As humans advance in age, the importance of accessibility because more evident. It becomes a big challenge to move in and out of certain places in the house and certain parts like stairs, doorways, bathtub, or bedroom. Years back, when a person finds it difficult to move around, they’d have to be taken out of the home they love completely to be taken care of in a hospital or similar facility.

There have been some changes and there is no need to do away with your home because you developed mobility issues. Also, there are different options for modifying homes should these mobility issues come up.

People that wish to remain in their houses as they advance in age or manage a health issue can modify or renovate their homes. This can be achieved by installing some assistant devices to get rid of different barrier. It doesn’t matter what you need help with – getting in and out of bed, getting up the stairs, or having a shower in the bathroom, there are different solution available.

In this article, we will be outlining and discussing the top modifications to improve accessibility in your home.

Front Entrance Platform Lift

Entering and leaving the house is one of the greatest obstacles people with mobility issues face. It becomes difficult to get up and down the stairs so that you do not fall or slip. A front entrance platform lift can solve this problem and make it easier for you to get in and out of your home. They usually come with scooters, wheelchairs and a few other assistive devices. As a result, you wouldn’t need too much support and you are at liberty to go in and out of your home when you wish to. One good thing about front entrance platform lifts is that they are customizable so that they can meet your space and design requirements.

Accessibility ramps

This one is also useful for people with all forms of mobility issues. They are recommended for persons that struggle to move up and down the stairs. It is a form of permanent mobility support whether you use a cane, wheelchair or walker. Like front entrance platform lifts, ramps can also be customized and they aren’t difficult to install. They are also aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching.

Stair lifts

Stairs pose a lot of challenging for aged people and those with mobility issues. It is one of the areas of the house where falls, slips, and injuries occur. A stair lift solves a lot of these problems. So, whether you lack stamina or you are simply afraid of a fall or you just need additional support when you use the stairs, you can and should invest in a stair lift. There are different models and designs of stair lifts. There are those that can be used in straight stair cases and those that can be used in curved stair cases.

Patient lifts

People that care for patients struggling with mobility issues will tell you it is not easy. It is even more difficult when they want to move in and out of a wheelchair, the bed, or bath. A patient lift alleviates some of these sufferings and makes it easier for caregivers to do their job. Installing a patient lift increases the probability and likelihood of getting up and moving around the house. It also provides extra comfort for the patient, improves safety, and relieves the caregiver of so much stress. Therefore, it increases the probability of staying at home whether you are bedridden or not. There are two patient lift options available – the mobile option and permanent fixture. Also, they are very easy to install and put together.

Bathroom safety renovation There is a lot of danger in the bathroom for someone struggling with mobility.  The risk of a fall, slip, or any other form of accident is very high. There is a big challenge in getting in and out of the bathtub or transitioning off the toilet. Bathroom safety renovations reduce these risks. There are various ways of going about improving the safety and accessibility of a bathroom. Also, there are several bathroom safety products you can choose from. They include transfer benches, hand held showers, tub bars, bath lifts, shower chairs, and raised toilet seats. Also, bathroom safety renovation items are customizable.

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