019

1.    The All-Terrain Knee-Rover

This is one of the best knee scooters in the market that features 12-inch tires. It is designed in such a way that a patient is able to maneuver it easily in all kinds of pavements. The materials that are used in its tires gives it the ability to tackle even uneven surfaces such as gravel and grass.

The scooter comprises a double heavy-duty bar that is put into place to offer ultimate support. It has a capacity of carrying 350 pounds, carrying people with the heights of 5″6 to 6″6. This device is versatile, durable and maneuverable making it efficient and effective.


  • It is molded from a strong lightweight frame.
  • It has a knee rover stabilizer
  • It comprises of an adjustable handbrake lock
  • The premium tire rod steering is useful in combating bumpy terrain
  • It is portable and easy to carry in a car

Why is it unique?

It is size and capabilities enable it to be among the best terrain walkers. Its automotive tie-rod steering mechanism enables the wheels to have maximum stability as well as control.

2.    The Petite All Terrain KneeRover Jr

This is mainly for children and small adults that range from the heights of 4”3 to 5”9. It has the maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, which means it carries lighter loads as compared to other models. this is because this mood is mainly designed for smaller patients. Its wheels are exactly durable just like the other senior scooter models, despite having a smaller frame.


·       It has a sizeable detachable basket made of wires.

·       It is more durable

·       Its lightweight frame makes it easy for transportation

·       It is an ideal choice for small adults and children

·       You can find it in different color options such as red as well as coastal teal

Why is it unique?

It is the best option when it comes to smaller injured patients who want to keep on rolling with their daily routines while recovering. Its lightweight frameworks perfectly with its adjustable knee pad as a result of creating a perfect terrain walker scooter for children as well as small adults.

3.    KneeRover Pro All Terrain

This scooter comes with a shock absorber and uses an integrated shock mechanism that can absorb any unevenly bumps that you can experience while moving around. This offers a patient a smooth ride as well as protection for the injured leg.

This makes the ride more comfortable while making the scooter suitable for different types of terrain. It comprises a wide wheel with a base of 12″. This scooter is ideal for all variety of surface damages.


·       The scooter is easy to steer and maneuver.

·       It is more comfortable and can be used for a long time.

·       Because they have shock absorbers, they ensure a comfortable smooth ride.

·       It is adjustable hence it is easy to fulfill your needs.

·       It has a strong lightweight aluminum frame that makes it more stable and durable.

Why is it unique?

This scooter is so unique as it has a shock absorber mechanism, which provides bump-free hence giving the patient a smooth ride.

4.    Azoob All Terrain Steerable

Among all the models this scooter is designed specifically emphasizing mobility. The seat, as well as the basket, can be easily removed as well as detached making it more portable. It has a height ranging from 39″to 47″. Besides the height can be adjusted when folded to up to 19”.

This model does not come in hand with a plush knee cushion. In case you need one you can purchase it differently as an extra accessory.


·       The design enables easy mobility.

·       Its lightweight strong frame makes it more durable.

·       It can carry up to 300 pounds.

·       You can adjust it easily without the need of using tools.

·       It has parking brakes lock.

Why is it unique?

In case you need a scooter that is easily moved but yet comfortable, then this is the best option for you. It is portable and can be easily folded and yet it has a very compact strong lightweight frame that offers a stable ride.

  • KneeRover Quad

This type of scooter has four large wheels with a size of 12″, which are filled during the assembly process. These wheels make the scooter combat any kind of terrain. This makes it an ideal choice for a variety of terrains such as sidewalk, grass, gravel, etc. it also comprises a drum braking system, which is so reliable when it comes to quick and smooth braking.


  • The large tires enable the scooter to be more stable.
  • The drum braking mechanism makes the scooter safer.
  • The premium tire-rod steering mechanism offers efficiency and stability.
  • The 3” pad cushions and contours the patient’s knee.
  • It has a capacity of supporting 350 pounds as well as heights ranging from 5’ to 6’4”.

Why is it unique?

It is a heavy-duty scooter with its durable wheels that make the outdoor adventure more interesting.

  • KneeRoveer Hybrid

This type of scooter gets its name Hybrid since it combines the efficiency of the KeeCycle with KneeRover terrain knee walker. This combination makes sure that the scooter is easily maneuverable and intact indoors and outdoors.

Its four wheels offer a structural integrity that efficiently grounds as well as stabilizes the user throughout the journey. It has a lightweight strong frame that can carry heavy loads. it ideal for all age users as well as any level of leg injury patients.


  • It can be easily folded for transportation and storage.
  • It has efficient parking brakes for quick and easy stopping.
  • Its handlebars can be easily adjusted.
  • It has 9” large front tires.
  • It can be easily maneuverable outdoors as well as indoors.

Why is it unique?

It gives the user a combination of experiences from all the other scooters. It has 9” front wheel with 7.5” behind wheels which makes it more stable and comfortable yet easy to control. It can be easily maneuvered in a variety of surroundings.

7.    kneeRover Go Knee Walker

if you are searching for a lightweight portable scooter, then this is the best option for you. This design focuses much on portability so that it can be easily transported.

It weighs just 20.4 pounds, where the frame is structured to be folded into the smallest size as possible. It has 7.5” tires which ensure a small turning radius making it able to be used in both big and small spaces.


·       The 7.5” polyurethane wheels are efficient at absorbing shocks.

·       It can accommodate users from heights of 4’ to6’2”.

·       It is very light.

·       It can be easily folded for storage and transportation.

·       It has a rotating front axle which makes it idle for transporting.

Why is it unique?

It combines the experiences of the KneeRover GO with the KneeRover all-terrain scooter into one. It is unique as it can be folded into the smallest size making it ideal when you want to transport it. Besides it, a 360-degree front rotating axle makes it easy for storage as it can fit into places where other scooters cannot.

Tips that will guide you when choosing an All-Terrain Knee Scooter

Making a selection from a list of many available walkers and scooters might be very difficult. But there are several things that you should put into consideration when making your selection. In this guide we have pointed out several things that will guide you when making your decision:

All-Terrain Knee Scooter

This is a moving walker that is designed to house the patient’s injured leg. A patient can rest his leg on a special seat while using the other leg to maneuver that walker making it move forward. Depending on the design, the walker has three to four wheels, providing comfort as well as stability whereas the patient can move around from place to place.

Knee Scooter for All Terrains

To get a good knee scooter depends on what the patient values most. Are you looking for an affordable device or a practical one? Will you mind if you are asked to pay for extra accessories? What is your height? All these questions will help you in determining which kind of scooter is suitable for you.

Determining the best scooter that will suit your needs, you will have to put these into consideration:

Your weight and Height

You will have to make sure that your scooter will accommodate you and that means its weight and height capacity if it is relevant to you. Each type and model of the scooter has its maximum weight and height ranges. You will have to make sure that the scooter falls in your category otherwise you might end up buying something that you might never use. Most of the models within the market have a weight capacity that ranges from 250to350 pounds. Therefore, before you make your purchase, you have to make sure that you go through the statistics.


This is another factor that you should carefully observe when you are looking for an outdoor walker. The ability to steer will enhance the ability to maneuver the walker when moving around outdoor. This category gives you two options; steerable and non-steerable.

An easily steerable scooter will have a pivoting from a wheel which will allow enacting turns. The degree of turns will be determined by the turning radius and this will be examined in the next section.

An all-terrain scooter that cannot be easily steered will have still wheels. This means that the wheels will be locked in the same position. When you want to change the direction, you will have to physically do it by picking it up and readjusting. These are a good option for those who are using electric mobility scooter outdoors and are moving in a single direction.

People prefer having a scooter that can pivot, mainly because it offers versatility as well as higher mobility. Others prefer the stability that comes with the non-steerable scooters. These prefer heavy-duty scooter and that makes them difficult to tip.

Turning Radius

This is the minimum possible turn that a walker is capable of making. This means that a large turning radius will result in making big turns, while the small ones will enable you to make sharper curves. In case you will spend most of your time indoor, you will need a walker that has a small turn radius. If you get one with a big turn radius, you will be forced to lift and readjust it often.

Finding the turning radius of the scooter is sometimes not as easy as not every company advertises the turning radius of its walkers. But you can go through the customers’ reviews and statistics. Besides, you can also pay attention to the walker size of tires whereas large tires have large circumference and therefore have a big radius while small tires have small circumference hence they have a small radius.

Deciding the turning radius is solely based on your entire routine and lifestyle. In case you are using your walker mostly for outdoor activities, then you should not worry much about the radius. But if you are going to be indoor for most of your movements, then the radius is something to consider as it will affect you so much. Therefore, you will have to get a scooter that has a small radius.


If you have spent your time digging through different models of scooters, I am quite sure that you have noticed that many come fitted with a wired basket. These baskets are essential for storage in case you need to carry something. But remember not every all-terrain outdoor walker comes with a basket as some of the models you will have to pay extra to have a basket fitted.

If you need a basket, then you will probably want to have one which comes with a fitted basket. The majority of all-terrain walkers for adults have a wire basket that can be attached or detached depending on your preference. This will enable you to attach it when you need it or detach it in case you need it.

Seat Comfort

This is one of the basics that you should always consider when buying an all-terrain walker. You have to be sure that the seat is designed in such a way that it will accommodate you without causing more pain. Keep in mind that you will spend most of your time sitting on your walker, and this means that any discomfort ability will result in causing you pain and stress on your injury.

While making your research, make sure that you look for a walker that has a sea that has fabric plush that will be able to support your weight easily. The padded seat will help you specify the nature of the material used as well as the depth of the cushion. Some of the walkers come with seats having a size of 3.5″ inch fabric, while others do not support this size at all. Some of the companies that do not sell the cushion, offer it as an extra accessory at extra cost.


In reality, a scooter is nothing more than a vehicle and a vehicle is not complete without a braking system. With no braking system, even a million-dollar vehicle will be useless and valueless. This is why it is essential that you take your time and make research on the braking methods and be sure that they are effective.

If you think that the handle push is too tight or too loose, make sure to adjust the braking tension. To identify where the brakes are, you will have to follow the cable which connects the hand brake with the scooter. You can find these near the wheels and you will notice a washer that can be tightened or loosened according to your preference.

Knee Pad Height

Make sure that the all-terrain knee walker fits your height measurements for your comfortability. To find out this you will have to look into the knee support range of the walker and see if it is relevant to your needs.

The injured should always be situated in the middle of the cushion while the uninjured leg should be able to remain straightened down. If your knee support cannot give you comfortability, then this means that you will run into the risk of causing more harm to your injured leg.


This is so important put into consideration especially if you are a busy person that moves around. A lot of people prefer walkers instead of crutches which cause more pain to the injury. Yet if you do not make the right decision, even a walker can become a problem for you if you cannot transport it easily. Therefore, you should always put portability in your mind.

You need to have a portable, folding compact walker if you are someone that is always on the go. Besides, it should be light with a 360 turn axle for easy storage. Some of the walkers offer detachable handles too hence making it easier to compress the whole walker into something that can fit in a small space.


Most of the all-terrain walker cost between $100 to $400. If you need in adding more accessories such as cushions, baskets, etc then the price will rise. If your insurance covers the cost as it is a core medical equipment, then you should not worry much about the extra rise in price.

You can find out if your insurance covers this by contacting them directly. When they approve, then you will have to look for a local DME provider who will accept and request payment from your insurance company. You will need to have a signed prescription from your healthcare provider as well as documentation of your medical records.

Expert Advice

While using your all-terrain walker, you will be able to move around rocks and grass, but make sure to avoid steep sidewalks as well as hills. No matter the type of knee scooter you choose, make sure that you do your best not to reinjure yourself.

Get informed

Did you have any idea that tibia which is commonly known as shin, is among the strongest bones in your body? That is why putting weight upon your injured leg is healthier than applying that weight under your arms when using crutches.


Using all-terrain walkers is the best alternative unlike using crutches. You can easily use them and transport them and will make your recovering process easier. Besides, it gives a patient the ability to maintain his or her daily routine and lifestyle.

Choosing among the available models depends on your body weight, height measurements, lifestyle, preferences, body type as well as price.

When you get a walker that suits your needs, you will be sure that our recovering will quick and enjoyable.


Why knee walker is the best compared to crutches

There are rumors around that the first wheel was carved from a stone. Whether this is true or not but the question still stands, when we consider that the wheel has existed for quite a long time, still there have been limitations when it comes to crutches. But why over another thousand years passed before anyone came up with an idea of inventing the knee walker?

The fact is that as of now nobody knows the answer, but what you have to understand is that you have to feel proud that you were born in this era where a knee walker exists.

The following are the four reasons crutches worse than the knee walker:

You will experience more pain when using crutches and this pain might be worse than you had previously suspected. Even though using crutches is better than walking upon your injury or deciding not to move, but the truth is that you will be exposed to severe pain when using crutches. When you move, your body weight is upon your crutches. This causes a lot of pain even though there are paddings at the top of the crutches.

1.    Slows down your body movements

Crutches will indeed help you perform some of the things you used to, normally partially. They can help you walk side by side alongside your colleague, briefing her about the critical details of the coming meeting. In a moment like this neither no, one among you needs any distraction. But crutches will slow you down and make maneuvering so difficult as a result you could face distraction from your conversation.

On the other hand, a knee walker can perform well with any stride. With its ability to maneuver and move freely, you can concentrate on your conversation with your colleague. Besides, it gives you an option to hold extra papers in a basket, unlike the crutches which force you to hold them in your hand while trying to maneuver it.

The knee walker minimizes the hardship and pain that you would face when using the crutches.

2.    Mobility issues

If you have limitations in mobility, that will cause more pain than the injury that is keeping you from enjoying your moments. If your colleagues want to go to the party, or beach or hiking and you would like to join them, the crutches will slow you down.

This is unnecessary since many beautiful parks, as well as wilderness, have paved paths. This means 

That you can use a knee walker just like anyone else on the trail. You can enjoy your surroundings while moving around. This is because when you have a knee walker you can decide when to speed up or slow down with no problem.

You can even decide to carry water bottles and snacks in your basket, which will be good for all of your company.

While having fun at the pack you be able to rest while waiting for your friends. This will make them at ease as they can move around knowing that you are feeling better. But if you do not mind you can still join them and move around with them when you have your knee walker, something that you cannot do with crutches.

4.    Limits your movement

Crutches will limit your movements hence you will not be able to maintain your daily routines. This will be worse when it comes to children who normally are very active rolling here and there.

Slow movements will hinder the kids’ funny moments and that will make not only a child even a grown-up feel more pain.

The knee walker makes you maintain your daily routines, which makes you feel like you are living your normal life.  And this will be the best option for kids who do not want to be left out by their friends. So using a knee walker will help them continue with their daily routine.

Knee Walker will help you enjoy you recovering

The knee walker decreases the pain that you would face while using crutches. This will make your recovering enjoyable while moving around and rolling with your friends. You will never stay indoor just because you cannot walk or move around. Knee walker will enable you to live your normal life.