frequently asked questions about knee scooters and walkers

Many patients ask a lot of questions about our knee scooters. This means that people are interested in compact mobility scooters than just having to depend on crutches. Below are the most commonly asked questions with answers regarding our knee walkers.

Q: Is there a difference between a knee scooter and a knee walker?

A: They both mean the same thing, and we normally use both phrases when talking to patients about them.

The phrase knee walker is an older term that most doctors like to use. While the term knee scooter is a recent phrase that was created to refer its technicality and what it serves.

You can use whatever term you like and still it will mean the same thing.

Q: How do I know that this knee scooter is right for me?

A: If you need to rent a scooter, we have done our research and tested several scooters that we could lay our hands-on and we are happy to name the best knee scooter on the market which is available for rent. This model is known as the Pathfinder which is made by RammTCL a company located just outside of Seattle.  This scooter as far as we are concerned is the most stable, durable, and the most user-friendly.

Most people hesitate when they look at the pathfinder as it weighs about 2.5 pounds more than other models which we offer for rental as well as purchase. In case you are always on the move from one city to another and you will always need to transport your scooter by loading it into a car or plane, then it will be in your best interest to purchase a lighter model that will make your recovery process easier.

The Roscoe is one of the best lighter knee scooters on the market and it is installed with adjustable brakes which gives you extra security when it comes to speed and stopping.

The DV8 is also among the lighter scooters and it features a dual braking mechanism that enables you to slow down or stop with either hand. DV8 is a bit lower weight capacity as compared to the Roscoe.  It supports 300 pounds while the Roscoe and the Pathfinder support 350 pounds.

Q: Do knee scooters turn, fold or work on carpet?

A: All the knee scooters turn by steering the handlebar in the same way just like a bicycle. And almost all the knee scooters fold up as they possess release levers that are responsible for folding.

You can use a scooter on the carpet even though the transition between different surfaces needs an extra amount of caution especially if you have a carpeted surface over a wooden floor or linoleum surface. Take precautions and move slowly over carpeted surfaces.

Q: What is the size of our knee scooters?

A: Our Pathfinder model weighs 25 pounds and you can adjust its handlers to reach a height ranging between 31 to 41 inches. The seat/pad that supports the injured leg, ankle or foot measures 2 inches and can be adjusted to different heights depending on your preference.

The DV8 model is lighter measuring 22.7 pounds. Its seat/pad range of height adjustments is within 3 inches. This means that its handlebar can only extend to not more than 38 inches high. This model supports only 300 pounds, unlike other models that support 350 pounds.

The Roscoe scooter has just the same dimensions as the Pathfinder the only difference is that its pad has an additional half-inch room of adjustment whereas the scooter itself weighs 2.5 pounds less than the Pathfinder.

Q: How to slow down a knee scooter?

A: All our knee scooters are installed with hand braking systems the same way as bicycles. You will have to be extra careful when braking making sure that you do not pull the brakes too hard as you can end up losing balance. To get used to brakes, we do advise our clients to have their scooters before surgery so that they can practice and get used to them. This ensures safety and comfort when you start using the scooter after surgery.

Q: Do I knee a prescription from my physician before renting a knee scooter?

A: We do not ask for a prescription when you want to rent our knee scooters. But it is in your best interest to have one so that you can submit it to your insurance provider for refund or cost coverage.

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