Medicare And Hospital Beds Coverage

Under normal conditions Medicare does not cover hospital beds which are regarded as medical necessity by a doctor. Medicare Part B only covers durable medical equipment including hospital beds.

Medicare Advantage Part C plans also covers hospital beds which are considered as medically necessary by the doctor.

Besides there are some of Medicare advantage plan which also cover things like the home meal delivery as well as certain home modifications including the bathroom grab bars.

Medicare and the hospital beds coverage?

Hospital beds are regarded as durable medical equipment that can be prescribed by your doctor for your home use. Medicare Plan B normally covers a medically necessary hospital bed as long as it meets certain criteria which include:

  • The hospital bed must be designed to be used at home
  • It must be used for specific medical reasons
  • It can be used more than once
  • It must be capable of lasting for 3 or more years

In case the doctor prescribes you to have a hospital bed and the supplier who is going to supply that bed is enrolled in Medicare and is a participating provider, then that means the supplier will accept the reimbursement as payment in full for that particular hospital bed.

In case your hospital bed supplier does not allow Medicare assignment which means he/she is not a participating provider, that means they might potentially charge you upfront payment for the bed.

What is the cost of a hospital bed with Medicare?

In case Medicare covers your hospital bed in case your provider accepts the Medicare assignment, there is a certain amount that you will need to cover from your pocket which is normally 20% of the entire cost of the bed. This can be elaborated as follows:

  • The Part B deductible

Currently the Medicare Part B deductible is set at $198 annually.

  • The Part B coinsurance or copayment

If you meet the Part B deductible requirements, you have to pay 20% of the Medicare approved cost for most of the doctor’s services.

There is no set limit on the amount that you would pay for the Part B coinsurance in a particular year.

It will be in your best interest if you speak with your doctor directly for specific amount and coverage information that is related to the hospital bed that you need.

Medicare advantage can also include other additional costs.

Medicare Advantage plans are normally sold by private insurance agencies as alternative to the Original Medicare Part A and B.

Each Medicare Advantage plan has to cover everything that is covered in Part A and B plan. This implies that if your hospital bed was among the things that were covered by your Original Medicare, it will also be covered by a Medicare Advantage plan too.

Besides some Medicare Advantage do offer other benefits which include:

  • Coverage of the prescription drugs
  • Coverage of vision
  • Coverage of dental
  • Coverage of hearing
  • Health and fitness programs such as free gym program memberships

Some of the Medicare Advantage plans might offer overage for additional home appliances such as bathroom grab bars, wheelchair ramps, and many more services that are designed to help the patient feel more comfortable.

Look for a licensed insurance agent so that he can help you compare Medicare Advantage plans which are available in your locality that cover for hospital beds.

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