Proper way to operate and use a knee walker

Knee scooters also are known as knee walkers or platform walkers and are rapidly becoming substitutes for crutches, canes as well as regular walkers. Scooters will make you move easily, faster while offering stability and safety. To use a knee scooter, you will have to lock the brakes, hold the handlebars, place your injured leg on the seat cushion for rest, release the brakes and then start propelling the scooter with your good leg to move forward or backward.

What is a knee scooter and how does it look like?

It is normally referred to as a knee walker.

How does it look like?

This is a non-motorized device with 3-4 wheels, a resting platform for your injured knee as well as handlebars. It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to use his/her uninjured leg to propel the scooter forward or backward. It offers a non-weight rest advantage to the injured leg. This lets the user steer the scooter and go anywhere he/she wants while the injured leg is resting.

Scooters are found in different options offering different colors and designs for your preference. Besides you can personalize your scooter with different accessories such as baskets, knee rest cushion, cup holders and bells. It is also possible that you can purchase scooters that come in a standard simple design.

Uses of a knee scooter

Knee scooters are designed for people who are facing mobility problems such people may have had foot, ankle or leg injury or surgery. In this situation, a person will find it hard to walk and he/she will need a mobility aid to do that. The common devices that people use are crutches but these are hard to maneuver and many people would prefer using scooters.

The advantage of using a knee scooter

It enables the user to move without facing pain and discomfort as compared to crutches. When you are using crutches you will need most of your upper body muscles to move while preventing your injured leg from bearing weight.

Besides knee scooters allow the user to be hands-free as you can stand, cook, rest your injured leg and do different sorts of activities.

Step by step on how to open and use a knee scooter

You will be able to determine how to use the knee scooter while you in a standing position. The injured leg should rest comfortably upon the seat pad. The uninjured leg should remain straight on the floor while the injured leg keeps resting in the middle of the seat pad.

The handlebars should be kept in a straight right angle so that they can be easily reached and used. Besides you can adjust their height to correspond with yours. This can be done by locating the knob that is at the top of the handlebar tube, remove it and then set the right height that corresponds with you. After that, place the knob back in place then tighten it.

You will have to adjust the seat of the knee walker by locating the seat adjustment lever which is located under the seat itself. Hold onto the seat front to raise or lower the height of the seat. You can flip the lever below the seat also you can loosen it whenever needed. To do that, you will have to remove the safety pin which is located under the seat too. After making all these changes, make sure that you double-check to see if the knobs and seat are tightened to be sure that everything is rigid and secure.

When you are done with assembling your knee scooter and you are sure that it is secure to use, you should take your time and read the user’s manual to learn how to operate it. This will help in preventing you from mistakes that may lead to future injuries. Besides, it will prolong the life of your knee scooter if you use it as directed by the manufacturer.

Before you start turning around your knee scooter, make sure that your uninjured foot, your injured knee as well as your hips are leveled and straightened together with your lower back.

To propel your knee scooter, you will have to use your uninjured leg thus preventing extra injuries and pain to the other injured foot. If it is your first time to use a knee scooter, it might take some time for you to get used to it. Make sure that whenever there is an obstacle in front of you apply the brakes to prevent an accident.

Once you are used to it then you can go on and ride outdoors. The more you use your knee scooter, the more you get used to it thus feeling more comfortable riding and maneuvering it.

When can I use a knee scooter?

If you have mobility issues due to permanent or temporary foot or ankle injury, or in case you are recovering from surgery then it might be the best time to get a knee scooter.

The following is the list of situation that might lead you to use a knee scooter

If you are recovering from an ankle injury or fracture

Before you have an ankle surgery

If you are recovering from ankle surgery

If you are recovering from a torn tendon

While recovering from foot ulcers or wound

If you have a permanent dislocation of an ankle or leg

If you are a senior and you have mobility issues due to ankle pain, back pain, discomfort or stiffness

Who should not use a knee scooter?

If you had a knee or hip surgery as the device is designed specifically for a lower-body injury. If you think you need one after a knee or hip surgery, then you should consult your doctor.

If you are injured in both feet or ankles. The knee scooter needs one of the legs to be good to propel the scooter forward.

If you have poor balance, vision, and coordination. A scooter needs someone who can coordinate balance as well as steer the scooter safely.

If you are drunk or under the influence of drugs. Anything that alters your safety ability then you should not use a scooter as you may end up getting an accident.

Covering the costs of the knee scooter

Normally the Medicare plan will cover the cost of renting or buying a knee scooter, but this needs a physician’s prescription. When you need getting a knee scooter you will have to consult with your doctor, your insurance company as well as the device supply company to make sure that all the information and the required documents are available to prevent any problem that might arise.

List of things to consider when you are choosing a knee scooter

Overall Ease

Weight capacity

Body strength

Weather Resistance

Everyday Applications

Comfortable Convenience

Limitation to what you always do


Where will you use it?

A standard scooter will work better for people who only need a mobility aid that will help them to get around especially within their homes. These are designed with small sizes and frames with wheels that have small radii which make them suitable to maneuver around corners inside the house.

For people who would like to experience the adventure outdoors through gravel or dirt terrains then an all-terrain scooter model is the best option for them. This has large wheels with many treads that help it move freely on rough surfaces.

Pediatric scooters are mainly designed for people who are short with the height of 5”5, where normally this is the normal height for children as well as short adults.

We advise you to consult your doctor before you decide to buy or rent any scooter as he/she will help you with information that is crucial when making a decision.

Where can you buy a knee scooter?

First of all, you will have to know your options and you will have to find a knee scooter that fits your needs. You must first talk to your physician or doctor.

The following is a list of suppliers

CSA Medical Supply has scooters that range from $140 to $400.

Vive Health you can access this online store by visiting them, there are different varieties of scooters as well as other medical equipment. These include cup holders, knee pads and baskets for your knee scooter. Besides, you will be able to get more helpful information as well as compare different types and varieties of scooters before you make your decision.

Amazon is an online store that offers a variety of knee scooter options together with their accessories.

Important tips for safe usage of a knee scooter

Falling is the biggest safety concern when using a knee scooter. Falls might lead to severe injury as well as death. The following tips will help you to use your knee scooter safely:

Make sure that the seat platform is adjusted to match your height.

Make sure that the knobs, pins, nuts, clamps, and holders are carefully fitted and tightened before you use your scooter.

Never try to descend or climb stairs while using your scooter as it is very dangerous you can end up falling and breaking your bones.

Never try to reach down or to the side while propelling your scooter as this may result in a fall.

Do your best to keep all the wheels in contact with the ground while maintaining balance at the center.

Never stop the scooter with handbrakes. Always use your good leg to stop the scooter and apply the brakes to put the scooter into a stationary position.

Make sure that all your hands are upon the handlebars while the scooter is in motion. In case you want to carry anything, just keep it in the basket that is attached to your scooter.

Never carry a baby or a partner while you are using a scooter.

Make sure that you are wearing non-slip shoes when using a scooter.

Never try making sharp turns as they are very dangerous and can lead to falls.

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