Why knee walker is the best compared to crutches

There are rumors around that the first wheel was carved from a stone. Whether this is true or not but the question still stands, when we consider that the wheel has existed for quite a long time, still there have been limitations when it comes to crutches. But why over another thousand years passed before anyone came up with an idea of inventing the knee walker?

The fact is that as of now nobody knows the answer, but what you have to understand is that you have to feel proud that you were born in this era where a knee walker exists.

The following are the four reasons crutches worse than the knee walker:

You will experience more pain when using crutches and this pain might be worse than you had previously suspected. Even though using crutches is better than walking upon your injury or deciding not to move, but the truth is that you will be exposed to severe pain when using crutches. When you move, your body weight is upon your crutches. This causes a lot of pain even though there are paddings at the top of the crutches.

1.    Slows down your body movements

Crutches will indeed help you perform some of the things you used to, normally partially. They can help you walk side by side alongside your colleague, briefing her about the critical details of the coming meeting. In a moment like this neither no, one among you needs any distraction. But crutches will slow you down and make maneuvering so difficult as a result you could face distraction from your conversation.

On the other hand, a knee walker can perform well with any stride. With its ability to maneuver and move freely, you can concentrate on your conversation with your colleague. Besides, it gives you an option to hold extra papers in a basket, unlike the crutches which force you to hold them in your hand while trying to maneuver it.

The knee walker minimizes the hardship and pain that you would face when using the crutches.

2.    Mobility issues

If you have limitations in mobility, that will cause more pain than the injury that is keeping you from enjoying your moments. If your colleagues want to go to the party, or beach or hiking and you would like to join them, the crutches will slow you down.

This is unnecessary since many beautiful parks, as well as wilderness, have paved paths. This means 

That you can use a knee walker just like anyone else on the trail. You can enjoy your surroundings while moving around. This is because when you have a knee walker you can decide when to speed up or slow down with no problem.

You can even decide to carry water bottles and snacks in your basket, which will be good for all of your company.

While having fun at the pack you be able to rest while waiting for your friends. This will make them at ease as they can move around knowing that you are feeling better. But if you do not mind you can still join them and move around with them when you have your knee walker, something that you cannot do with crutches.

4.    Limits your movement

Crutches will limit your movements hence you will not be able to maintain your daily routines. This will be worse when it comes to children who normally are very active rolling here and there.

Slow movements will hinder the kids’ funny moments and that will make not only a child even a grown-up feel more pain.

The knee walker makes you maintain your daily routines, which makes you feel like you are living your normal life.  And this will be the best option for kids who do not want to be left out by their friends. So using a knee walker will help them continue with their daily routine.

Knee Walker will help you enjoy you recovering

The knee walker decreases the pain that you would face while using crutches. This will make your recovering enjoyable while moving around and rolling with your friends. You will never stay indoor just because you cannot walk or move around. Knee walker will enable you to live your normal life.