It is very important to provide all the necessary support to someone that is bed-bound. If they can be attended to at home, it makes no sense staying in the hospital. This will be costlier and it doesn’t make financial sense. With a quality hospital bed mattress, comfortable sleep is guaranteed. A hospital bed also provides relief from medical conditions more than a traditional mattress. Hospital beds are made from different materials and they come in different styles. You should have a checklist and an idea of your requirements because not all mattresses are built the same.

If you are choosing a hospital mattress for your loved one, look out for the following:

  1. The size of the mattress: You should look at the dimensions of the mattress before looking at the features and materials. Be sure that the mattress fits into the available hospital bed.
  2. The material the mattress is made from is also a huge factor. This also depends on the medical needs of the user.
  3. The durability of the material also matters. While some mattresses are heavy-duty, others are lightweight. Heavy-duty mattresses tend to last longer than others. This is because lightweight mattresses can develop leaks. However, it is possible that the mattress comes with a repair kit.

Top Hospital Bed Mattresses for Pressure Sores

Pressure sores are common issues that people who stay long in bed have to deal with. This experience is terrible, painful, and uncomfortable. It also puts the patient at risk of infection. To prevent this, we may alternate the magnitude of pressure provided by the mattress. A good approach is to use an electric-powered alternating model. Below are some of the best options available in the market right now.

  1. Vive Alternating Pressure Pad: This one is made up of a mattress pad and an electric pump system. It also includes a bed air topper that can be inflated. This bed air topper works well for pressure ulcers and pressure sore treatment. This mattress is ideal for a person that finds it difficult to move in the night. Also, it is well constructed and it is available at a reasonable price (usually below $100). On the flip side, the rate of alternation of this mattress is not enough for everybody. There is also a chance that the pump will breakdown from time to time.  
  2. Bevel Medical Alternating Air Pressure Mattress: This one has a flexible air hose that makes it easier to setup. It is highly durable and affordable. It provides adequate support and comfort for patients. This mattress is recommended for short-term use.
  3. Livefine Medical Grade for Pressure Ulcers: This mattress guarantees a better night sleep. It comes with a repair kit and it does not make noise when it is in operation. On the flip side, the pressure supplied may not be enough for everyone. Also, it is available at an impressive price range.

Top Hospital Bed Mattresses that can be used at home

  1. Medvance MedAir Mattress Replacement System: This mattress does the job of relieving pressure, help with circulation of air, and reduce pain greatly. It features several tubes that spans through the length of the mattress. It has different compartments that ensure air is held in place. Its operation is similar and comparable to that of an inflatable mattress. This is one of the reasons why it is used in homes and houses. It is very easy to use especially for people that are bedridden. Also, it does not produce much noise when it is in operation. Some of the cons of this mattress are that it is quite expensive and there is a lack of clarity of instructions.
  2. Vibit Alternating Pressure Mattress: The size of this mattress makes it suitable for use in home hospital beds. It is quite inexpensive and pressure alternation is possible so that the patient experiences some level of comfort. Also, a manual is included in the package and it is easy to use. Some of its disadvantages are that it isn’t as strong as other options available in the market and its height is a bit low.
  3. Fitcom Technologies Alternating Pressure Mattress: This one is relatively new to the market. Its pump is more powerful and it is more durable. The pressure system of this mattress is top-notch too. It features a waterproof cover and a strong motor. The design of this motor is also user-friendly. On the flip side, it is a bit noisy and it may be too firm for some patients.

Top Foam Hospital Mattresses for Back Pain

People in need of home medical support often complain of back pain.  Some find it difficult to move because they aren’t too active due to their medical conditions. There are foam mattresses that can help with this by providing comfort.

  1. Kolbs Foam mattress from pressure redistribution: As the name suggests, this mattress is made from foam. It isn’t made from vinyl or air pockets. It offers so much comfort and a good night sleep. Its dimensions are good and make it fit well into a hospital bed. Also, there are several options available. This mattress does not have any electronic feature. Also, it is safe to use because it does not slip.
  2. Medacure Foam Pressure Redistribution Mattress: This one has a good design that includes a three-tiered foam mattress. By sleeping on this, the patient is guaranteed of comfort and support all through the night. It is available in various sizes and the foam is highly comforting. Also, airflow is enhanced due to a convoluted cut.
  3. Drive Medical Cavity 7 Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress: This one is costlier than the others. The dimension of this mattress is standard and it fits into a hospital bed conveniently. This mattress uses a removable cover. A disadvantage of this mattress is that it is too firm for some users and there are concerns about the design of the perimeter.   

Some of the top hospital bed mattresses available on the internet

  1. Invacare mincroAIR alternating pressure mattress: This is an alternating mattress that has the ability to run in cycles. It uses intelligent technology to provide support and comfort to ailing people. Also, it is made from quality materials such as soft nylon urethane material. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the mattress. However, this mattress doesn’t come cheap.
  2. Drive medical mattress replacement system: It features a cell-on-cell design. It uses an alternating system that offers much comfort. Also, the quality of its pump and cells are top-notch. Expectedly, it is a bit expensive and its length is different from that of a standard hospital bed.
  3. Drive medical therapeutic support mattress: This is a popular alternating air pressure mattress. Just as the name suggests, it is therapeutic and it has a high-quality cover. On the flipside, the degradation of this mattress takes place rapidly after a period of sustained use.