How Do Adjustable Beds Differ From Hospital Beds?

Hospital beds and adjustable beds have one identical feature. The two types of beds allow the head and foot section to be adjusted and this is where their resemblance ends.

The features of a hospital bed

Hospital beds are designed to be used by patients who are suffering from serious medical problems as well as their caregivers. Besides their capabilities that allow the user to adjust the head and foot sections, the hospital bed can be raised up and lowered to a few inches from the floor. This function works to help the caregivers as well as prevent the patient from injuries in case they fall out of the bed.

The hospital beds are installed with large industrial wheels that enable them to move quickly and easily. Besides they come with inbuilt side rails that cannot be removed. The bed controls are normally located at the side rails or can be accessed using a remote control that is normally wired to the bed.

The hospital bed mattresses are normally six inches of foam that is covered with a thick vinyl in order to allow scrubbing as well as disinfecting. Some of the hospital beds come with a permanent inbuilt institutional brown laminate head as well as footboards.

As they are designed for industrial applications, hospital beds consist of large frames and are found in twin sizes making them prevent patients from sleeping with their partners. It is virtually impossible to mix up a hospital bed with a normal bed.

The characteristics of adjustable beds

The current adjustable beds let the user elevate the foot and head sections of the bed so as to find a comfortable position that will ease her/his pain. Besides these beds allow the users to benefit from the therapeutic features that come with them which are not available in normal beds.

Adjustable beds are specifically designed to be used in homes and when set in a flat position they just appear like traditional beds. The patient’s head or foot can be connected to the base allowing for a smooth transition with the owner’s current furnishings. The adjustable beds are found in full, twin, queen as well as king-sized mattresses options that allow couples to continue sharing their bed. There are other specific options.

The mattresses of the adjustable beds are made to meet the current set standards today’s consumers and compete with all the major brands on the current market. They are designed to withstand thousands of different adjustments that are offered in different levels of firmness.

Besides adjustable beds come in different options that include the wired as well as the wireless handheld controls. Depending on the specific model that is chosen, the users are able to program their desired position using their controls just by a click of a button. Besides depending on the purchased model, the handheld controls also operate advanced options on the bed.

The advanced features that are found in adjustable beds include the most famous Headboard glider, the Whisper Power Motors, heat regulation as well as therapeutic massage.

The adjustable beds are the ideal solution for people who are in need of health and comfort advantages of adjustability.

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