Choosing the best hospital bed based on size and weight

 The size of a hospital bed as well as the magnitude of weight it can carry has a huge impact on the comfort and safety a user derives from it. This consideration is even more important if the patient spends a long time in bed. In this article, we will be letting you know all that is needed in choosing a hospital bed with the perfect shape and size.

Think about the patient

Before paying for a hospital bed, you must understand the needs of the patient. If you do not understand the needs of the patient, you would end up making an uninformed decision which may likely affect their health and convenience negatively. You must consider the following

  • The height of the patient
  • The body physique and physical structure of the patient
  • The weight of the patient. Will the bed bear the weight of more than a single person?
  • Does the patient require support getting in and out of bed?

What are the standard dimensions and sizes of hospital beds?

The length of a standard hospital bed is 80 inches. This height is the distance between the headboard and footboard. The dimensions of these headboards and footboards are not fixed, they aren’t usually standard sizes. The standard length of a hospital bed should accommodate an average man or woman. However, this may not be the case if the patient is taller. This explains why some beds are lengthier than others.

The standard width of a hospital bed is usually 38 inches. If it is a full-size bed, its width will be 54 inches.

Choosing the right deck height for moving in and out of bed

The directions of most hospital beds (especially the height) can be adjusted. The bed’s height is the space between its deck and the floor. You must also have it at the back of your mind that the mattress adds about 6-7 inches to the bed’s total height. If it is a home hospital bed, there is no set height. Patients with similar size and similar mobility issues may have variations in their deck height. This dichotomy is down to:

  • Individual preferences and type of transfer used
  • The magnitude of the patient’s mobility issues
  • Frequency of transfer assistance

If the height of a hospital bed can be modified, it means it can be aligned to the height of other medical equipment.

How do I choose the right weight capacity?

As earlier mentioned, the weight-bearing capacity of a hospital bed is a massive factor. There is a maximum permissible weight value for every hospital bed. To avoid failure, the maximum weight tolerance must not be exceeded. Exceeding it can also lead to injuries for the patient. If the patient’s weight is above normal, a bariatric hospital bed is the best option.

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