Getting out of a couch or recliner is usually uneasy for people living with mobility issues. Typically, they are soft and cushy items that provide comfort as you catch a glimpse of your favorite TV show, engage in a conversation, or read an interesting novel. However, there will be an issue getting up if you have a bad back, problems with your leg, or a painful knee. A lot of people opt for a power lift chair that rocks. Pride Power Lift Recliners are useful and meaningful options and solutions. Every lift recliner from Pride lift upwards so that it becomes less difficult to get out of chair. In this article, we will be learning about Pride’s top-selling Viva Lift line and one every one of them has to offer.

Atlas Collection

The Atlas collection makes it easier to get out of your chair safely. It is available in different colour variants and Badlands fabric. Common colour options include Walnut, Steel, or Mushroom colours. It has a lot of impressive features that set it apart. It features a power headrest, USB remote, power lumbar, footrest extension, lithium battery backup, as well as a power backrest. Another impressive feature of the Atlas collection is convenient cup holders.

Legacy collection

This is not a power lift chair that rocks, it is more than that. You only need to touch a button for it to lift you from a sitting position to a standing position. The legacy lift chair is covered in a warm and rich fabric that helps to ensure the chair is warm and cozy. Another feature of the legacy collection is tufts in the lumbar section that ends to the attractiveness of the chair. It exists in various colour variants such as wine, grey, and brown. The legacy collection comes in Saville fabric. Just like the Atlas collection, it has a lot of adorable and impressive features such as power headrest, power lumbar, footrest extension, lithium battery backup, USB remote, and power backrest.

Sierra collection

If you are keen on acquiring a power lift chair that rocks, consider getting one from Pride. With just the touch of a button, you can be lifted easily and quickly. The Sierra collection is available with Stonewash fabrics and various colour options such as mossy, amber, and dune. It features a power headrest, power lumbar, and power backrest that guarantee support and comfort. With the USB remote, you can charge your cell phone or tablet. If you need to relax or stretch out completely, you can make use of the footrest extension. The lithium battery backup also guarantees peace of mind and longevity in use.

Tranquil collection

With the Tranquil collection, all that is needed is a touch of a button. It is characterized by an upscale look with Astro fabric. You can also choose from different colours depending on what matches your family room or living room. Available colour options include grey, mushroom, and brown. You can also charge your cell phone or tablet as you read or watch your favourite television show. Other features are lithium battery backup, power lumbar, and power headrest.

So, you can see that the Viva collection has a lot of impressive offerings. It guarantees comfort and safety and there are various recliners to choose from such as Sierra, Legacy, Atlas, and Tranquil collections.

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Medicare will likely foot the bill of a lift chair if it is deemed medically necessary or part of the prescription from a physician. However, you should know that Medicare does not cover the entire chair; it only covers the lifting mechanism. A lift chair makes it easier for a patient to manoeuvre all over the place from a sitting or standing position. To comfortably move from place to place, an individual only needs to control this device. In this article, we will be looking at what Medicare will cover and what it won’t cover as far as lift chairs are concerned.

Medicare coverage for a lift chair

The seat-lift mechanism will be covered by Part B. A lift chair will only be regarded as medically necessary if a doctor or physician indicates it as a way or means of improving the health condition of a patient. Medicare will cover 80% of the lifting mechanism as soon as it is approved. The remaining 20% will have to be paid by the beneficiary. The beneficiary will also have to foot the bill for the cost of the seat portion of the lift chair.

To determine if a lift chair is medically necessary or not, the following conditions must be met:

  • The patient cannot stand on their own with a regular chair
  • The patient can operate the chair on their own
  • Can walk with a walker or independently
  • Suffering from severe arthritis
  • The patient will be confined to a bed without the chair

The lifting mechanism will be deemed medically unnecessary if the beneficiary can transfer to a wheelchair to the lift chair directly. Also, the lift chair mechanism will be tagged medically unnecessary if the beneficiary is a resident of a hospice, skilled nursing facility, or nursing home facility.

You can rent a lift chair if Medicare will not cover the cost of purchase.

Common lift chair types

Lift chairs have three different seat types.

Two-position lift chair: This is the simplest of all. It can recline in two positions. A 90-degree upright position and a 45-degree position with the legs of an individual at an elevated position and the back at a recline position. The reclining motor and leg elevator are in the same engine and this makes it possible to simultaneously elevate the legs and recline the chair.

Three-position lift chair: This chair features a 45 degree recline angle and an upright angle similar to its two-position counterpart. It’s angle of recline is almost at an entirely flat position. It guarantees posture that lowers the pressure acting on the back. Like the two-position chair, all components of the three-position chair are a single driving motor.

Infinite position lift chair: This is the most adjustable of all lift chair types. The infinite position lift chair makes it possible to sit upright, stay flat, resting your back at an angle, and putting your legs in an elevated position. This type of lift chair operates by two motors and it is the most expensive of all available options. It is also the most flexible of the three.

How much will I pay after Medicare pays its portion of the lift chair?

Typically, you would have to pay up to $350 or thereabout for the lifting mechanism of the lift chair after Medicare pays its part.

Certificate of medical necessity for seat lifting mechanisms – CMS-849

A prescription for the lift chair must be issued by your doctor or physician. You must also complete and submit form CMS-849.

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Perhaps you have reached the conclusion that a lift chair is what is needed to make the life of a loved one (or even yours better). Lift chairs are usually operated electrically through a hand control so that alternations between recline and standing position can take place. Although you may have an idea what a lift chair would do for you, we are not unaware of the fact that making an ideal choice is uneasy. Thankfully, this article was written because of this.

Step 1: Determine your preferred positioning feature

The first and inaugural step is for you to choose your preferred positioning feature. Actually, four categories of lift chairs exist.

Two-position chairs: Features a motor for controlling the back of the car and leg rest simultaneously. Therefore, reclining of the back occurs at the same time as the leg rest comes up. Reclining of this chair occurs to about 15 degrees which is an angle comfortable enough for viewing the television or reading.

Three position chairs: This also features a single motor but it can recline to about 45 degrees which is a comfortable position for taking a nap in a semi-upright position.

Infinite position chairs: They usually have two independently operating motors for a wide range of positioning options. This makes it possible for the leg rest and back angle to be adjusted until the desired level of comfort is attained. A lot of people find it comfortable to sleep in their infinite position chairs because of the ability of this chair to lay back like a bed. It is also possible to recline this chair so that your feet maintains an elevated position slightly above your heart. This position is generrally referred to as the Trendelenberg position. This position is recommended for people with swelling in their legs and ankles. An infinite position chair can also have the extra advantage of “Zero Gravity” positioning which a comfortable and unique position is developed by NASA to lower the effect of pressure on the lower back. To be frank, the position offers a wonderful feeling. Zero gravity lift chairs usually have a seat box that can be adjusted or twisted like an adjustable car seat. There is reduced pressure on the spine because of the raised lower back. The spine is properly aligned and muscle tension relaxed leading to improved blood circulation and expansion of the capacity of the lungs.

Step Two: Size your chair

There are various sizes of lift chairs ranging from petite to heavy-duty. So, there is always a lift chair size for your use case. A perfectly sized lift chair makes your feet rest on the floor as you sit upright with your back resting against the chair’s backrest. The width of the seat must be able to accommodate your hips where it is widest. Ensure you check the weight capacity too. The weight capacity of a typical lift chair ranges from 325 pounds to 700 pounds for heavy duty models. If your legs are long, you may want to consider a chair that has foot rest extensions to provide enough support for your ankle and foot.

Step Three: Customize

You will have to determine the colour and fabric that suits your decor and lifestyle. There are various fabrics that you can choose from if you care about durability and attractiveness.

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