A Hoyer lift is a medical device used to provide assistance to caregivers for lifting patients from one point to another such as bed to toilet, wheelchair, chair, or stretcher.  

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There are different shapes and sizes of Hoyer lifts and categorization is done based on their level of automation–hydraulic, manual, battery-powered, electric.  

What features should I look out for when selecting a Hoyer Lift? 

1. Weight Capacity: Bariatric or Standard? 

This is probably the most important feature to look out for. Because not every Hoyer lift is made for bariatric patients, it is important that you check the weight capacity before paying for a lift for a bariatric patient. To ensure the safest possible experience with a Hoyer lift, its weight capacity should be checked. Some manufacturers recommend getting an electric-powered lift for patients whose weight exceeds a particular threshold. This is to help prevent injuries to caregivers during the lifting process. 

 2. Design of the lift: Overbed or vertical lifting? 

Although the weight capacity of a Hoyer lift is important, its general shape and design is also of utmost importance. While some lifts are designed for raising patients upward from a seated position, others are longer and best suited to bariatric patients. A Hoyer lift’s shape has an influence on how it will be utilized by the customer. 

Hoyer Lift Power Base | Heal Well Medical Supply

3. Operation: Manual/Hydraulic, electric, or battery-powered? 

The execution of patient transfer depends on the Hoyer lift’s operating power. The caregiver doesn’t need to apply any physical effort to operate a battery-powered or electric lift. The lift raises and lowers at the touch of a button. Electrical lifts are more expensive than their manual counterparts.  

The operation of a manual hydraulic lift depends on how much physical effort the caregiver puts into it. The lift is raised or lowered through administration of hand-cranking.  

4. Lift construction: plastic or metal? 

Hoyer lifts are made from various materials. It may be made from a dense metal blend or plastic blend. On some occasions, the two are combined.  

Popular Hoyer Lift brands 

Patient Lifts

Some top-rated Hoyer lifts include 

  • Joern’s Hoyer Advance Patience Lift 
  • Hydraulic Manual Hoyer lift 
  • Joern’s Hoyer Angular Designed Lifter with Six-Point Cradle 

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