What Is The Ideal Hospital Bed For Home Care?

Different people have different needs that might require something that is more than a traditional bed. This is where they have to be offered a hospital bed. People normally buy hospital beds to be used in homes for the sick, elders, or the disabled member of the family. These are referred to as hospital beds as they consist of all the features that are found in medical facilities. The hospital beds offer the same comfortability while you are at home to people who have a need for something more than a traditional bed.

There is a rise in the use of hospital beds as there is an increase in the number of disabled or elder people that are living in homes and are being cared for by family members. This has occurred so as to avoid the costs that come with the professional caregiver as well as facilities. Besides injured people also sometimes need to have hospital beds that help them during their healing process. Normally people who have issues with hips or leg fractures. The hospital beds are expensive compared to the traditional beds, that is why many people opt for renting rather than buying. But when the time comes that you no longer need the bed, you can sell or donate it to someone who is in need. Renting a hospital bed is idle to someone who needs it for a short time. In case you have issues that will take a long time than purchasing one will be ideal for you.

In case you are planning to buy a hospital bed, in this post we are going to help you on how to choose the right bed that will full fill your needs.

What are the types of hospital beds?

The identical feature that is found in almost every hospital bed is the ability to be adjusted. This is what makes the hospital beds differ from one another. Each different adjustable features and options that determine the price. In this post, we will be discussing the most popular types of beds that are available on the market.

The fully – electrical hospital bed

This is entirely electrical powered and normally comes with remote control.  Using a remote control, the height of the entire bed or different sections of the bed can be altered so as to meet your needs. Most of these beds consist of side buttons that can be used in case the remote control has malfunction or is damaged. Using a remote control, a patient will be able to adjust the bed all by himself. If the caregiver does not need the patient to operate the remote control, the remote can be stopped and only the side buttons can be used to maneuver the bed. The buttons can only be accessed by someone who is out of the bed. To operate a fully electric bed is so easy and it does not need so much effort and this is means that anybody can operate it. But all this does not come at easy as these beds have a higher price tag as compared to other types of beds. They are the most expensive beds on the market.

The semi-electric hospital bed

Some people prefer having a manual option for operating their beds, besides having a remote control or buttons. When it comes to this, a semi-electric bed is an ideal choice. They operate just like the fully electric beds but they are installed with a hand crank that is used in adjusting the height of the bed. The existence of both options which are the electric and manual options is an advantage as the bed can still work even when the electronic option fails to work due to different reasons. But the manual option needs more effort and physical energy and that is what makes these beds a bit cheaper as compared to the fully electric beds. But they are still not the cheapest beds as they consist of electronic features.

The manual beds

The name says it all, as these beds do not consist of any electronic feature and can only be adjusted manually. Despite the fact that they are the cheapest type of beds on the market, they need a lot of effort and they cannot be operated by someone who has no physical strength.

The low hospital bed

This type of hospital bed is good for patients who are vulnerable to falling down from the bed. Besides they are idle for patients with mobility issues and need to be able to get in and out of the bed with no problem. These are entirely adjustable, but their overall height is lower as compared to other types of hospital beds. They are normally designed to near the floor. The height of the bed can just be adjusted within a very small range. There are no manual low hospital bodies on the market and normally these low beds are normally full electric beds.

The bariatric hospital bed

These are designed to support heavy weighted patients. These beds are normally fully electric and need no manual effort in adjusting the bed. These bed can handle a greater capacity of weight as compared to other types of beds, they also consist of a wider mattress surface. As they are larger, sturdier, and heavier, these electrical beds are more expensive as compared to other types of beds. These types of beds are the best alternative in case the other types of beds cannot support the weight of the patient.

The Trendelenburg hospital bed

These types of beds are becoming more popular in recent years due to the adjustment options that come with them. It does not matter if the patient is injured, paralyzed, has mobility issues, or whether is in therapy, the Trendelenburg bed provides different adjustment options. Not only does this type of beds allow you to adjust their height and the feet of the beds, but it lets you adjust individual sections of the bed to the maximum level. For example, the foot can be tilted to its extreme level so as to be identical to a chair, as well as allowing zero gravity characters with the head lower as compared to the feet. Patients do not need pillows when they use these beds. But the beds also need a wide space and that means they have to be put in a large room. As compared to other types of beds, these kinds of hospital beds, these have many functionalities, adjustability as well as electric features making them among the most expensive type of hospital beds.

Does Medicare cover hospital beds?

Yes, Medicare includes hospital beds. As they are so expensive, many people depend on health or medical insurances to cover the costs of buying the hospital bed. But the popular category of Medicare medical insurance covers the hospital bed?

Yes, it covers the purchasing of hospital beds as long as you can prove that you have a medical necessity that needs you to have one. Besides, you have to be in Medicare Part B and you should be assessed by your doctor. Your doctor has to provide documentation of all your medical records and he/she has to prescribe a hospital bed as a necessary health device for you. The supplier should receive the order before Medicare is billed.

The best hospital beds

In case you are planning to buy a hospital bed, you will be facing many options. To make your task easier, we have narrowed down the top five hospital beds that you can find on the market today.

The Invacare full-electric home care bed

This is among the bestselling hospital bed on the Amazon platform and is among the best fully electric beds that are on the market. The bed is 88 inches long and 36 inches wide, which has a weight capacity of 450 pounds, and consists of a full or half clamp upon the rails as well as a 2-year warranty. It is a full electric but it consists of a manual crank too. The bed is capable of accommodating a six-inch memory foam or an innerspring mattress. Besides, it consists of a waterproof mattress cover so as to make cleaning easy. It looks elegant and has a wooden finish.

The Lucid L300 adjustable bed base

This lucid adjustable bed is not regarded as a hospital bed, but it can be used to do what is done by a hospital bed. But it has no wheels and rails installed upon it. If this is not a problem then this bed can be used for your needs, as it has a measurement of 37.5 inches wide and 79.5 inches long while measuring 750 pounds. Besides, it comes with a 10-year warranty. It looks different from other hospital beds and it can be found in different sizes.

It is also among the cheapest adjustable bed, even though it has a USB charging station in all the sides, a remote control that acts as a flashlight and has a capability of setting it in default positions. But its rails, as well as the mattress, should be separated separately.

The drive medical full-electric ultra-light plus hospital bed

This is a fully electric bed that consists of half beds and has dimensions of 88 inches long and 36 inches wide with a capacity weight of 450 pounds and a one-year warranty. The height of the bed can be lowered up to four inches from the ground, while the remote and battery backup makes sure that the bed maintains its functional even when there is a power outage. The bed resembles the traditional bed with a scratch-resistant wood grain panel as well as a headboard. The head and footboards can be removed.

The Lumex patriot semi-electric homecare bed

This is a semi-electric hospital bed that has both manual and electronic configuration options. It has dimensions of 36 inches wide and 87 inches long while measuring 450 pounds and comes with a 2-year warranty. The problem with this bed is that it does not come with rails and you will have to purchase the rails separately. The bed can be configured to 15 and 24 inches and the head, as well as foot, can be adjusted separately. Besides the bed consist of a 9-volt battery backup emergency that is used during a power failure.

The drive medical 15300 BV-KPG full electric hospital bed

This is among the ideal electric bariatric beds that can be used for heavier patients. It consists of a heavy-duty steel frame together with a wider surface of about 42 inches, that can support patients of up to 600 pounds. The beds come with a mattress together with a set of rails that include a remote control as well as a hand crank. This bed is easy to install with no need for tools.

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