All about renting a knee scooter

I once suffered a foot injury after having a car accident that I found myself in hospital and I had to spend four months using a walking aid until I recovered from the injury. In another case, I suffered an ankle injury while playing football with my friends. This led me to experience unbearable pain that I could not freely walk for quite some time.

In both cases, I needed support to walk and therefore I had to use crutches which worked as a walking aid for me. But these were hard to maneuver and limited my walking speed. Besides, sometimes they caused itching under my armpits and made me feel uncomfortable.

Many people who find themselves in my situation are normally offered wheelchairs or crutches as means of walking aids. But the fact is that there is a better option available on the market which is more convenient and offers a great mobility level. This is known as the knee scooter for tough terrain.

What is a knee scooter?

This is just a scooter that is installed with an additional rest platform for your injured foot, ankle or knee. It is designed specifically to offer comfort and aid so that the user can move independently or with minimal aid after having surgery or injury.

This device is normally used after surgery acting as a mobility aid for the patient during his/her recovery process which might take quite some time. In case the surgery is more serious a wheelchair or bed rest might be required. Normally, the common crutches are known to discourage mobility instead of encouraging the user to walk. This is what makes a knee scooter an idle choice as compared to crutches. A knee scooter enables an injured person to move fast, easily, comfortably and independently. If the user needs help he/she might only need it when getting in or out of the knee scooter.

Its design is not different from a standard scooter, where it has handlebars, sturdy wheels, brakes, and its performance is not different from the standard scooter too. The unique feature that the knee scooter offer is that you can use one leg to push it along the course while the injured, leg, ankle or foot is out of action resting on the resting pad.

While you are in a knee scooter your injured ankle, knee or ankle will rest on the step which is attached to the scooter while your uninjured leg will push forward the scooter. The scooter comprises of handles to steer and maneuver it as well as brakes for making it stop. It has sturdy wheels that are designed in such a way that they offer stability and comfortability.

The knee scooters can be found in different types, models and sizes depending on the state and needs of the user. There are knee scooters for adults, elderly people, children, adults with small bodies, and paralysis patients. Your choice will depend on several factors depending on your needs.

Why would you need to have a knee scooter?

Even though crutches are common, but they are not the best choice as many people do not feel comfortable when using them, nor do they find them easy to maneuver. You might also feel that you cannot handle crutches due to their large size as well as the need to use upper muscle strength while walking.

Normally when using crutches or wheelchair the injured leg, ankle or foot is not always elevated and this prolongs the recovery time. Besides, the injured organ will experience weight pressure upon it when using crutches or a wheelchair. This is different when using a knee scooter and this is among the many advantages that make it a better choice as compared to the other. A knee scooter normally elevates the injured organ entirely and this means the injured area will not experience weight pressure as it will be sufficiently elevated.

Besides a wheelchair will limit your mobility restricting you from performing your daily routines as well as your general moving capabilities.  Perhaps you are used to being active and you need to keep your normal life throughout your recovering process, this is where a knee scooter can assist you. With a knee scooter, you can go on with your daily routines as your injured organ will be resting upon an inbuilt pad. On the other hand, you will be more independent with no need to depend so much on someone to assist you.

Normally if you had surgery or you are recovering from an injury you might experience being trapped. This can affect your mental state as your new state will limit your mobility and you will find it difficult to adjust to this new lifestyle. The knee scooter will help you in maintaining a certain level of your normal life as it will help you move from place to place and join your friends when they are having fun outdoor.

How can you rent a knee scooter?

There are several online markets from which you can rent a knee scooter in case you need one. There are local stores too although many people find online stores to be more convenient. However, not everybody has access to the internet and therefore for some people an in-store is the best option for them.

If you have mobility issues and you cannot walk around stores, then online stores are the only options for you. You can take your time to make your online research on the best available options according to your needs. If your injury is very serious, make sure that your decision on the type and model of the scooter is based upon your doctor’s prescription.

Making an online purchase is easy though there are several stages to be taken into consideration. The initial stage is to choose the product. This requires you to take your time and make your research before selecting the right product that will fulfill your needs. Your needs should depend on the following:

•            The extent of your injury

•            How long will the recovery process take?

•            Your body measurements which include weight and height

•            Do you have any allergies?

•            What is your style preference?

After you have made up your mind by considering the above points, you will be able to do more thorough and extensive research. You can go through the product reviews to have a clear picture of the product that will lead you to reach your decision. In case you still do not know what to do, then you can contact the customer care service support.

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